ms14-068 windows patch

Microsoft releases out-of-band critical security patch MS14-068 today

Microsoft released fourteen security bulletins last week on this month's patch day. If you read the patch notes or our summary, you may have noticed that two bulletins were mentioned but not […]

windows store update

Microsoft releases Windows Store update for Windows 8.1 Update 1

One of the core new features of the Windows 8 operating system is the Windows Store. Since it is a new store, it is only natural that Microsoft modifies certain features of […]

security update windows 7

Microsoft releases updated MS13-036 security patch

If you are following my coverage on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday here each month you have noticed that one of the patches that the company released this month caused severe issues for some […]

security update kb2823324

Microsoft recommends to uninstall Windows 7 update 2823324

Microsoft released a total of nine security bulletins last Tuesday fixing two critical security vulnerabilities and several lesser rated security vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and several other Microsoft products. It […]

windows 8 performance reliability update

Microsoft releases Windows 8 performance and reliability update

The security bulletins for October were not the only updates that Microsoft has released today. The Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872) has been released for Windows 8 and Windows […]

windows update january 2012

Microsoft Releases First 2012 Security Update

Microsoft today has released seven security related bulletins that fix issues in the Windows operating system and in Microsoft's Developer Tools. One bulletin has received the maximum severity rating of critical, the […]

net framework vulnerability

Microsoft .Net Framework Security Update Released

Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update for the Windows operating system that fixes a number of security vulnerabilities in the Microsoft .NET Framework. The vulnerability affects all 32-bit and 64-bit versions […]

bulletin deployment priority

Microsoft Releases Security Patches for December 2011

Yesterday's Patch Tuesday brought 13 security bulletins fixing a total of 19 different vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft products. The majority of security patches have been released for Microsoft's Windows operating system and Microsoft […]

november2011 bulletin deployment

Microsoft Patch Day November 2011 Overview

Today Microsoft has released security updates exclusively for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Of the four bulletins released today, one has received the maximum severity rating of critical while the other three have […]

windows updates

Microsoft Patch Day October 2011 Overview

Microsoft releases Windows updates on the second Tuesday of the month. A total of eight different security bulletins have been released today by Microsoft. They update the operating system Microsoft Windows and […]


Microsoft, Adobe Ready Security Updates

It is the second Tuesday of the month again and this means security patch day at Microsoft and Adobe. Adobe has just released a security bulletin for Adobe Reader and Acrobat that […]


Microsoft Patch Day August 2011 Overview

Microsoft yesterday evening released this month's security patches for their software products. The 13 security bulletins fix security related issues in Microsoft products such as the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, the […]

Microsoft Security Patches for July 2011

It is the second Tuesday of the month which means it is patch day over at Microsoft. The Redmond based company has released a total of four security bulletins that month. One […]

windows updates june 2011

Microsoft Patch Day June 2011 Overview

Microsoft has released a total of 16 security bulletins on this month's patch day. Patch day refers to the second Tuesday of each month on which Microsoft will release security patches. This […]

Microsoft May 2011 Patch Day Overview

Microsoft released two security bulletins on this month's patch day. Every second Tuesday of a month is so called patch day at Microsoft where a number of security related updates are released. […]

windows update

Microsoft April 2011 Patch Day Overview

Yesterday's monthly patch day was a big one, with 17 bulletins fixing a total of 64 security issues in Microsoft products. Affected applications include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. If […]

march 2011 patch day severity

Microsoft March 2011 Patch Day Overview

Microsoft has released new security patches on yesterday's Patch Day that address vulnerabilities in various Microsoft products including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. The updates that have been released are already available […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Bulletin Overview February 2011

Microsoft has just enabled downloads for today's security patches on Windows Update. Today's Patch Day brings 12 security bulletins that fix vulnerabilities of various severity affecting the Microsoft Windows operating system, Internet […]

Microsoft, Adobe Post February 2011 Patch Day Information

Patch Tuesday is coming up and Microsoft has released an advanced notification about the upcoming security patches. Patch Tuesday refers to the second Tuesday of each month on which security patches are […]

