The Opera browser delivers excellent performance on the web, while adding new functionality for gamers in several of their apps. You’ll see articles and guides related to its services here, while we’ll also update you on the latest features and news.

opera video theme

Opera 32 introduces animated themes

Opera introduced several changes in the most recent Opera Developer version 32.0.1899.0 including support for animated themes in the web browser. Animated themes are a controversial topic and it seems that users […]

opera tab switching

Opera 30 has been released

Norwegian company Opera Software has released Opera 30 to the browser's stable channel. Prior versions should receive the update automatically thanks to the browser's automatic update feature. The new version is already […]

opera max wifi app blocking

Opera Max supports WiFi and app data blocking now

Norwegian company Opera Software just announced that it has released an update for its data compression application Opera Max that brings WiFi and app data blocking support to the app. Opera Max […]

opera sidebar extensions

First look at Opera's Sidebar Extensions implementation

Opera Software's work on the Opera browser continues. One of the recent additions to the browser are so-called sidebar extensions which, as the name suggests, are browser extensions designed specifically for Opera's […]

opera mini android

Opera Mini for Android update comes with new user interface

Opera Mini, Opera Software's long standing web browser for feature phones, underpowered devices and situations where bandwidth needs to be saved, received an update today that brings a new user interface  and […]

opera tabs

Opera 30 modifies Opera's tab switching behavior

Most web browsers ship with keyboard shortcuts that you can use to cycle through tabs or access specific tabs that are open in the browser right away. On Windows, the keyboard shortcut […]

opera turbo video compression

How to enable video boost in desktop Opera

If you are plagued by spinning loading icons and buffering interruptions while watching videos on the Internet, you are not alone. While the viewing experience is fine for many broadband users, even […]

opera new history

Opera's restyled History page looks great

It feels almost like a (friendly) race between the Opera browser and Vivaldi right now. Vivaldi, created by ex-employees of Opera Software was published just a couple of weeks ago as first […]

opera audio indicator

Opera introduces audio indicator in Opera 28

The most recent Developer edition of the Opera browser, version 28.0.1745 ships with a new feature that highlights tabs in the browser if audio is playing on websites loaded in those tabs. […]

opera 26 linux

Opera 26 Stable for Linux now available

Phew, that took a long time. When Opera Software announced the switch from its own browsing engine to Chromium users noticed immediately that many things were not as they were before. The […]

opera mini for android

Opera Mini for Android Beta released

Opera Mini is a highly popular web browser that is available for various operating systems including Android. The initial release of the web browser dates back to 2005 and Opera has been […]

import bookmarks opera

Bookmark importing now easier in Opera browser

If you are using a recent version of the Opera browser, you may have noticed that it is not that easy to import bookmarks from another web browser or a local bookmarks […]

opera share bookmarks

Opera 26 introduces bookmarks sharing and tab syncing

If you want to know what is in store for the Opera browser next in terms of functionality and changes, you have to check out the Developer version of the web browser […]

opera bookmarks

Bookmarks Manager enabled in Opera 25

When Opera Software switched from the company's own Presto rendering engine to Chromium/Blink, part of the browser's userbase criticized the company for it. Among the points the community made was that the […]

opera bookmarks manager

Opera 24 Dev introduces bookmarks manager, H.264 support

Norwegian company Opera Software has released a new developer version of its Opera browser for the desktop. While previous updates to Opera were most of the time rather uneventful in terms of […]

opera for linux

Opera Software releases first Linux build of new Opera

When Opera Software announced that it would switch from its old trusted Presto engine to Chromium, it became clear quickly afterwards that many popular features of the old client would not be […]

otter browser beta 1

A look at Otter browser beta 1

When Opera Software released the first Chromium-based version of the Opera browser back in July 2013, it was clear immediately that it would take a long time before the browser would offer […]

delay loading background tabs

Opera 23 features startup improvements, hearts menu and PPAPI Plugin support

The last couple of months have not really be that exciting for Opera browser users. While Opera Software released new versions of the browser regularly, most releases were rather uneventful in terms […]

opera browser linux

Opera for Linux release imminent?

