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popcorn time

Popcorn Time may revolutionize movie streaming

According to Google, piracy is all about availability and pricing, and while I do not agree with the company often these days, I have to admit that they nailed it this time. […]

ORBX.js could revolutionize the web, and Mozilla is involved

Several major operating system platforms exist that are not really compatible with each other. You can't run Windows programs and games on Apple's iPad, or iPhone apps on Google's Android operating system. […]

samsung smart tv

TVs are the battleground for the next tech revolution

I'm using televisions for two purposes: to watch TV or media like DVD or Blu-Ray movies, and to play games on gaming systems like the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. I'm […]

opera reader

Opera Reader Could Revolutionize The Way We Read On The Internet

One of the biggest usability issues on today's Internet are scrolling web pages. Browsers automatically add scrollbars to web pages if the contents exceed the vertical or horizontal display limitations of the […]

Sync your Evolution contacts with UbuntuOne

How many machines do you have? How many contacts do you have? How many machines do you try to keep your contacts in sync on? There are a lot of ways to […]

Encrypting email in Evolution

Evolution is an outstanding groupware suite with one of the finest email clients in all of Linux-land. For many users the standard email setup is great. It does everything they need: it […]

Lesser known Evolution features

I have covered the Evolution groupware client on Ghacks before (check out all content containing Evolution here). Everything from basic tasks to connecting to an Exchange server, it's been here on Ghacks. […]

Contain Junk email in Evolution

I've done a few articles about the Evolution groupware client here on Ghacks and I promise more. As Evolution is, essentially, the Outlook of Linux, it deserves plenty of attention. In this […]

Backup and restore Evolution

How many times have you migrated from one Linux box to another, only to say goodbye to your email and knowing you were going to have to set your email client up […]

Connect Evolution to Exchange 2007 MAPI

Evolution is the groupware suite for the Linux operating system. It is, for all intents and purposes, Outlook for Linux. The only downfall is, out of the box, it doesn't play well […]

Use Bogofilter for better junk detection in Evolution

So you're using the Linux operating system and you're not concerned with viruses. But you still get SPAM - and plenty of it. With the Evolution groupware suite you have, by default, […]

Connect Evolution to Google mail and calendar

How many email accounts do you have? How many calendars do you use? If you're like me you have more than you can manage - unless you manage them in a centralized […]

Replace Outlook with Evolution: A Linux Groupware Suite

For many users, Outlook is the de facto standard email client...if you're on Windows. And why not? It's an all-in-one groupware suite that can manage your email, your calendar, your tasks, your […]

Fedora 10 and the Evolution of Xorg

This is a rant. This is only a rant. If this were a real review you would be notified by your local emergency broadcast station...Now that I have your attention, I want […]


Revolutionary new web 2.0 app that does absolutely nothing!

I have to say this is the most ingenious app I have ever seen. Download Nada to feel better, while it does nothing for you too! Nada promises to be light on […]

google chrome tab groups

Google Chrome is getting Tab Groups soon

Tabbed browsing has not changed all that much ever since browsers made an evolutionary leap from displaying a single site per browser window to separating sites in tabs in a single browser […]

Make the most of your 365 image

Goodbye Office 365! Hello Microsoft 365!

The writing was on the wall for quite some time; Microsoft finally made the announcement that it has launched the new subscription service Microsoft 365 and that it will migrate Office 365 […]

Ghacks Deals: The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle

The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle is a big eLearning bundle that includes a total of eleven courses focusing on Raspberry Pi and Arduino development and information. […]