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Gom Mix Max Video Editor

GOM Mix Max: Is the new video editing software any good? (Read till the end for a special giveaway!)

As I anticipated a few days ago, GOM Mix Max's brand new video editing software has been launched on November 30th, 2021. Developed by GOM & Company, GOM Mix Max aims to […]

bulletin deployment guide august-2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For August 2013 overview

Welcome to our analysis of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday of August 2013. The company has released a total of eight bulletins this time that patch vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server Software, and […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Bulletins For July 2013 overview

On today's patch day, Microsoft has released seven security bulletins fixing a total of 32 different vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, the Internet Explorer browser, the Microsoft .Net Framework, Silverlight, GDI+ and Windows […]

windows update june 2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For June 2013 overview

Microsoft released a total of five security bulletins addressing 23 different vulnerabilities today of which four affect client and server versions of the Windows operating system while one is affecting Microsoft Office. […]

windows update may 2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For May 2013 overview

It is the second Tuesday of the month and we all know what that means: Microsoft Patch Day. Microsoft has released a total of ten security bulletins this month that address security […]

bulletin deployment guide april 2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For April 2013 overview

Microsoft a couple of minutes ago  has released security patches for several of its products as part of this month's patch day.  A total of nine security bulletins affecting one or multiple […]

bulletin deployment priority march 2013 guide

Microsoft Security Bulletins For March 2013 Released

Yes it is this day of the month ago. Microsoft has just released this month collection of updates and patches for its products. A total of seven security bulletins have been released […]

windows update february 2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For February 2013 Released

Patch day has arrived and boy it is a big one. A total of 12 security bulletins are released today that address a total of 57 different vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. The […]

windows updates january 2013

Microsoft Security Bulletins For January 2013 Released

It is the first Microsoft patch day of the new year  and we continue our monthly series where we look at the security bulletins that get released, how the bulletins are best […]

severity december 12

Microsoft Security Bulletins For December 2012 Released

The last Patch Tuesday of the year has arrived and it brings along seven security bulletins that fix vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. Five of the seven bulletins have a maximum severity rating […]

deployment guide november 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For November 2012 Released

Today's Microsoft "Patch Tuesday" brings six security bulletins that patch vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is the first regular patch day for Microsoft's newest […]

microsoft windows updates october 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For October 2012 Released

Microsoft released an out-of-band security update for Internet Explorer 10's integrated Flash Player yesterday which updated the version of Flash to the latest version. This time, in time and not weeks after […]

Microsoft Security Bulletins For September 2012 Released

Yes it is that day of the month again. Microsoft will release security updates for all of its products later today. The updates resolve issues in Microsoft Server Software and Microsoft Developer […]

windows updates august 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For August 2012 Released

Microsoft a few minutes ago has pushed out nine security updates as part of this month's update for the Windows operating system. The security bulletins for August 2012 address vulnerabilities in programs […]

windows update july 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For July 2012 Released

Yes, it is that day of the month again: Microsoft Patch Tuesday is here and it delivers nine security bulletin covering 16 vulnerabilities this time that fix issues in the Windows operating […]

bulletin deployment priority june 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For June 2012 Released

Microsoft unlocked the security updates for June 2012 a few minutes ago which Windows users can now downloaded via the operating system's Windows Update feature. A total of seven different bulletins have […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Bulletins For May 2012 Released

It is patch Tuesday in Redmond, and Microsoft has just made available a new batch of security related patches for some of their software products. The majority of security bulletins fix issues […]

windows updates

Microsoft Security Bulletins For April 2012 Released

It is the second Tuesday of the month, and that means patch day over at Microsoft. Windows systems configured to automatically update should pick up the updates on the next start of […]

bulletin deployment priority march 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For March 2012 Released

Microsoft has made available the security patches for March 2012. The patches are already being distributed via Windows Update, but at the time of writing not at Microsoft's Download Center. A total […]

microsoft security bulletins february 2012

Microsoft Security Bulletins For February 2012 Released

Microsoft today has released this month's security updates. A total of nine security bulletins have been released, of which four address vulnerabilities with a maximum severity rating of critical. This means that […]

