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Windows 7 MAC Address Changer

Typically there is no reason to change the MAC address of a computer's network adapter. Reasons may be because of technical problems with the current MAC address, hard coded MAC address support […]

Change your MAC address in Linux with MACchanger-GTK

The MAC address is a very important string of characters that your computer depends upon in order to be networked. MAC stands for Media Access Control and represents the true address of […]

Mac Address Changer

Rarst ran a little review of the MAC address changing software program Mac MakeUp today. If you have not checked out his website you might wanna do so as he constantly covers […]

SMAC Windows MAC Address Modifying Utility

The MAC address is an identifier for most network adapters. Although several Internet websites and manufacturers claim that it is not possible to change the MAC address. SMAC leaves the hardware MAC address alone but offers a software based way to change it which remains changed even after rebooting the computer.

google-chrome-delete suggestions address bar

How to delete Chrome address bar suggestions with the mouse

Google's Chrome web browser displays suggestions as soon as you start to type in the browser's address bar (Google calls it omnibar). These suggestions come from the browsing history, bookmarks, and also […]

Criptext desktop app

Criptext is a free encrypted email service with open source apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

Criptext is a free encrypted email service for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. It has been around for a while, but I thought it may be worth looking into. Before we […]

GNS3 Windows Client

GNS3 is an open source graphical network simulator for Windows, Linux and macOS

GNS3 is a graphical network simulator which lets you to create a virtual network. You don't need any hardware like routers, switches, or even endpoints (workstation computers). This open source tool can […]

LazPaint is an open source raster graphics editor for Windows, macOS and Linux

LazPaint is an open source raster graphics editor for Windows, macOS and Linux

Recently we tested out an easy to use image editor called Zzpaint which we liked even though it was a relatively simple program. Today, I'm going to look at LazPaint which is […]

File Commander is an open source file manager for Windows, Linux and macOS

File Commander is an open source file manager for Windows, Linux and macOS

We have seen some retro-like file managers in the past. Let's take a look at File Commander, another file management tool. Its interface may look familiar if you have used Total Commander […]

Buttercup desktop

Buttercup is an open source password manager for Windows, macOS, Linux, Firefox and Chrome

There is no shortage in supply when it comes to password managers, but not all of them are open source. Buttercup is a free password manager, which is open source and offers […]


A Windows port of Apple Mac's Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature

WinDynamicDesktop is a free open source program for Windows 10 that brings Apple Macintosh's Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature. Mojave Dynamic Desktop is a new feature of Apple's Macintosh operating system that alters […]

regex captor extract email addresses

Extract email addresses and other data from files on Windows

RegexCaptor is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may run on any number of files to extract email addresses and other data from them. The program was created to […]

windows KB4056888 KB4056890 KB4056891 KB4056892 KB405689

Microsoft releases out-of-band security updates to address Intel bug

Microsoft released out-of-band security updates for Windows yesterdays that address a recently revealed major security bug in Intel, AMD and ARM processors. The updates are filed under the IDs KB4056888 , KB4056890. […]

avast retdec decompiler

Avast releases machine-code decompiler RetDec

Computer security heavyweight Avast released its machine-code decompiler RetDec as an open source tool to the public recently. The company worked on RetDec for seven years, and released the decompiler "to help […]

tor browser file ip leak

Tor on Linux/Mac may leak IP (update available)

Tor users who use the Tor browser on Linux or Mac OS X devices may want to update the program to version 7.0.9 as soon as possible to plug a potential IP […]

convert windows hyper-v vhdx

How to convert Windows installations to virtual machine images

There are quite a few use cases for wanting to convert a Windows installation to a virtual machine image; maybe you want to run tests on the virtual image afterwards, for instance […]

windows 10 500 million devices

Windows 10: 500 million machines and counting

Microsoft Corporation revealed today that the company's operating system Windows 10 is running on 500 million computer systems. The company's initial plan back in 2015 when the operating system was released was […]

virtual xp

Convert Windows XP to a virtual machine with VirtualXP

Microsoft abandoned Windows XP some months ago and while some users moved on to other operating systems, others are still running windows XP. The main issue here is that Microsoft won't release […]