Microsoft Security Bulletin Overview January 2011

The second Tuesday of a month is Microsoft's patch day where the software company releases security patches and fixes for its products. The first patch day of the year 2011 brings two […]

deployment priority

Microsoft Security Bulletin December 2010

Microsoft has released the last set of planned security bulletins for the year 2010 yesterday. A total of 17 security bulletins have been released that patch vulnerabilities in Microsoft products like the […]

Microsoft Security Bulletin November 2010

Microsoft has released information and patches of this month's patch day. It is promising that there is no patch for Windows in this month's patch day. The three bulletins that have been […]

windows updates

Microsoft Releases September Security Patches

Microsoft has released this month's security patches for their operating systems and applications. The patches and updates are already available via Windows Update and Microsoft Download, and it is recommended to update […]

windows update

Microsoft, Adobe, Release Massive Amount Of Security Patches

Today is the second Tuesday of the month and that means it is Microsoft Patch Day. Microsoft is keeping a tight schedule when it comes to security patches. If they are not […]

microsoft security updates

Microsoft Security Updates July 2010

Microsoft has just released four security bulletins on this months' Patch Tuesday fixing vulnerabilities in Microsoft software products. Three of the four bulletins have a maximum severity rating of critical, the highest […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Updates June 2010

Microsoft has released security updates for their operating systems and applications. The June 2010 patch day consists of 10 security bulletins that fix a total of 34 30 different security vulnerabilities. The […]

Microsoft Security Updates May 2010

The Microsoft security updates for May 2010 are now available for download and installation. The patches are available on Windows Update where users can install them directly on affected systems or by […]


Microsoft Security Updates April 2010

Microsoft has just added the security updates for April 2010 to Windows Update so that all Windows user can download and install them on their operating system automatically. A total of eleven […]

Microsoft Security Updates March 2010

Microsoft released security patches yesterday for Windows and Office products on the monthly Patch Tuesday which is always on the second Tuesday of each month. A total of three security bulletins have […]

Microsoft and Adobe January 2010 Patch Day

Microsoft and Adobe have released their regular security updates today. Microsoft has only released one patch that applies to most of its operating system. The patch fixes a vulnerability in the embedded […]

Microsoft Security Updates November 2009

Microsoft has released six security bulletins today as part of their monthly Tuesday patch day. The six bulletins fix a total of 15 security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. The […]

Microsoft Security Updates October 2009 Online

Microsoft has published all security patches for today's Patch Day a few minutes ago. The patches are available via Windows Update, Microsoft Update and the individual security bulletins that describe the nature […]

Microsoft Security Updates August 2009

Microsoft has released its monthly set of security patches yesterday which patch several security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software programs including Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office. A summary of the patches can […]

Microsoft Security Patches for June 2009

Microsoft has released the security bulletin summary for June 2009 which details this month's software and system updates. A total of ten security bulletins have been released this month which patch vulnerabilities […]

Microsoft February Security Updates

Microsoft has released a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 that fixes several critical vulnerabilities in the web browser. It is recommended to update Internet Explorer as soon as […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 08

Microsoft released another batch of patches using their regular schedule. A total of eight security bulletins have been published that contain descriptions of security vulnerabilities of which six have been classified as […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday November 08

Microsoft released only two patches for their products on this November's Patch Tuesday. The Microsoft Security Bulletins MS08-069 and MS08-068 patched two vulnerability with the status critical and important. The vulnerability rated […]

Windows Security Updates September 2008

Microsoft has released four Microsoft Security Bulletins for September 2008. All updates are rated critical and it is recommended to update the computer system running Windows operating systems or Microsoft software as […]

Microsoft Security Updates May 2008

Microsoft released four security updates for various applications and operating systems that they produce. Three of the four updates are regarded as critical while one has a moderate risk level. To break […]

gdi32 dll vulnerability

Google discloses another unpatched Windows vulnerability

Google Project Zero member Mateusz Jurczyk disclosed a gdi32.dll vulnerability in the Windows operating system to Microsoft on November 16, 2016. The report itself is quite technical and it would go too […]