firefox about config filter

Access Firefox about:config preferences directly

If you want to access Firefox about:config preferences directly, you can do so to speed up the editing of preferences, or bookmark them. Firefox's about:config feature, and the underlying structure that powers […]

about config descriptions

Add information to Firefox about:config preferences

If you are a Firefox user you most certainly have come in contact with the browser's about:config dialog that displays advanced configuration settings and preferences. Most of the preferences listed here are […]

firefox about config

10 lesser known Firefox about:config parameters

Firefox offers a great way of changing hundreds of settings by opening about:config in the address bar. The downside is that many users feel overwhelmed by this way of changing the Firefox configuration simply because it lists so many of them. I did not look through all the available settings but found ten lesser known parameters that I would like to introduce today. Lesser known means that they have not been mentioned on every "Tweak Firefox" article on the net - yet.

firefox show modified preferences only

Firefox Stable gets option to show modified preferences on about:config only

Mozilla added an option to the about:config page of Firefox Stable that allows users to list only modified preferences. The organization launched the option in Firefox Nightly in February 2021 initially. Firefox's […]

firefox show only modified preferences

Mozilla Firefox gets open to display modified preferences only on about:config

Mozilla Firefox users will soon be able to display only modified preferences on the browser's advanced configuration page about:config. All desktop versions of Firefox as well as Firefox Nightly for Android come […]

firefox-list all modified preferences

How to display only modified preferences on about:config in Firefox

The internal about:config interface of the Firefox web browser is a handy tool to make advanced configuration changes to the browser including many that users would not be able to change otherwise […]

firefox about config cannot complete request

About:config is blocked in Firefox Preview Stable and Beta

Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Google's Android operating system. Called Firefox Preview currently, it is available as a preview version right now. As is the case with desktop […]

firefox 71 about config new

Firefox 71: new about:config interface lands

Mozilla plans to launch the redesigned about:config interface in Firefox 71, the next stable version of the web browser. The internal page about:config provides Firefox users with access to an advanced set […]

about config changes firefox

A look at Firefox's new about:config page

Mozilla launched an initial version of a redesigned about:config page of the Firefox web browser in Firefox Nightly. The new page is built using web technologies, the old was based on XUL […]

clean firefox

How to remove unused preferences from Firefox's about:config page

Many extensions that you install in Firefox add one or multiple preferences to the browser to control various settings. Problem is, these preferences are not removed when you uninstall the add-ons again […]

firefox about:config

Overview of Firefox's about:config security and privacy preferences

Mozilla Firefox is without the shadow of a doubt the browser that you can customize the most. This shows not only when it comes to (most) feature additions or changes, as there […]

firefox advanced settings

Firefox Gui:Config, About:Config Interface

About:config provides access to many under the hood settings of the Firefox browser. That's helpful for users who want to modify system settings beyond what is offered in the default options of […]

Tweak Firefox with about:config

If you use Firefox you probably have had to enter the address about:plugins to see if the plugin you just installed actually did install. But did you know there is another "about" […]

firefox reset

Delete about:config Entries in Firefox

I love Firefox because I can pretty much customize it anyway I like while the majority of browsers do not allow me to do so. Besides add-ons and themes, which can change […]

firefox enable translations

Mozilla integrates Firefox Translations into Firefox

Mozilla has integrated Firefox Translations, the upcoming privacy-friendly translation system, into the latest Nightly version of the Firefox web browser. Translations happen locally on the system, and not in the cloud; this […]

firefox translation

Firefox Translations 0.4 released: offline machine-based translations for Firefox

Mozilla is working on a machine-based translation engine, codename Project Bergamot, that is funded by the European Union. One of the main distinguishing factors of the project is that it does not […]

firefox 89 optimized interface normal

How to fix the Firefox 89 user interface

A new interface design, called Proton, will launch in Firefox 89, scheduled for a release on June 1, 2021. Mozilla wants to modernize the user interface of the Firefox web browser with […]

firefox home new tab page buttons

How to change the homepage in the Firefox browser

The following guide offers instructions on changing then homepage of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The homepage is the first page that users see when they open the web browser, and when […]