The Opera browser delivers excellent performance on the web, while adding new functionality for gamers in several of their apps. You’ll see articles and guides related to its services here, while we’ll also update you on the latest features and news.

opera 15 android

Opera 15 for Android ships with faster startup times, new features

When Opera Software announced the switch to Chromium / WebKit / Blink from the trusted Presto engine, it had the intention to move the majority of its browser products to the new […]

Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly arrive in Opera

Evernote, the popular note-taking app and competitor to Microsoft's OneNote, now takes the next step to really being everywhere, as the service rolls out to the Opera web browser. The browser, which is […]

opera 15

Opera 15 final has been released

The final release of Opera 15 may come as a surprise to many Opera users as only a month has passed since Opera Software released the first preview build of it to […]

opera bookmarks manager

Opera: first bookmark manager extension arrives

Opera Software made a big decision when it changed the browser's core layout engine to Blink. Probably the biggest issue here was that the company had to modify and rewrite code that […]

opera pdf viewer extension

Opera 15 gets Mozilla PDF.js support

Opera 15 is the first version of the Opera web browser that is based on Blink and not the engine used in previous versions of the browser. That is a big change […]

opera 15 next

Don't expect an Opera Next Linux build anytime soon

It is too early to tell if Opera's move to the Blink engine away from Presto is going to pay off in terms of overall users who use the web browser as […]

opera install extensions

How to install Chrome extensions in Opera

One of the positive side effects of switching to Blink, the same browser engine that Google Chrome uses, is that Opera users can tap right into the vast extension repository of that […]

opera release channels

Opera about release channels and cycle

Yesterday must have been a busy day for Opera Software as the company received more than 1300 comments after pushing out the first public version of Opera 15. It is the first […]

opera 15 next

Opera 15 preview released, Mail becomes separate product

Opera Software announced a few months ago that it would integrate WebKit, the engine used by Google Chrome and Safari into its browsers. Later on it announced that it would use the […]

opera 14 android

Opera 14 for Android released

The last two months have been rather uneventful when it comes to Opera Software news. It seems as if the company has gone quiet shortly after it announced its move to Webkit, […]

What can we expect from Opera's move to Webkit?

Opera in February 2013 announced that it would use another browser core for the majority of its web browser products. In particular, the company decided to use Webkit, which is also the […]

opera sessions screenshot

Opera Sessions Overview, Discovering Opera Part 6

Welcome to the sixth part of our Discovering Opera series that we started back in 2011. This time, I'm looking at Opera's session management capabilities which shine in comparison to other browsers. […]

opera speed dial screenshot

Opera browser beta (webkit) for Android released

Opera Software has released a first beta version of Opera running on webkit for Android to the Google Play store. The release acts as a preview version for Opera's upcoming browser that […]

Opera's Future: Skyfire acquisition

Norwegian company Opera Software, most known for its line of web browsers it produces for desktop and mobile operating systems, announced two days ago that it would switch from its internal engine […]

Opera Software announces move to WebKit

Ever since Opera showcased a version of its mobile browser running on WebKit, codenamed Ice, I knew that the software company was considering switching to WebKit and ditching its own rendering engine […]

opera crash screenshot

Opera preparing version 12.14 crash fixes Update:released

Firefox users are not the only ones experiencing crashes under certain circumstances. Opera users too are reporting more crashes than usual in the latest version of the web browser, and just like […]

opera 12.13

Opera 12.13 final has been released

The last month was a quite one in terms of news from Opera Software. The company released Opera 12.12 on December 17 and turned silent afterwards until it released a first snapshot […]

opera on-page search

Opera's On-Page Search is superior

While Firefox is my main browser, I have other browsers installed on my system at all times. This includes Internet Explorer, two versions of Google Chrome, two versions of Opera and lesser […]

opera 12.13

Opera 12.13 with auto-update and settings protection improvements

I have been waiting for the first Opera release of 2013 impatiently and was wondering what was going on up there in Norway and if everyone involved in the development took a […]

delete settings and data for extensions

Opera 12.12 final has been released

Opera users take note, a new version of your beloved browser has been released bringing the stable release channel version of the Internet browser to 12.12. Opera 12.12 is a recommended stability […]

