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chrome 72.0

Google Chrome 72 Stable is out

Google released Google Chrome 72 to the public on January 30, 2019. The new version of the web browser patches 58 different security vulnerabilities and introduces other changes or fixes. Most Chrome […]

chrome disable automatic downloads

Google plans to end drive-by-downloads threat

Google plans to integrate a new security feature in the company's Chrome browser soon that it hopes will protect Chrome users from drive-by-downloads. The main characteristic of drive-by-downloads is that they happen […]

opera 58.0

Opera 58.0 released

Opera Software released Opera 58.0, a new stable version of the desktop web browser, to the public on January 23, 2019. Existing Opera users can use the built-in update functionality to download […]

opera adblockers search results ads

Opera blocks Ad Blockers on Search Page results now! Fix Inside

Opera users who run any recent version of the web browser -- Stable, Beta or Developer -- and either the native ad blocker or a browser extension that blocks advertisement, may have […]

ublock chrome

Chrome Extension Manifest V3 could end uBlock Origin for Chrome

Google is working on the Chrome extension manifest version 3 at the moment which defines the capabilities of Chrome's extensions platform. The updated manifest is available as a draft currently that anyone […]

simple mass downloader

Simple Mass Downloader for Google Chrome

Simple Mass Downloader is a browser extension for Google Chrome to download any number of links from open tabs at once in the browser. The developer of the extension was inspired by […]

amp browser extension chrome

Load AMP articles in Google Chrome on the desktop

Google is pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP, heavily in an effort to improve performance and other metrics no mobile devices. The main goal of AMP is to speed up the mobile web […]

undistracted block annoyances chrome

Block Facebook, YouTube and other site annoyances in Chrome

UnDistracted is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that has been designed to block distractions and annoyances on the Internet. The application comes with rules for Facebook, YouTube, […]

chrome dark mode windows

Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows

Google is working on integrating Dark Mode into the Google Chrome web browser on Windows. Google engineers started work on a dark theme for Chrome in 2018 and enabled it for Chrome […]

firefox tab search

How to search open tabs in Firefox

Firefox displays only a handful of open tabs at the same time in the tabbar of the browser. The browser reduces the width of open tabs up to a certain point and […]

good browsing history

Google will take action against website history manipulation

Chromium developers plan to integrate functionality in Chromium that protects against history manipulation by websites. History manipulation refers to sites adding pages to the browsing history, e.g. in the form of a […]

brave extensions chrome warning

Brave: faster loading speed, Chrome extension support

Brave, the ambitious web browser that aims to change website financing and Internet advertising, was switched to Chromium this month. Brave did use Chromium's rendering engine from the very beginning but it […]

google chrome 71

Google Chrome 71 is out with 43 security fixes

Google released Google Chrome 71 to the stable channel yesterday. The new version of the web browser is a security update first and foremost as it includes 43 security fixes. Google Chrome […]

opera 57 stable

Opera 57 launches with news improvements and Netflix recommendations

Opera Software released Opera 57 to the Stable channel today. The new version of the browser comes with personalized news improvements and a new Netflix recommendations feature. Opera users who run a […]

chrome blank tabs

Google planning to add tab groups to Chrome?

Google might introduce support for tab groups in a future version of the Chrome web browser. Chromestory found a reference in a bug listing on the official Chrome development website. The bug […]

reddit search

How to access any Reddit forum quickly in Firefox or Chrome

Reddit uses a straightforward structure for its subreddits (forums). The main URL,, is always the same and the name of the forum is just added to it. For the main Firefox […]

chrome speech deprecation

Google Chrome: blocking Speech Synthesis API audio autoplay

Google Chrome will block audio autoplay on websites that use the Speech Synthesis API in version 71 of the browser. Google's stance on autoplaying content in Chrome is relatively straightforward: autoplay with […]

Try this if Google Chrome closes automatically on start

I run multiple web browsers on my system and even different versions of the same browser. When it comes to Google Chrome, I run Chrome Stable, Canary and Chromium on my system […]