Huawei Has A $200 Android Phone Lined Up

And that is probably without any subsidy. Huawei has apparently confirmed that such phone exists and is coming soon. Whether this is the elusive U8230 is arguable but there is a strong […]

China Is About To Cause An Android Flood

If there’s a good piece of technology doing its rounds around the world, you can rest assured that small, unknown Chinese companies are likely to try their hands at it. It happened […]

Samsung Diva Phones Turn Up The Bling Factor

Samsung put out on display two phones that have not been announced yet. And as one can expect, they got covered on the Internet. These phones flag off a whole new line […]

Moving With Motorola Motus: The Leaks And Rumors So far

Okay, so we have more rumors about the Motorola Motus. We have specs, features, a new name and also a very shaky picture. I mean it looks like it the camera was […]

The Plot Thickens Around The Google Phone

The Google phone is all over the Internet, thanks to a fresh wave of new leaks and speculations. It looks like the Google phone is ‘very real’ and it is being developed […]

The HTC Dragon Exists And Google Has It!

Well, after the HTC CEO said in a cryptic tone that they would never make an Android HD2 there was a general round of murmuring about what happens to the rumored HTC […]

Sony Ericsson’s Kurara Is More than What You Think It Is

Remember Kurara? That phone from Sony Ericsson That got leaked right after the XPERIA X10 came out from behind the veil? Well, we had it pegged down as an ordinary phone that […]

Hot Today: The iSlate Strikes Back, Thanks To More Apple Tablet Rumors

It was getting really boring around here without the bountiful goodness of exciting new Apple Tablet rumors. And it would’ve remained that way if DigiTimes hadn’t come to the rescue. Their propensity […]

iPhone Apps: Magellan Sets Sail, Google Earth Updates, Ravensword Arrives And More

Get in on the latest in the iPhone app store, the hottest little place to be on earth if you truly believe that for every problem there’s an app just waiting to […]

Nokia Finally Releases N900, 'Tis Exciting But A Bit Late

Nokia has finally released its Maemo5 based smartphone – the N900. Maemo is Nokia’s next generation mobile OS. It is a Linux-based platform that seeks to take on such juggernauts as the […]

Apple Update: The Apple Temple At 67th Broadway, Big Cash, Tablet Ahoy And More

The Apple slate/tablet makes a come back this week with a newly public Apple patent making its rounds around the Internet. Looks like Apple might include a stylus with their tablet after […]

iPhone Update: iPhone Has Malicious Code, More Verizon iPhone Rumors And More

As I continue with my line of iPhone updates, one thing is becoming pretty clear – Apple is going to have a massive year next year. They have always been good at […]

Safari 4.0.4 Released, Update Now

Just a little heads up for you guys. Safari's new update has been released. Mac OS 10.5.x and 10.6.x can update right now. Check your software update if you have not been […]

iPhone Update: Apple Adds Clarity and 3 New iPhone Apps

Apple has taken another small step today towards making the app approval process more clear, making a lot of iPhone devs nod and say “well, something is better than nothing.” Plus we […]

iPhone Update: Carrier Wars And Two New Apps

As I said in my last post, the iPhone has been hotter than usual these past few days. With new carriers entering the foray globally (read the UK), the scene has gotten […]

iPhone Update: Crazy Hack, First Ever Worm, HD Radio And More

I am going to be doing a series of iPhone related posts for the next few posts. We have people doing interesting things with their iPhones and have more interesting accessories coming […]

Finally! Twitter Adds ReTweet Feature!

That is true folks. Twitter finally has a retweet feature. So retweet away to glory I say! It is still in beta and I haven't gotten around to using it much yet […]

iPhone Apps: Message In A Balloon, Knocking Over MMS And Premium Shazam

Today we have three new iPhone apps for you. Actually that should be two and a half new apps because Shazam was already there. But the other two are really great apps, […]

To Droid Or Not To Droid

Okay folks, the Droid is finally out now. Through all the iPhone-bashing and the creepy ad campaign, it has made its way into our minds and hearts (sort of). At the very […]

iPhone Update: iPhone Loved, Hated And Unlocked, $99 3GS, RFID And More

If there’s one phone that is constantly in the news, it is the iPhone. Love it or hate it, you simply cannot ignore it. So here we have some more iPhone news […]

