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Computer security has always been important, but the rise of the Internet and the global Internet community have made it more pressing than ever. New threats have emerged with the Internet, including phishing attacks that spread via email, computer worms that replicate over the Internet, a new bread of trojans that take over a computer to include it in a bot network that is used for malicious activities, and spam and viruses are all threats that Internet users encounter these days.

We cover security updates when they are released for major software including Microsoft Windows, plugins like Java or Adobe Flash, and web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. In addition, we are also reporting about services, online and offline, that help you protect your systems against security threats, and post tutorials that explain how to recover a system when it has been successfully attacked.

keepass 2.21 screenshot

The European Union just announced that it will give the source code of the password manager KeePass and Apache Web Server a security audit. The idea to audit open source software came to live back in December 2014 when two members of the European Parliament suggested an audit for free software used by EU institutions. […]

ubuntu forums

Canonical announced today that it detected a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums site. The company has since then taken corrective actions and restored the forums service. According to the company, it became aware of the breach on July 14, 2016 after a member of the Ubuntu Forums Council informed the company that someone claimed […]

avast mobile security antivirus

Avast announced an agreement to acquire security rival AVG for $1.3 billion and $25 per outstanding share in an all cash offer earlier today. AVG's stock jumped up more than $6 today already to $24.80 after the announcement was released by both companies. The company reported gross income of $363.81 million and a net income […]

norton internet security

Symantec is the latest security company shamed by Google for having critical security vulnerabilities in business and consumer products. Google employee Tavis Ormandy discovered several critical vulnerabilities in Symantec programs that put users and businesses at risk. The vulnerabilities require no user interaction, affect the default configuration, and take advantage of the fact that the […]

selfrando tor browser

Selfrando is a new protective feature of the Tor Browser that improves the web browsers defense against hacking attempts and the de-anonymization of users. Tor browser is a popular tool for remaining anonymous on the Internet. It is used by journalists and activists, and regular users as well to do things on the Internet anonymously. […]

disable camera

Putting tape over the camera of a laptop or mobile device is a low-cost solution to block the camera from capturing what is happening in front of the device. The reasoning behind taping over a built-in camera of a laptop, other mobile device or desktop computer is simple: prevent anyone from using the camera to […]

utorrent forum hacked

When you open the official uTorrent web forum right now, a security advisory notifies you that forum data has been compromised and that attackers were able to download the forum user list. Users of the forum should consider passwords used on the forum as compromised even though they have not been available in clear text […]

teamviewer security

TeamViewer announced yesterday that it has started to roll out two new protective features for the popular remote desktop software. There has been lots of talk about TeamViewer's recent service outage and the increase in reports on various Internet sites that customer accounts were hacked. TeamViewer denies that the service itself has been hacked or […]

KeePass 2 update checks

A security vulnerability in the popular password manager KeePass 2 was disclosed recently affecting all versions of the password manager but only if automatic update checks are enabled. KeePass 2 ships with an option to check periodically for program updates. While update checks are performed if the feature is enabled, automatic downloads and installations of […]

vpn chaining

VPN Chaining is a technique in which multiple virtual private network (VPN) servers are chained to improve online privacy while on the Internet. Basically, what it means is that you are not connecting to a single VPN but to multiple ones in a layered system that looks like Your PC > 1st VPN > 2nd […]

7-zip 16,0

7-Zip is a popular open source file compression program that supports all major compression formats and support for a variety of other features. Talos, a Cisco company, discovered a vulnerability in 7-Zip that allows attackers to run code on computer systems that has the same rights as the underlying process. To be precise, the vulnerability […]

firefox plugins

While most browser makers plan to drop support for Java, Flash and other plugins such as Silverlight or Quicktime, or have stopped supporting these technologies already, there are still a lot of sites and services out there that can only be accessed if certain plugins are installed in the browser. If you take Google Chrome […]

ciphershed 0740

CipherShed was one of a handful of TrueCrypt encryption software alternatives that emerged shortly after the developers of TrueCrypt dropped the software and development like a hot stone. We reviewed the initial version of CipherShed back in 2014 when the development team released a first screenshot of the upcoming interface and revealed its plans. The […]

ransomware removal kit

Ransomware Removal Kit is a collection of anti-ransomware programs designed to be used by security professionals and system administrators. Ransomware takes files or the entire computer hostage and pressures the user or administrator of the device into paying a ransom to regain access to files or the system. Most security experts suggest that ransoms are […]