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Computer security has always been important, but the rise of the Internet and the global Internet community have made it more pressing than ever. New threats have emerged with the Internet, including phishing attacks that spread via email, computer worms that replicate over the Internet, a new bread of trojans that take over a computer to include it in a bot network that is used for malicious activities, and spam and viruses are all threats that Internet users encounter these days.

We cover security updates when they are released for major software including Microsoft Windows, plugins like Java or Adobe Flash, and web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. In addition, we are also reporting about services, online and offline, that help you protect your systems against security threats, and post tutorials that explain how to recover a system when it has been successfully attacked.

bitlocker bypass windows 10

A security researcher discovered a new issue in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that allows attackers to gain access to BitLocker encrypted data. A post on the Win-Fu blog highlights the method. Basically, what the method does is exploit a troubleshooting feature that is enabled during the upgrade process. There is a small but CRAZY […]

windows mitigations updated

Microsoft plans to discontinue support for its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit in July 2018, and won't release a new version of EMET either. This makes EMET 5.51 the last release version of the anti-exploit security software for Windows. The reason given by Microsoft was that Windows 10, Microsoft's new operating system, includes all the mitigation […]

malwarebytes telecrypt decryptor

Malwarebytes Telecrypt Decryptor is a free program for devices running Microsoft Windows to decrypt files that are encrypted by the ransomware Telecrypt. Telecrypt is a rather troubling piece of ransomware that is distributed through various means including emails, exploits, and drive by downloads. What makes Telecrypt special is that it uses the API of the […]

keepass source audit

We reported back in June 2016 that KeePass, a popular password manager, was getting a security audit by the European Commission's EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing project (EU-FOSSA). EU-FOSSA is a pilot project to create a formal process for contributing software security reviews to open source communities. The project created an inventory of […]

password managers no storage

If you read password managers that don't store passwords here on Ghacks, you know already what deterministic or stateless password managers are. Broken down to the basics, these password managers don't store passwords or account information. So, instead of having to use local or remote storage for the password database, these programs rely on algorithms […]

web of trust ratings

Add-on companies are selling the browsing history of millions of users to third-parties according to a report that aired on German national TV. Reporters of Panorama managed to gain access to a large data collection that contained the browsing history of roughly 3 million German Internet users. The data was collected by companies that produce […]


MBRFilter is a new open source software for Windows devices designed to protect the Master Boot Record against manipulation. The Master Boot Record holds information about how partitions and file systems are organized on a storage device. It triggers the loader of installed operating systems as well, which makes it an important part of any […]

malwarebytes adwcleaner

Malwarebytes, makers of the popular Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware and other security tools, announced on October 19, 2016 that it has acquired AdwCleaner, a program for Windows designed to clean adware from computer systems. We have reviewed the standalone version of AdwCleaner back in 2013 the first time, and then again in 2015 when AdwCleaner […]

veracrypt 1.19

VeraCrypt 1.19 is the newest version of the popular open source data encryption program that many users switched to after TrueCrypt was discontinued back in 2014. The application is based on TrueCrypt code but has since then been updated regularly with new features, improvements and most notable security fixes. The VeraCrypt team fixed security vulnerabilities […]

keepass argon2

KeePass 2.35 is the next version of the popular password manager that will introduce a new version of the KDBX file format and security improvements among other things. KDBX is the file format that KeePass uses for information storage on the device. Version 4 of KDBX features improvements and new capabilities. KeePass will use the […]

password managers no storage

Password managers are one of the best options to manage account information. The two major flavors they come in are local storage and remote storage solutions which both offer advantages and disadvantages. Local storage solutions like KeePass or Enpass keep the encrypted password database file on the local system thus removing cloud storage and network […]

paypal gift card

PayPal is not only a dominating force when it comes to making online transactions between individuals and companies, it also branched of in other areas such as gift cards. You may visit the site PayPal Gifts to purchase gift cards for various popular online and offline services using a PayPal account. The service has a […]

avira pc cleaner

Avira PC Cleaner is an on-demand scanner that you may use to scan a Windows computer for infections, and remove malicious code that is found by the program. On-demand scanners are often called second-opinion scanners, as they may be run next to any installed antivirus solution. The main idea is to verify that resident security […]

mcafee getsusp

McAfee GetSusp is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices designed to sniff out malware that resident security solutions did not detect. The program is not new, it was last updated in 2013, but uses McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) File Reputation database, to determine whether a file is suspicious. Word of warning: the program […]