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clear temp files

Clear Temp Files on Windows Mobile Pocket PCs

I'm an avid temporary file cleaner and I was delighted to find a link to the software Clear Temp at the Tip and Trick blog which was formerly known as My Digital […]

Hack Your iPhone or iPod Touch in Under One Minute

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you know by now that you are subject to a lot of limitations such as being restricted to the […]

Sony: Want us to remove our crapware for you? Pay us!

Sony is a company that is never shy when it comes to finding questionable ways to making just another buck or to annoy a large part of the Internet community by doing […]

Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]

Remember the Milk on your iPhone

My favorite task manager, Remember The Milk is now easily available on your iPhone, or iPod touch. You need the pro version to get the optimized RTM ($25 per year), but you […]

yoggie pico

Yoggie PICO Personal Mobile Security Computer

Taking security out of the hands of the average user is a good way of increasing system security. That's my opinion on the matter, the greatest security risk is most of the time the human sitting in front of the computer. The Yoggie Pico is a security device with 13 security applications in USB format that runs Linux and handles all network traffic of the computer.

Sorry you cannot use that battery because it is not made by us

I really do love Sony. They do have so many innovative ways of ******* off their customers it's unbelievable they are still in business. We have already seen proprietary formats, rootkits on CDs, the soon to be closed online music store that will leave customers who have purchased music there with not playing music if they change hardware or computer. Now there is another story emerging, this one is about Sony notebooks and how they lock out low cost batteries.

iphone theme aibook

Summerboard iPhone Themes

If you want to be different than the rest of the iPhone pack you could install Summerboard and one of the themes that make your iPhone stick out from the crowd. It is possible to download themes for Summerboard or even create one yourself, the article will concentrate on premade themes that can be downloaded.

Run something if battery is (dis)connected

It sometimes happens by accident that the power cable gets disconnected when you work with your notebook. It does not have to be by accident though, maybe you want to use the notebook in a different location without having to save everything and boot again. The problem that arises when a power cable gets disconnected is that the notebook loses battery power which is a huge problem if the battery was not loaded fully.

Resurrect bricked iPhone

If the process to unlock your Apple iPhone fails you might end with a so called bricked iPhone that is not working properly anymore. That's probably the worst scenario for any iPhone user who tinkered with the phone trying to unlock it.

Teac MP-450 by experience

I'd like to share my view of a very fine low-end (maybe mid) personal audio/video player I've bought recently, the Teac MP-450. I was lucky enough to get a 40% sale on it in an online store so that I got an awesome player for a really low price, great deal indeed. Nevertheless, even if you have to buy it for the usual price at about 100-130$ (1GB version), it's still worth the money I would say. Now to the main features.


WinLibre, your open source software library

I was thinking on rounding up some of the net's best freeware apps and putting them into one easily installable pack. As these things go, it seems like some clever people have […]

nokia flickr application

Publish Photos to Flickr from your Nokia Phone

Did you know that it is possible to upload pictures from your Nokia N series phone to your Flickr account ? A lot of Nokia N series mobile phones are supported and many have the Flickr application build in. Among the supported phones are the N73 editions, the N80, N93 and the N95.

Put Wikipedia on your iPod

If you have one of the newer iPods with 8GB+ you might want to consider putting all the information of Wikipedia on it for fast reference. I personally think that this is an excellent idea if you regularly visit Wikipedia to research information but do not have Internet connection all the time. This could also be useful on your holiday trip if you want to quickly lookup information about a place, location or historical fact.

emtube search view

Youtube for Symbian S60 Phones

When Apple released their iPhone they never forgot to mention that the iPhone was able to play Youtube videos. I think they mentioned it as a key feature and several television ads showed this feature as well. If you do not own a Apple iPhone but another mobile phone, mabye like the Nokia N73 (my phone) or Nokia N95, you will be delighted to hear that a Symbian S60 application brings Youtube to those phones.

disable hardware devices windows

Notebook Tip: Disable Hardware that you do not use

Most notebooks have several hardware components installed that are not used by the user. A notebook with WLAN and network card for instance and a user that only uses the WLAN to connect to a network and the Internet. Every component installed is using battery and it is a wise step to disable those components that are not used - ever.

