YouTweak enhances YouTube functionalities

There seems to be no end to ways of tweaking YouTube and Ghacks has looked at a number of them over the years -- many of them are accomplished through user scripts. […]


twDocs lets you export your Twitter as a document

Twitter has become the go-to social media service for many things. You can get the latest breaking news, often before the big networks like CNN even have it. You can follow weather updates […]

After the Deadline

After the Deadline cleans up your writing mistakes

I write for a living. That comes as no great shock to any of you I am sure. However, we all need helpful suggestions from time to time and that is generally […]

archie comics

Google Play welcomes Archie comics, offers introductory discount

Comic books have long been popular with the "geek" crowd, and were around long before the personal computer. One of the oldest is the Archie series, founded in 1939, which I read […]

kiosk mode

What does 'Kiosk Mode' mean to Windows 8.1?

Yesterday the latest build of Windows "Blue" leaked out onto the web in the form of build 9374. These build leaks have provided such publicity for the company over the years that […]


Listen to your Word documents with AudioDocs

What ifht you could listen to your Word document being read to you from your phone or tablet? Though it may not be a need for many people, I am sure it […]

Camera 360 review

Camera360 4.0 for Android adds many new features

I have a minor obsession with Android camera apps -- I seem to collect them, but there are only a handful that I really use on a regular basis. One of my […]

hp suresupply

Check your HP ink levels from Android

In 2012 I made the move from an Epson printer and Canon scanner to an HP all-in-one. I would love to tell you how I carefully researched and compared devices, but the truth […]

trovbox homepage

Trovebox can backup your online photos

Online services can always go away, though I doubt the major ones like Facebook, Instagram or Flickr are in any immediate danger of suffering that fate. Still, that is a scary prospect […]

angry birds friends

A new time waster - Angry Birds Friends heads for mobile devices

If you are on Facebook, and I can confidently say that most of you likely are, then you know the social network is also a haven for games. For the most part, those games […]

Chrome OS to get a Canary channel?

If you use Chrome, as in the web browser, then you likely are already familiar with  Canary, which is a cutting edge build of the software for those who think beta versions […]


Feedspot is one more good Google Reader alternative

Google has been in the news a lot recently, and much of it has been for all of the wrong reasons. The vast majority of that news has swirled around the decision […]

chrome add user

Chrome 26 exits beta

Google is continuing to advance its Chrome web browser with today's release of version 26 to the stable channel. That means that the beta channel, which I use, will soon be getting […]

security solution survey

Survey shows most of you opt to pay for your security

By the title above I did not mean to imply that people are pirating their anti-virus software. While some likely do, there is probably not much that could be worse than running […]

Feedly continues to improve its offering with a new skin

The past week or so has been a whirlwind for Google Reader fans -- which seem to be much more numerous than Google led us to believe when it announced that the […]

bing places search

Bing enhances its Snapshot search technology

In June of 2012 Microsoft added the "Snapshot" feature to its Bing search engine, which enables answers at a glance in the center column of the search results page. Richard Qian, of the […]

the old reader

Google's loss is everyone's else's gain

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past week then you know that Google's has made lots of news and most of it was not good, thanks to the […]

google no nav bar

Google removes the navigation bar in latest Dev build

Google is constantly tweaking things, adding things and, most notably this week, removing things -- yes, we are all still bitter about the Reader debacle. Many of these tweaks are much smaller […]

hacked sites

Google wants to help webmasters with hacked sites

If you run a website, regardless if its a personal blog or a major service, then you live somewhat in fear of that site being attacked or defaced. There are ways to […]

youtube lyrics

Get YouTube lyrics for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

YouTube has become a go-to location for listening to music -- you get the video as well, but many of us just leave that in the background and listen while we work […]

box screencast o matic

Box gets Screencast-o-matic integration

In today's technology-laden world many of us have an increasing need to capture images of our computer screens and share them with others for either a demonstration or simply to get a […]