New HD-Capable Sony Ericsson Phone Leaked (Twice Already): Kurara

Right after Sony Ericsson made the XPERIA X10 (AKA Rachael/X3) official, the rumor mill threw out another leak at us. This time it is as model called the Kurara. Kurara seems to […]

The Snapdragon So Far: Big Phones

The Qualcomm Snapdragon seems to be on its way to becoming the Atom of the smartphone world. With a clock speed of 1GHz and a low-power ARM design, this chip is fast […]

Apple Update: Apple Bans Atom, Endless Racing Game For iPhone, Orange UK bans YouTube and More

Apple has begun the week a bit weirdly by banning Atom out of Mac OS. Whether this will last, we don't know yet but if it is made permanent then the hackintosh […]

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10: Review

Finally, Sony Ericsson’s Rachael has become official. The amount of speculation and expectation that this phone had behind it, I was almost apprehensive about the entire thing. It might’ve been a huge […]

Scary iPhone Moments

It is Halloween people and here at gHacks we are all feeling the chill in the air as the sprits walk the earth. So in keepng with that feeling, let’s revisit those […]

iPhone Update: Marvel Comics, Easy Time Lapse Video, Real Time Translation And more

Good news iPhone lovers and users in general, we finally have apps in the App Store that do things we have always wanted to do with the iPhone. First up, we finally […]

More Proof That Apple’s Next Target Is The Print Media/Industry

After Apple made iTunes, it soon became quite clear that it was the best place to sell music digitally. The store became so very important that it ended up playing a major […]

New Samsung Android Phone, T-Mobile Project Dark Plans Leaked, NASDAQ And Amazon Release iPhone Apps

Alright, it is barely past the start of the week and it looks like we have quite a few phone related tings to talk about. There’s a new Android phone that is […]

eBook Readers: Read It Right With These Gizmos

If you want to read a book these days, you know there’s an app for that. But if you want something that is not as straining on your eye and something that […]

New All-In-One And Tablets From Acer

Ever since Asus brought out their Eee PC range, Acer has been right behind it in the race to bring out those new things. You might have noticed that Acer tends to […]

Entourage eDGe DualBook Is A Netbook, eBook Reader and Notepad All In One

Say hello to the eDGe, the name that I cannot write without MS Word auto correcting the hell out of me. This is a device that gives convergence a whole new side. […]

Spring Design's Alex And B&N's Nook

The eBook reader market has been growing a lot lately. Don’t take my word for it, just count how many new eBook readers we have seen recently and how many new companies […]

They Are Here, But Will They Cut It? [Apple]

Apple has finally launched the new Macs, and as expected, the world is going crazy over comparisons and everything. Apple’s Phil Schiller has been vocal about Microsoft’s Windows 7 not having any […]

iPhone Now: 4G Rumors, Rock Band For iPhone, Layar 2.0 And In-App Purchases

The iPhone has been one of the major driving factors behind the exponential growth of Apple in recent times. Their latest financial report for Q3 2009 shows growth that has blown everyone […]

The Best Nettops Around Right Now

Nettops are all the rage right now, and with good reason too! For around $330-$400 you can get desktops that will do all the basic things you want to do and they […]

Motorola Sholes/Droid Rumor Round Up: Is there no end to the wait?

Before I even start, looks like it’s time to start using the new and official name for this phone as suggested by this spy shot. But we have all gotten so used […]

5 Reasons Why The Apple Tablet Might FAIL

There were many reasons behind it failing and they were there because the concept was way ahead of the available and affordable consumer technology at that time. So now that we are […]

New CMOS Camera Will Record Your Thoughts At 1,000,000 FPS

Scientists of the Megaframe project in Europe have developed a CMOS sensor so small that it can actually go inside a neuron channel and look at the thought signals in real time. […]

After Cyborg Beetles We Now Have Sniffer Bees

Next time you visit an airport, there’s a chance of you being sniffed by, not dogs, but bees. Yes, they are now down to training bees to sniff and apparently it is […]

Super Creepy Cyborg Insects Will Soon Spy On You

Pentagon has been working on a special type of technology that would turn bugs in to something that would really live up to the multiple meanings of bug. Okay, I will give […]