When Norwegian company Opera Software announced that it would switch its trusted Presto engine to Chromium, it caused quite the stir among users. Some congratulated Opera Software for the move as it […]

opera partial url

Opera 21: always display full url in address bar

The most recent stable version of the Opera browser can display full page urls at all times now in the browser. Some web browsers display only partial urls instead of full web […]

opera scheduled autoupdate

Opera 22 gets silent background updates

When you analyze how popular browser companies deliver updates to end user systems, you will notice that most use the Task Scheduler on Windows for that. This is the case for Google […]

opera start-up

Opera 21 Dev introduces several start-up time improvements

One of the things that I like about the Firefox web browser is that it will only load the active tab on session restore while keeping all other open websites in tabs […]


Opera Font Rendering improves text in Opera and Google Chrome

Depending on which web browser you use, which operating system you run, and which video card your computer uses, font rendering may either be totally awesome, quite ok, or not tolerable. There […]

opera max

Opera Max compression app now open to users from Western Europe

Opera Software introduced Opera Turbo as a new feature in Opera 10 back in 2009. The feature enabled you to compress web traffic to speed up web browsing. You can check out […]

opera bookmarks toolbar

Opera 19 Stable is out: find out what is new

Opera Software has released Opera 19 Stable today, or more precisely, Opera 19.0.1326.56. The company maintains three different versions of the Chromium-based version of Opera currently, with Next and Dev the other […]


The Otter browser project aims to recreate the classic Opera web browser

When Opera Software announced that it would switch from the company's own -- developed and controlled -- Presto engine to Webkit / Blink, many Opera users felt as if a world had […]


Just like Mozilla and Google, Opera Software introduces network installers

Back in the good old days of computing, installers always came with all the files that needed to be installed. Well, unless there were dependencies, as you may had to install those […]


Latest Opera 19 Dev update introduces data synchronization

There is still a lot that is not working right in the new version of the Opera web browser, especially if you compare it to what Opera 12 has to offer. Even […]

opera task manager

Opera 19 Developer update: how to enable Opera's Power User Mode

To find out how to enable the power user mode, scroll down. Opera Software launched the first Chromium-based version of the company's web browser back in the beginning of July 2013. The […]

my opera

My Opera will be shut down on March 1, 2014

Norwegian company Opera Software made a bold -- some critics might say foolish -- move when it decided to switch from the company's own Presto engine to Chromium. The company is currently […]

opera crashreporter.exe

How to disable the opera_crashreporter.exe process in Windows

If you are running Opera 15 or newer you are running the Chromium-based version of the web browser as opposed to the Presto version that Opera Software used previously. With it comes […]

opera 18 developer

Opera 18 Dev update brings theme support

I'm monitoring the development of the new Opera browser closely, not only because I'm interested in its progress but also because of nostalgic reasons. The company maintains three releases channels, Stable, Next […]

opera 16

Opera 16 Stable is out now

Norwegian company Opera Software has just released Opera 16 Stable, a new version of the browser that is now based on the Chromium engine. You may recall that the company made the […]

opera search engines

Finally, Opera Developer version released

If you have followed the news surrounding Opera's move from the company's own Presto engine to Chromium / WebKit / Blink, then you may remember that the company wanted to provide users […]

opera discover

Block Opera from preloading Discover contents

With Opera Software's move to Chromium came a new Discovery feature that debuted first in the new Opera mobile versions before it was integrated in the new Opera 15 for the desktop […]

opera 16 flags

Opera 16 Next is out

Opera Software, just like Google or Mozilla, decided to make available three different Opera release channels to provide developers and enthusiasts with options to test new features before they reach the stable […]

opera 15 android

Opera 15 for Android ships with faster startup times, new features

When Opera Software announced the switch to Chromium / WebKit / Blink from the trusted Presto engine, it had the intention to move the majority of its browser products to the new […]

Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly arrive in Opera

Evernote, the popular note-taking app and competitor to Microsoft's OneNote, now takes the next step to really being everywhere, as the service rolls out to the Opera web browser. The browser, which is […]

opera 15

Opera 15 final has been released

The final release of Opera 15 may come as a surprise to many Opera users as only a month has passed since Opera Software released the first preview build of it to […]

opera bookmarks manager

Opera: first bookmark manager extension arrives

Opera Software made a big decision when it changed the browser's core layout engine to Blink. Probably the biggest issue here was that the company had to modify and rewrite code that […]



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