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Software, programs and applications make up the bulk of the reviews on this website. We Mainly cover Windows Software but review the occasional Mac and Linux Software as well. All reviews are written by expert software testers with years of experience. We always make sure to list compatibilities on the review pages so that you know if a program is compatible with your operating system version, or not.

The majority of apps that we review here on Ghacks Technology News are free to download and use. Sometimes developers make available free and paid versions of their programs, in which case we review the free program and describe what the paid version offers on top of that in the article.

The two categories that Windows users will be most interested in in regards to software reviews are portable software reviews and Windows software reviews. Both are about software for the Windows operating system, but the first only highlights programs that you can run without installation.

We have also released a couple of overview articles and guides for Windows, including a backup software list, or one that is
a guide covering Windows Update.

vpn lifeguard

VPN Lifeguard is a free open source software program for Windows devices that adds a kill switch to VPN connections to avoid IP leaks. A VPN is one of the better ways to improve privacy while your connected to the Internet. The main reason for this is that it blocks sites and services from identifying […]

metadefender endpoint

Opswat Metadefender Endpoint is a free security scanner for computer systems running Microsoft's Windows operating system. The program checks settings, installed programs and security, and computes a score based on that. It furthermore provides you with options to remove potentially unwanted programs from the computer system. You need to fill out a form on the […]

firewall app blocker 1.5

Firewall App Blocker 1.5 is the latest version of the popular third-party program for Windows to block applications from accessing the Internet. While you can block any process from connecting to the Internet using the built-in firewall on Windows machines, the process is not overly comfortable as it involves several steps to complete. That's one […]

burnaware free 10

BurnAware Free 10.0 is out. The latest version of the popular disc burning program for Windows ships with a new interface, high-DPI support, and more. We have mentioned the free version of BurnAware several times already on this blog, for instance in our free CD and DVD burning software overview, in a tutorial on how […]

windows desktop background rotator

Windows Desktop Background Rotator is a Powershell script for Windows that loads a wallpaper from a pool whenever it is run. Windows itself ships with options to rotate backgrounds regularly, but the options are somewhat limited in this regard. While you can configure the operating system to rotate a pool of images as desktop backgrounds, […]


KeePassXC is a free cross-platform client based on KeePass that could be useful to users who run devices with different operating systems. KeePass is a Windows-only software by default. The password manager is a local program, meaning that it does not store any data in the cloud or requires an Internet connection to function. This […]

shortcut scanner

Shortcut Scanner is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that scans drives of the PC for dangerous shortcuts. Shortcuts are quite useful, as you may use them to run programs from locations they are not installed or stored in.  Shortcuts may also execute commands, e..g Powershell or DOS commands, on the operating system. […]

ucheck windows

UCheck is a free and professional program for Microsoft Windows devices that checks installed software for updates semi-automatically. Windows, apart from apps that come from Windows Store, does not ship with options to download software or update installed programs from a central repository. Programs may ship with their own, unique, way of checking for updates, […]

libreoffice 5.3

LibreOffice 5.3 is the newest version of the popular open source Office suite, and one of the "most feature-rich releases in the history of the application". The Office suite, available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, is now also available as a private cloud version, called LibreOffice Online. LibreOffice, at is core, is an […]


HARDiNFO is a free and commercial program for Microsoft Windows devices that offers details hardware information, benchmarks, monitoring, and diagnostic tools. The free version of the application is limited to home use; if you want to use the program for business, you need to purchase a Pro license. The Pro version offers additional features, such […]


Temps is a cross-platform weather program for Windows, Linux and Mac that is beautiful, but eats more RAM in Megabyte than there are rainy days in England. So, if RAM is not an issue on your device, you may read on if you are interested in a new weather application. You may notice that Temps […]

infobar 2

Infobar 2.0 is a versatile toolbar for the Windows desktop that displays information all the time or when you activate it on the desktop. Widgets or toolbars that display system information or other data may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is no doubt about it that they can be useful in certain […]

memory hogs

Memory Hogs is a free program for Microsoft Windows designed to monitor the performance of PC components, and alert you when thresholds are reached. While you may notice that something is wrong performance-wise when things slow down to a crawl, crash, stutter, or show other symptoms of weakness, it is sometimes not as obvious at […]

context menu tuner

Context Menu Tuner is a free program for Microsoft Windows that enables you to add various functions to the right-click context menu on Windows. Many companies that produce software seem to have a Wild West mentality when it comes to adding items to the context menu on Windows. Add first, and maybe provide options to […]