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Gom Mix Max Video Editor

GOM Mix Max: Is the new video editing software any good? (Read till the end for a special giveaway!)

As I anticipated a few days ago, GOM Mix Max's brand new video editing software has been launched on November 30th, 2021. Developed by GOM & Company, GOM Mix Max aims to […]

Firefox Multi-Account Containers requires permissions to exchange messages with other programs

Firefox Multi-Account Containers requires permissions to exchange messages with other programs; Don't panic, it's related to Mozilla VPN

Firefox Multi-Account Containers was updated to version 8.0.2 last week. If you're using the Containers extension (and you really should), you may have noticed a warning about the latest update that requests […]

Image Load Control is a simple image blocker for Firefox

Image Load Control is a browser extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser to block the loading of images on sites. The extension includes blacklist/whitelist functionality to block or allow the loading on […]

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from existing Firefox installs

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from Firefox; but users are furious after losing their bookmarks

Mozilla has banned the popular new tab extension, FVD Speed Dial, from its Firefox add-ons repository. A discussion on Mozilla's Discourse portal sheds some light behind the drama. The full name of […]

firefox relay premium

Mozilla launches Firefox Relay Premium

Firefox Relay Premium, a subscription-based version of Firefox Relay, is now available in select countries. Firefox Relay is an email forwarding service that I reviewed back in 2020 when it first launched. […]

Mozilla is ending support for Firefox Lockwise

Mozilla announced this week that it will end support for the Firefox Lockwise applications for Android and iOS. The standalone applications are replaced by Firefox itself, which takes the role as the […]

mozilla firefox dark mode for websites

Firefox may soon paint all sites in dark or light mode, if you want

Mozilla is working on a new feature in the organization's Firefox web browser that may be used to force a specific color scheme on sites you visit. Most browsers support light and […]

firefox 94.0.2

Firefox 94.0.2: first Microsoft Store-specific update, released for all platforms

Mozilla Firefox 94.0.2 will be released today. The new version of Firefox addresses a single issue in the Microsoft Store version of Firefox. While that is the case, it is released on […]

Mozilla Firefox is now available on the Windows Store

Mozilla Firefox is now available on the Microsoft Store

A couple of weeks ago, we told you that Mozilla is testing Firefox on the Microsoft Store. But it wasn't available for users, that changes today. The browser has been released to […]

firefox profilemaker

Create custom Firefox installations with Firefox Profilemaker

Firefox Profilemaker is a new online tool that helps you create custom Firefox installations. To be precise, it can be used to customize Firefox profiles, e.g. to block Telemetry, enable Enterprise policies […]

firefox 94.0.1

Firefox 94.0.1 fixes a browser hang issue on Mac OS X 10.12

Mozilla released Firefox 94, a new stable version of the organization's web browser, earlier this week. Today, Mozilla plans to roll out the Firefox 94.0.1 update to the stable channel to address […]

firefox colorways

Firefox 94.0 release: here is what is new and changed

Firefox 94.0's release date is November 2, 2021. The new stable version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser introduces new features, bug fixes, and security fixes. The new Firefox release marks the […]

firefox confirm close tabs

Firefox won't prompt anymore when you are closing multiple tabs, but there is an option to enable it

Mozilla Firefox 94 won't prompt users anymore when they are about to close a browser window with multiple tabs. Previous versions of the Firefox web browser displayed a close prompt in that […]

secure dns google chrome

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (Secure DNS) in Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox and other browsers

DNS-over-HTTPS, known as Secure DNS in most Chromium-based browsers, is a relatively new feature of modern web browsers that is designed to protect DNS information. DNS is used in most user-initiated requests […]

Mozilla tests a Firefox version for the Microsoft Store

Mozilla is testing a Firefox version on the Microsoft Store, but it's not available for users yet

Mozilla Firefox has been listed on the Microsoft Store. But, before you get excited, I should tell you that you, the app is not available for users just yet (only those with […]

mozilla firefox 93.0 browser

Firefox 93.0 release: here is what is new and changed

Firefox 93.0 will be released later today, if you are reading this on October 5, 2021. The new stable version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser is a feature update that includes security […]

firefox 93 android passwords autofill system wide

Firefox 93 for Android becomes system-wide password manager

The upcoming Firefox 93 web browser for Android may be used as a system-wide password manager by its users. Up until now, passwords saved in the browser were restricted for use in […]

Firefox Nightly on Android now lets you disable the Inactive Tabs tray

Firefox Nightly on Android now lets you disable the Inactive Tabs tray

As you accumulate new tabs every day, you may forget to close the old ones, that's pretty much normal with any browser. This can result in a cluttered mess, and even hog […]

google search link manipulation firefox

Don't track me Google for Firefox blocks links manipulations by Google when clicking or copying