Microsoft Security Bulletins October 2010

Every second Tuesday in a month is patch day over at Microsoft. What does it mean? Microsoft pushes out all security patches of a month on that day to all users of […]

security updates guide

Microsoft to retire Security Bulletins in January 2017

Microsoft announced on yesterday's Patch Tuesday for November that it plans to retire the publication of Security Bulletins in January 2017. Security bulletins like MS16-129 reveal information about patched vulnerabilities. This includes […]

microsoft mybulletins

Microsoft launches myBulletins, a personalized security dashboard

Keeping up with all security releases that Microsoft publishes for its products may not be as easy as it sounds. While the monthly security bulletins offer a good start, and the "other […]

Microsoft releases 11 security bulletins

Microsoft released their monthly security bulletin yesterday which listed 11 security bulletins containing a total of 17 patches for operating systems and software like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Six of the eleven security bulletins are critical while the remaining five are considered important.

microsoft updates may 2017

Microsoft Security Updates May 2017 release

Microsoft released security updates, and non-security updates, for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on the May 2017's Patch Day. Windows Vista support ended last month, and this […]

unsupported hardware

Microsoft screws up Windows patching even more

Yesterday was the April 2017 Patch Day, and it marked the end not only of Windows Vista support, but also of the Security Bulletins system. It was also the month where Microsoft's […]

Microsoft Security Updates April 2017 release

Microsoft released security updates, and non security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products today. The April 2017 Patch Tuesday is special. First, because it marks the […]

security update guide issue

Don't use Microsoft's Security Update Guide (yet)

Microsoft announced a while ago that it plans to do away with the two-decade old security bulletin release scheme, and switch over to the Security Update Guide service instead for update information. […]

march 2017 windows security updates

Microsoft Security Updates March 2017 release

Our Microsoft Security Updates March 2017 overview informs you about Windows and other Microsoft product updates the company released this month. Microsoft postponed all February 2017 security releases. You can read more […]


Microsoft: Windows 10 hardening against 0-day exploits

One key focus of Microsoft when it comes to promoting the company's latest operating system Windows 10 is to hammer home that Windows 10 is better for security. The company published a […]

microsoft updates january 2017

Microsoft Security Updates January 2017

It is the second Tuesday of the month, and that means it is once again Patch Day over at Microsoft. The company has released security updates and non-security updates for client and […]

windows update terminology

Microsoft's updating terminology is atrocious

Microsoft revealed some time ago that it wanted to bring the cumulative update scheme from its Windows 10 operating system to Windows 8.1 and 7. The new scheme started in October 2016 […]

security-only update

Microsoft Download Center still offering Windows update downloads

Sometimes, I feel like Microsoft's right hand does not know what the left hand does. It does not help if communication is often minimal or non-existent. Vital information are often missing, and […]

cumulative windows patches

Microsoft to push all-in-one Windows updates

Microsoft announced yesterday that it plans to change how patches for previous versions of the company's Windows operating system are made available. The change affects all client and server versions of Windows […]

microsoft update catalog

Microsoft limits direct update downloads

Microsoft announced on April 29, 2016 on the official Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) blog that it won't make available some updates via the company's Download Center starting May 10, 2016. When […]


Security Update MS16-023 installs new "Get Windows 10" functionality

Mixing security updates with non-security content is never a good idea, but it is particularly worrisome when Microsoft pushes new "get Windows 10" functionality on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems that one […]

microsoft support

Microsoft, please publish support pages before updates

If you are a regular here on Ghacks Technology News you know that I cover Windows Updates each month here on this site. The overview is designed to help Windows users make […]

windows updates optional june 2015

Microsoft releases batch of non-security patches for Windows (June 2015)

Microsoft released a batch of non-security patches yesterday for various versions of its Windows operating system. The patches, released a week after the company's traditional second Tuesday of the month Patch Day, […]

windows patches incoming

Massive optional Microsoft Patch-Day Incoming

Microsoft plans to release a massive number of optional patches for company products today only a week after this month's Patch Tuesday. If you thought you are done patching your operating system […]

top os vulnerabilities 2014

Apple tops operating system, Microsoft application vulnerability chart

If you had to guess the operating system with the highest number of reported vulnerabilities, which would you pick? I guess it is fairly certain that the majority would pick Windows 7 […]

Microsoft won't release Advanced Security Notifications for free anymore

From this month forward, Microsoft will no longer release free Advanced Security Notifications before patches are made available on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month. The company's Advanced Notification Service […]