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Android devices are released on an increasingly fast and furious basis -- it seems as if there is a new one every week, be it a phone or tablet. If you are like me then probably have more than one at this point. A tablet or two, a current phone, and older phone; these things […]

Google popularized the "New Tab page" with its Chrome web browser, a feature that Firefox has also adopted. The Chrome version has many cool features, such as your most viewed web pages, a Google search box, access to the Chrome store, apps and the ability to customize the background from an array of images provided […]

Microsoft has replaced Hotmail, its popular online email app, by migrating users to its service, an online version of the Office suite desktop email application. Last night the software giant began sending out emails about the latest changes to how the web app works, this time regarding messaging history. "Whenever you chat using whether […]

It has, perhaps, been enough time for users to get over the death of Google Reader. Many fled in the direction of Feedly, but it was far from the only option, as others existed and more popped up seemingly daily. One popular choice was The Old Reader, a very Google-like solution that got hammered upon […]

In the wake of the closing of Google Reader at the start of this month, many services beefed up for the onslaught of business, while other new ones suddenly sprung to life. One of those came from Digg, the social sharing site started by Kevin Rose, which has lost some of its prominence in recent […]

Evernote, the popular note-taking app and competitor to Microsoft's OneNote, now takes the next step to really being everywhere, as the service rolls out to the Opera web browser. The browser, which is often forgotten in the IE-Chrome-Firefox battle, has some of the best features around, with built-in RSS reader and more. Version 15 has made a […]

Ghacks previously covered the Torch web browser, which is known for its built-in BitTorrent capabilities and feature-rich media integration. The Chrome-based browser may at first seem a tool for pirates -- it does advertise itself on the Pirate Bay, after all -- but users will discover a fast and efficient web browser that can fill […]

I have previously written about RSS reader FeedSpot, which is in the running to be your replacement in the wake of the Google Reader death. Previously the web app has been working in a private beta, but today the service rolls out to the general public with updates to a number of the options included. […]

evernote webclipper gmail

Evernote is one of my favorite daily apps, I should begin with that disclaimer. It works everywhere -- mobile and web browsers. With a simple click of Web Clipper browser extension, you can save pretty much anything that you see online into your Evernote account for permanent safekeeping. Now the service improves its offer just a bit […]

feedly version 16

Feedly was built using Google Reader for its backend, but that is something that obviously must change before July 1 with Google Reader shutting down on that date. While saving CalDAV, it seems that the search giant will not show the same respect for its RSS app. With that looming death date, Feedly is working on […]

bing desktop wallpaper

For several months I have been using the Bing Desktop app for Windows 8. I generally use it simply to have the current Bing image as my Wallpaper, which changes every day and always displays spectacular images, that frequent have me going to the Bing web site to find where the image comes from. This […]

camino browser

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari seem to own the web browser market, but that does not mean they are the only choices -- Torch, for instance, is up and coming and many smaller businesses continue to claw for market share. Now the browser front has become just a bit smaller as Camino has […]

firefox australis

With Firefox 21 having just been released as a final version, and new builds now running in beta, aurora and nightly, Mozilla is now looking ahead to what is next. Version 25 of the web browser is on the horizon, and the organization has already begun to look forward and talk about what customers can […]