500px android app

Photo sharing service 500px updates its Android app

500px is a popular photo sharing web site and mobile app -- its not Instagram or Flickr, but it is loved by many professional photographers. That is a fact that actually got […]

ie 10 msn bing screenshot

IE 10 for Windows 7 special Bing and MSN edition

Many of us in the tech world use Chrome or Firefox most of the time and we tend to forget that the vast majority of people still use Internet Explorer, largely because […]

firefox for android

Firefox for Android Beta adds Private Browsing

If you are using the beta version of Firefox on your Android smartphone or tablet then today it took another step towards becoming more like the desktop experience. Shannon Prior, of the […]


GDriveSync is a Google Drive alternative for Android

Google Drive is one of the more useful storage solutions for Android smartphones and tablets, but the app is not flashy, or even pretty. There are are others you can use -- […]

chrome theme creator screenshot

Create and browse Chrome themes at Theme Beta

Ghacks previously covered an app called My Chrome Theme, but it is not the only way to create your very own Chrome theme. A web site called ThemeBeta uses much the same […]

word web app floating format

Office Web Apps rolls out new features

Microsoft introduced Office Web Apps as a part of SkyDrive sometime back. The service is free to use, but the apps are limited to Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. Also, functionality is […]

bing facebook photo search

Bing updates Facebook photo search

Last year Microsoft's search engine Bing rolled out its "Friends Photos", but today the company announced a huge update to the service, which allows users to search photos on Facebook. Before you […]

windows 8 powershell

Remove multiple Start screen apps at once in Windows 8

While many of us in the tech world have been using Windows 8 for some time -- perhaps even since back when the Developer Preview came out, which is when I moved […]

wipeout android screenshot

Game show Wipeout gets its own Android game

While it may not be familiar to readers around the world, U.S. folks will likely recognize the name Wipeout. If you are not familiar with it then let me explain. It is […]

Surface RT spreads its wings, flies to new markets

The "snowmageddon", as people seem to want to call it, may have put a damper on Microsoft's big Surface Pro launch event in New York City, but will not stop the new Windows 8 […]

google chrome dropbox icon screenshot

Download web files directly to Dropbox in Chrome

There is no shortage of extensions and apps available for the Chrome web browser, perhaps in part due to Google's push to turn the browser into an operating system via all of […]

google chrome translate screenshot

Google Translate does not always recognize languages

We all know nothing is perfect. Google does an excellent job in many areas, especially with web page translation and speech recognition for its Android  operating system. Up until today, I had […]

bing apps office 365

Bing apps for Office 365 released

This week Microsoft rolled out the brand new Office suite. While most of us were expecting Office 2013, and we did get that, the focus was mostly on Office 365 Home Premium, […]

windows defender status manager setup

Windows Defender Status Manager makes security easier

Microsoft added the security software Windows Defender to Windows 8 by default, which means that it is available as a native application and does not need to be installed separately. It is […]

windows 8 cnn

CNN app for Windows 8 and RT arrives

If you are a news junkie like me then Windows 8 offers you some tantalizing features. The new Start screen has an ever-growing supply of apps available in the Windows Store, and […]

firefox bookmark duplicate cleaner menu photo

Remove duplicate bookmarks in Firefox

Bookmarks are both my bread and butter and also the bane of my existence. Honestly, I began collecting them in the mid 90's and still have the same file, although a steadily added-to […]

windows 8

Acronis promising fix for Windows 8 bug

Acronis, maker of one of the better backup programs for Windows, seems to have a Windows 8 problem. True Image 2013 offers the ability to take an entire image of your hard […]

google chrome beta

Chrome 25 beta adds CSP, voice control

Today Google rolled out the beta version of Chrome 25 with a few intriguing new features. As you may remember, last week the search giant rolled out a beta channel for Android, […]

wwl now

Get forecasts and alerts on your desktop with Weather Watcher Live

I am sure I am not alone in the fascination I have with watching the weather. While storms can be dangerous and damaging I still must confess that I love watching a […]