Internet on the go

The problem with the net is that there isn't a sure-fire way to ensure that you will actually have access to it anywhere. If you have Wi-fi you are quite well of, but of course only near cities and towns. Even then, if you find hotspots you're fine, but otherwise no internet for you.

Hands free reading for lazy bookworms

There are three places where I read a lot. My table while eating, my bed (usually eating as well) and on the John (after eating). I usually struggle in my bed and […]

asus eeepc


You might know that I'm looking for a PDA or similar device that will allow me to comfortably check and write emails, write blog posts and visit websites while on the road. I do have a Toshiba notebook but I don't like to use it on the road. It is fine in hotels and on conventions where I can use it stationary but it really is to big to work comfortably with while walking around.

uTorrent and iPhone applications

You can think whatever you want about the Apple iPhone but it surely gets more developer love than most other phones currently on the market. I spotted two incredible applications for the iPhone which might appeal to a lot of iPhone owners. The first software is called Mobile Scrobbler which connects the iPhone and iPod Touch with

Nokia PC Suite Error 1305: Error reading from file

The Nokia PC Suite is a software that ships with your mobile phone that can be installed on PCs to communicate with the mobile phone. You can backup data, synchronize contact information, upload music and install mobile phone applications using the Nokia PC Suite.

How to update a Nokia Mobile Phone

Nokia has created a great software that makes it really easy to update your Nokia mobile phone. You are probably wondering why you should update the phone if everything is working as intended. This is actually a good question and I can't answer it for the phone that you are using.

Ask the Readers: PDA Recommendation

I'm planing to purchase a PDA at the end of this year and would like to hear your opinion before I go out and buy something that does not meet my expectations. I never used a PDA before but tried to read about the different operating systems and the like to get a first overview.


Books on your mobile phone

Reading books using a mobile phone is probably not the most pleasant way but it surely is better than sitting around doing nothing at all. Books in My Phone provide hundreds of books that can be downloaded and transferred to your mobile phone. The user can chose between two ways to transfer the books to his mobile phone.

Downgrading iPhone Firmware

I see a lot of parallels between Apple's iPhone and Sony's PSP. Both add new firmwares like crazy to their devices in an effort to keep device hackers at bay. Apple recently upgraded the iPhone's firmware to version 1.1.1 which made many modified iPhones inoperable.

Reduce Mobile Phone SMS and Call Costs

What would you say if there is an easy way to reduce mobile phone SMS and call costs ? I'm using a service called Cellity for some time now and was able to reduce my mobile phone bill tremendously. I do write the occasional SMS which usually costs between €0.10 to €0.20 per SMS. Cellity reduces this to the cost of the data transfer rate of the SMS which is just a few Kilobytes the most.

Nec replaces passwords with face recognition

Nec announced the Lavie C series of notebooks recently which are basically standard notebooks with one features that makes them stick out from the rest. The new feature is called 'Face Pass' which is a biometric system that uses face recognition instead of passwords to grant access to the notebook.

How to reduce mobile phone bandwidth costs

Reducing the bandwidth costs of my mobile phone is one of my top priorities in this month. You might remember that I used my Nokia N73 as a modem to go online during my summer vacation which did cost me more than $400 for just a few hours of going online and writing articles. It was quite a shock that I was charged this much because I did ask O2 support how much it would cost me and they gave me a different answer at that time.

Nokia recalling more than 46 million batteries

It seems to become common for electronic companies that produces items with batteries to recall batteries with a manufacturing defect that could lead to mobile phone explosions under certain circumstances. I was concerned that my new phone, the Nokia N73 Music Edition, was one of the phones that could have a defective battery but I was lucky this time.

