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FalconX taskbar appearance

FalconX is an open source program that can center the taskbar icons

One area in Windows that has not evolved over different versions that much is the taskbar. Microsoft made the last fundamental change to it when it released Windows 7. The company made […]

opera speed up start page

Opera's Start Page loading slowly? Do this to speed it up!

Like most web browsers, the Opera web browser comes with a default New Tab Page / Start Page that displays a number of elements to users when opened. Opera users find a […]

NirSoft MobileFileSearch interface

Find files on your smartphone or tablet quickly with NirSoft's MobileFileSearch

NirSoft has released a new freeware tool which helps Windows users to search for files and folders in their USB-connected MTP devices. MTP stands for media tranfer protocol; it is commonly used […]

Ghacks Deals: The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle (97% off)

The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle includes five engineering online courses for just $25 (use coupon code BFSAVE15 for an extra 15% off). The bundle includes the following courses: Complete Electrical […]

steam deep dive experiment

Steam Deep Dive and Community Recommendations experiments now available

Two new experiments are now available on Valve's SteamPowered gaming community website. Deep Dive, designed to provide users with a list of games similar to one they picked, and Community Recommendations, which […]

ublock origin first party tracking

uBlock Origin for Firefox addresses new first-party tracking method

The latest version of the content blocker uBlock Origin for the Mozilla Firefox web browser includes a new feature to detect a new first-party tracking method that some sites have started to […]

Microsoft unlocks Windows 10 November 2019 Update in the Update Assistant

Windows 10 administrators have multiple options at their disposal when it comes to upgrading Windows 10 devices to new versions of the operating system. Home administrators may use Windows Update, Microsoft's Media […]

kodi 19

Kodi 19 may break some add-ons

The development team behind the media player software Kodi have released the first Nightly build of Kodi 19, codename Matrix, recently. The new version of the application comes with a change that […]

TextConverter is a batch document editing tool that has a lot of advanced options

TextConverter is a batch document editing tool that has a lot of advanced options

TextConverter is a free application for Microsoft Windows devices that can be used to edit multiple documents simultaneously. You can also use it to save them text files in different formats and […]

determine articles fake true

Use AI to determine whether a text is generated or real in Chrome

GPTrue or False is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that uses AI to determine the probability of texts being genuine or generated by AI. Update: it is also available […]

windows 10 dns settings

Microsoft will integrate DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10

Microsoft revealed plans to integrate native support for DNS over HTTPS in the company's Windows 10 operating system in November 2019. The announcement was made on Microsoft's Networking blog on November 17, […]

intel remove download center files

Intel started to remove old downloads from its Download Center

If you are using devices with Intel hardware, you may want to head over to the company's download center website right now to download drivers and other files for that hardware before […]

Free Shooter screenshot tool for Windows

Free Shooter is a simple and open source screenshot tool for Windows

ShareX is the favorite screenshot tool of many users but many are also using built-in screenshot tools like the Windows Snipping Tool or other third-party solutions such as Martin's current favorite PicPick. […]

startpage system1 privacy one group

Startpage replies to questions about ownership change

Startpage, a popular privacy focused search engine that operates out of the Netherlands, published a new FAQ on its websites in which several answers are provided regarding the change of ownership that […]

Microsoft retires Cortana support on iOS and Android

Remember Cortana? The digital assistant that Microsoft integrated into the company's Windows 10 operating system? Microsoft went all in on the digital assistant when it first launched Windows 10 and even made […]

KpRm is a post-disinfection program that can find and delete malware removal tools and their remnant files

KpRm is a post-disinfection program that can find and delete malware removal tools and their remnant files

Manually deleting file and folder leftover by an uninstallation, is quite the chore.  I have used various uninstaller tools in the past to clean the remnants to keep systems clean and tidy. […]

startpage privacy one group

Startpage Search owner changes raise serious questions

Startpage announced on September 28, 2019 on the official Startpage blog that Privacy One Group Ltd has made an investment in The announcement revealed that the relationship between the two groups […]

Winstars 3 is a planetarium application for Windows, Linux and Android

Winstars 3 is a planetarium application for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android

Who remembers going to the planetarium? I was a kid when I visited one on a field trip. Stargazing isn't exactly my forte, though I like watching the night sky and try […]