When you visit Google Search in the Firefox web browser and run a search, search results look similar to how they are displayed in Google's own browser Chrome. When you right-click on […]

skype firefox browser not supported

Skype teases "next version", promises all browser support, forgets Firefox icon

Microsoft revealed its future plans for Skype, the communication service that it acquired  in 2011 for $8.5 billion. The next version of Skype will be "improved, faster, reliable, and super modern-looking" according […]

firefox studies

Firefox Experiment is testing Bing as the default search engine

Mozilla is running an experiment on 1% of the Firefox desktop population currently, which sets the default search engine to Bing in the web browser. Firefox ships with different search engines by […]

firefox tab unloading

Firefox will soon unload tabs to cope with low memory and reduce crashes

Mozilla enabled an automated tab unloading feature to Firefox Nightly on Windows this week, which is designed to improve low memory situations when the browser is used. Tab unloading work began more […]

firefox suggest

How to disable Firefox Suggest

Firefox Suggest, a new feature of the Firefox web browser that is introducing custom search and sponsored suggestions in the browser's address bar, is included in Firefox 92 Stable, at least for […]

firefox 92.0

Firefox 92.0 release: here is what is new and changed

Firefox 92.0 Stable's release date is September 7, 2021. The new Stable version of the Firefox web browser is a stability and security release for the most part, but it does include […]

firefox webrender

Mozilla plans to enable WebRender in Firefox 92

Mozilla plans to enable WebRender in Firefox 92 for all supported operating systems and device types. WebRender is already enabled on Mac OS X (since Firefox 84) and on most Linux distributions […]

firefox accessibility turn off

Firefox Tip: turn off accessibility services to improve performance

Firefox users who are experiencing performance issues while using the Firefox web browser on desktop systems and on Android, may improve performance by disabling the browser's accessibility services. A bug opened on […]

firefox 91.0.2

Firefox 91.0.2 will be released later today

Mozilla plans to release a minor Firefox update later today. Firefox 91.0.2 is a non-security update that fixes two issues in the web browser, one of which affecting Firefox on Mac OS. […]

firefox 91.0.1 release

Firefox 91.0.1 fixes stability and security issues

Mozilla will release Firefox 91.0.1 and Firefox 91.0.1 ESR later today. The two new versions of the organization's Firefox web browser fix security and stability issues of previous versions of the browser. […]

firefox insecure download

Firefox will block insecure downloads soon by default

Mozilla's Firefox web browser will block the download of insecure files soon in mixed content environments. Mixed content refers to sites using secure connections and insecure connections. Imagine the following scenario: you […]

Firefox - Latest Posts

firefox suggest

Firefox Suggest: Mozilla is testing custom search and sponsored suggestions in the United States

Firefox Suggest is a new custom search and sponsored suggestions feature of Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The feature is being tested on a limited number of Firefox installations in the United States […]

firefox 91.0 release

Firefox 91 release overview: new ESR base, Simplified Printing, new HTTPS-First Policy

Firefox 91 is the latest stable version of the web browser. Released on August 10, 2021, it is replacing Firefox 90 and previous versions of the stable branch of the browser. All […]

firefox 91 esr

Firefox ESR 91: new ESR version will be released tomorrow

Mozilla plans to release new versions of its Firefox web browser on Tuesday 10, 2021. The organization does so every 4-weeks on average, but tomorrow's release is special, as it is the […]

iceraven firefox android

Is Iceraven the better Firefox for Android mobile browser?

About two years ago, Mozilla revealed plans to replace the then-current version of its Firefox web browser for Android with a redesigned browser. The new browser would offer better performance and web […]

firefox opening

A close look at Firefox 91's new file download opening behavior

Mozilla plans to change the file download opening behavior in Firefox 91. Up until now, Firefox users may choose to save or open files that they want to download. Saving puts the […]

firefox strict tracking protection

How Firefox's new SmartBlock feature works

Mozilla introduced the privacy feature SmartBlock 2.0 in Firefox 90, which it released two weeks ago. SmartBlock is part of Firefox's Tracking Protection feature, which is designed to reduce user tracking while […]

Vertigo Tabs is a simple vertical tabs extension for Firefox

Vertigo Tabs is a simple vertical tabs extension for Firefox

Having a lot of tabs open in Firefox and struggling to manage them is something that many users are all too familiar with. Other browsers, like Vivaldi with Tab Stacking, and Microsoft […]

TweetDeck Preview new interface

How to enable the new TweetDeck Preview interface in Firefox and Chrome

Twitter has announced a new interface for the popular web app, TweetDeck. The social network says that it is testing the TweetDeck Preview UI by randomly selecting users in the United States, […]

firefox simplified printing

Mozilla is resurrecting Simplified Printing in Firefox 91

Mozilla is resurrecting the Simplified Printing feature in Firefox 91. The feature converts the webpage to a simpler version that focuses on the main article and content. Most site elements that are […]

Load tabs in batches with the Load Background Tabs Lazily extension for Firefox and Chrome

Load tabs in batches with the Load Background Tabs Lazily extension for Firefox and Chrome

When you start Firefox, the browser loads the last page that you accessed. The rest of the tabs from your previous session are available, but they aren't loaded until you click on […]

firefox 90

Firefox 90 release overview: Windows background updates, compatibility improvements

Firefox 90.0 is the latest stable version of the Firefox web browser. It will be released later today and most Firefox installations will pick up the update automatically. All other Firefox channels […]