opera user style download

How to install custom userstyles in Opera

So called userstyles can be used to change the look and feel of websites locally. Basic examples are to change the text color or size, the background color or the position of […]

opera 12.11

Opera 12.11 security and stability upgrade

I experienced lots of crashes after the upgrade from Opera 12.02 to 12.10 which I could not pinpoint to a particular feature or website. While I can't - yet - say that […]

new york times ad free

Adblock Plus for Opera released

The team responsible for the popular Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has released a first version of the official program for the Opera web browser. This version replaces […]

youtube html5 video

ViewTube adds HTML5 Video support to popular websites

Adobe Flash is the preferred option to play video on today's Internet. Some sites like Vimeo or YouTube have started to offer videos in HTML5 format as well, but generally speaking, Flash […]

opera 12.10

Opera 12.10 final available now

Opera Software has just released Opera 12.10 final after a number of beta and release candidate builds. The new version of the browser is a recommended upgrade for all Opera 12.x and […]

opera prefetch links

Latest Opera prefetches links on hover

Norwegian company Opera Software has been working for quite some time on the next version of the Opera web browser, Opera 12.10 which is currently available as a development release. The latest […]

steam store prices

Steam: display regional game prices on Steam Store in Opera

Valve is operating several localized versions of its Steam Store just like Amazon is running multiple Amazon websites for certain regions and countries of the world. You can only buy games in […]

Opera improves extensions engine in Opera 12.1

Opera Software introduced extensions in the Opera web browser not so long ago. Before that, Opera users had access to widgets only which were displayed in their own window. This limited Opera […]

robohornet browser benchmark

RoboHornet: independent browser benchmark

The majority of web browser benchmarks are created by companies and organizations that develop browsers. Mozilla has its Kraken benchmark, Google its Octane benchmark, which many web developers believe are not as […]

opera smart page

Opera 7.5 Mini for Android introduces new social Smart Page

If you are not using Google Chrome as your browser on your Android smartphone you may have at least looked at Opera's offerings for the operating system. According to the statistics on […]

trusted websites

Opera now blocks third party source addon installations

Opera users who try to install an extension in the browser from a third party source website receive a notification for some time now that acts as a warning page. The warning […]

opera windows 8

Opera Software preparing Opera for Windows 8

Third party software developers who want their programs to function properly under Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 need to focus their attention on two new areas. The start page is the […]

tab grouper opera

How to group tabs semi-automatically in Opera

I like the tab stacking feature that Opera Software implemented into the Opera web browser some time ago and think it is the best implementation yet, far superior to what Google Chrome […]

facebook desktop plugin firefox

How to remove or disable the Facebook Desktop plugin

If you have installed Facebook's Messenger program for the desktop recently you may have noticed that your web browser is now listing a Facebook Desktop plugin under plugins. After installation I have […]

opera 12.02

Opera 12.02 final released, download now

Norwegian company Opera Software has released a new version of its desktop web browser Opera to the public. The new version is an update to the stable version of the web browser […]

test java version

How to disable Java in your web browser

Update: Most web browsers don't support Java anymore. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge don't support Java anymore and that means that you don't have to disable Java in the browser even […]

opera tab stack

Opera AutoStack Add-on: change Opera's tab stacking behavior

One of the coolest recent features of the Opera web browser is its tab stacking functionality. You can use it to stack tabs on top of each other to save space on […]

google octane javascript benchmark

Google's new JavaScript benchmark Octane released

All modern web browsers are considerably fast when it comes to rendering web pages and executing JavaScript code. You usually find Google Chrome at the very top of results and the other […]

opera out-of-process plugins

Opera crashing or freezing? May be out-of-process plugins

Opera Software introduced out of process plugins in Opera 12.00 to increase the browser's overall stability when plugins were used to display contents on web pages. The basic idea behind out of […]

opera 12.01

Opera 12.01 security and stability update released

Opera Software just a few minutes ago has released an update to the desktop version of the Opera browser. Opera 12.01 is a security and stability update that falls in line with […]



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