Goodbye iPhone - here comes Nalu !

Nalu is practically three devices in one with a very intuitive interface. It is a mobile phone, a media player and a text messaging device. While this does not sound unlike the iPhone or any other smartphone currently available it becomes unique when you realize that it has a double hinged case that provides access to the three different interfaces.

Scan, Fax and Copy with your mobile phone

I always thought it would be nice to put the camera that most mobile phones are equipped with to got use and have a software that would make it possible to take a picture of a document and fax or send it to someone using the same phone. I don't have a fax because I rarely need it but I miss it dearly whenever I need it.


I really like my new mobile phone which is a Nokia N73 Music Edition. There is however one disturbing thing and that is a blue light that is blinking whenever my phone is activating sleep mode. Sleep mode is great because it consumes less battery when it is active but that blinking blue light is really getting on my nerves.

Get Free iPhone Ringtones from iTunes

This is probably not the best hack in life but it is still valid and working. You could use the ringtones for other mobile phones as well if you convert the m4p extension to a format that your mobile supports. The principle of grabbing song samples and use them as your iPhone ringtones is pretty simple.

Five free apps that rock for your mobile phone

I got a new Nokia N73 with a USB cable recently and have been searching for games and applications that I could download without charge and install on my new mobile phone. I have never put much thought into this sector before mainly because of my laziness and an old phone that had no data cable.

Going Online with my Nokia N73

I never before tried to go online using my mobile phone and notebook because I always had the chance to use a wireless connection or lan network to go online. I identified several obstacles that could prevent me from going online with my N73 and Toshiba notebook.

Suicide Girls iPhone Wallpapers

"What's the point of a revolutionary new communications and media device if you can't put half naked tattooed girls on it?". That is the first line in the article over at Suicide Girls that is offering three packages with wallpapers for the newly released iPhone. The three packages contain the following wallpapers:

Epoq MP4 Wrist Watch

My immediate reaction to the Epoq MP4 wrist watch was that I thought that it was a really cool idea. I was not able to come up with a lot of applications for it but it looked really cool. The watch acts as a standard music and video player supporting formats such as mp3, wma and mp4.

Pictures can be viewed as well and everything can be uploaded using a normal USB 2.0 port. The mp4 wrist watch comes with different storage capacities, the largest being 2 Gigabytes of space which should be enough for lots of videos in that resolution. There is also the option to choose a widescreen lcd display instead of a normal one.

Extend Windows Vista Battery Live for Notebooks

I bought a Toshiba Notebook soon after Windows Vista was released and was wondering about the huge battery drain whenever I was using the Notebook without a power source. The battery drain is apparently caused by the Aero theme and the power settings for the wireless adapter. I was not even sure at the beginning if I was running Windows Aero or just a different interface but soon found out that the Aero interface, one of the few new things in Windows Vista, was active and draining battery life like crazy. I decided to disable the Aero interface because I could not see the use of it after all. Sure, it offers some nice looking effects but that is not the main purpose that I'm using the notebook after all.


Free Audiobooks from the Gutenberg Project

Gutenberg was a German inventor most famous for inventing movable type printing around 1450 in Germany revolutionizing European print-making. Project Gutenberg offers more than 20000 free Ebooks for download and has a audiobook section as well. The audiobook section of Project Gutenberg offers a great list of free audiobooks in various languages with the emphasize on English audiobooks. Please note that all audiobooks are read by humans, some audiobook sites offer books read by computers instead. Human read audiobooks are of a higher quality.

Watch My Cell: monitor free calls and SMS

Watch My Cell is a useful application for Microsoft Windows if you have a account with a cell phone provider with a certain amount of monthly free minutes. Many cell phone owners who use such an account have troubles keeping the overview of how many minutes they have used in a month and would normally have to phone their cell phone provider to find out.