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windows lite

Microsoft not giving up: Windows Lite rumors surface

While Microsoft's Windows operating system is still going strong, the company is facing tough competition in the classroom and Universities. Google Chromebooks are doing well there thanks to a combination of cheap […]


Nirsoft's NirExt adds options to Windows Explorer

NirExt is an old application by NirSoft that adds three new context menu options to Windows' default file manager Explorer (Windows Explorer or File Explorer). Just download the application from the Nirsoft […]

firefox bechmark wasm ublock

uBlock Origin performance improvements thanks to WASM (Firefox only, for now)

The most recent version of the content blocking extension uBlock Origin uses WebAssembly (WASM) code to improve the performance of the extension. The new uBlock Origin 1.17.4 is already available on the […]

firefox check for add-on updates

How to update Firefox extensions manually

Extensions play an important part in the Firefox ecosystem; they add functionality to the browser, may improve privacy of users, or add features to sites that users visit in the browser. Mozilla […]

this build of windows will expire soon

Resolve "This Build of Windows will expire soon" notification on Windows 10

I run an Insider Build version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system on a separate PC to keep up with development. Joined the Insider Program when Microsoft made it available publicly and […]

amazon partfinder

Amazon Partfinder checks PC component compatibility

One of the things that PC users have to make sure when they shop for new hardware for their devices is that the new hardware components are compatible with the device. It […]

windows 10 auto-night mode

Windows 10: switch between Light and Dark mode automatically

Windows 10 Auto-Night-Mode is a free open source program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system to switch between light and dark mode automatically. Microsoft introduced dark theme support in Windows 10 and […]


Rumor: Google to shut down Hangouts in 2020

A report by 9to5Google suggests that Google plans to shut down the consumer version of Google Hangouts in 2020. Google has not officially confirmed or denied the rumor, and the site cites […]

ghacks rel noopener

Firefox security: rel=noopener for target=_blank

Mozilla is testing a new security feature in Firefox Nightly currently that adds rel="noopener" automatically to links that use target="_blank". Target="_blank" instructs browsers to open the link target in a new tab […]

graphics performance

Assign graphics performance preferences to Windows 10 programs

Windows 10 users and administrators may assign graphics performance preferences to specific programs on the operating system. Windows 10 supports different power plans, e.g. power saver or the new ultimate performance plan. […]

ccleaner updates options

CCleaner 5.50 with new options to control program updates

A new version of the file cleaning software CCleaner for Windows, version 5.50, features new options to control program updates. The year 2018 has not been a very pleasant one for Piriform, […]

bing vlc site is dangerous

Bing warns that VLC site may be dangerous

Microsoft's Bing search engine classifies the official site of the media player VLC as a site that might be dangerous currently. While you may type directly to open the site in […]

mozilla firefox classic extensions gone

It appears that Mozilla removed all classic extensions from Firefox Add-ons

We knew that the day would come on which Mozilla would remove all classic extensions, Mozilla calls them legacy, from the organization's AMO website. Legacy extensions are not compatible with recent versions […]

Firefox 65 supports MSI installers

Mozilla plans to offer Firefox MSI installers for Windows systems with the release of Firefox 65. MSI installers will be offered alongside regular Firefox installers offered as .exe files for Windows PCs. […]

intel legacy driver windows 10

Intel Windows Modern Drivers for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

Intel switched the type of driver package that it provides for Intel hardware running on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 in November 2018. The new driver package, called Modern Windows Drivers […]

dell incident passwords

Dell resets customer passwords after security incident

Dell confirmed in a press release published on November 28, 2018 that it detected and blocked unauthorized activity on its company network. According to the press release, hackers were after Dell customer […]

sennheiser windows advisory

Microsoft Security Advisory Adv180029 for Sennheiser software

Microsoft published a security advisory today under ADV180029  -- Inadvertently Disclosed Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing -- that warns users and administrators about two Sennheiser software programs that may have introduced vulnerabilities […]

opera 57 stable

Opera 57 launches with news improvements and Netflix recommendations

Opera Software released Opera 57 to the Stable channel today. The new version of the browser comes with personalized news improvements and a new Netflix recommendations feature. Opera users who run a […]