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zenmate vpn

The Best VPN extensions for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers

Virtual Private Networks, short VPNs, serve a variety of purposes. From providing unfiltered access to contents on the Internet over privacy and security benefits to bypassing country-locks of select services. Regardless of […]

epic browser

Epic Browser: a privacy-focused web browser based on Chromium

Epic Browser is not the first nor will it be the last Chromium-based web browser that aims to improve user privacy. When Google Chrome was released years ago, third party Chromium-based browsers […]

install opera extensions in chrome

How Chrome users benefit from Opera Software's move to Chromium

The Opera web browser is currently available in two different versions, and multiple editions. The legacy Opera 12.x browser is still maintained by the company, but the majority of resources seem to […]

ubuntu phone os screenshot

UbuntuPhone OS ships with Firefox and Chromium

Two new mobile phone operating systems will¬† make their debut in 2013. Firefox OS by Mozilla will debut in markets such as Brazil, Spain, Poland or Venezuela starting this Summer, while first […]

yandex browser

Yandex browser based on Chromium launches

Yandex has just released version 1.0 of its web browser. The 28 Megabyte download is based on Chromium, and thus not the first spin-off that we have seen appear on the scene. […]

iron cleaner

Speed up Google Chrome, Chromium or SRWare Iron with IronCleaner

There is not a lot that you can do when Google Chrome starts to slow down after you have used the web browser for a certain period of time. While you could […]

jchromium updater

Chromium Updater Overview

Chromium is the Open Source part of the Google Chrome browser basically. It is a standalone browser that runs very well on its own, and some users prefer to use it for […]

gpu process chromium

Chromium Gets GPU Acceleration, Chrome Next

Hardware accelerated rendering seems to be a new web browser trend, as developers of all major browsers have confirmed that their browsers will support it in one form or the other in […]

about labs

Chromium Debuts Labs Feature, Chrome Next

Procedures determine how new features are added to Chromium and the Google browser. They are usually integrated in Chromium first, make their way to the Canary and Dev builds of Google Chrome, […]

Linux Games: Chromium B.S.U.

It's been a long time since I offered up a nice Linux game for the Ghacks audience. So I thought, today I will introduce them to one of my favorite Linux time […]

Chromium Gets Rid Of Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails

The feature to display taskbar thumbnails in the Windows 7 operating system was recently added to Chromium and later on to Google Chrome. The taskbar thumbnails were enabled by default with no […]

chromium update

Keep Chromium Up To Date

Chromium is the Open Source project behind Google Chrome. Chromium and Google Chrome have many similarities and it is usually the case that new features are integrated into Chromium first before they […]

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller Extension

Scrolling is an activity that Internet users do on a regular basis as screen resolutions are usually not large enough to display web pages without vertical scrolling. Most users feel that the […]

Google Browser Chromium Alpha For Linux

The team that is developing the Open Source version of the Google browser for Linux has finally released the first public alpha version of the Internet browser. The Chromium for Linux version […]

Google Browser: Google Chrome And Chromium Downloads

The following guide provides you with a list of download links for Google Chrome, Chromium, and third-party Chromium-based browsers. I recently tried to download the latest version of the open source version […]


Chromium Iron

The release of Google Chrome and its Open Source counterpart Chromium put Google for the first time in a position that Microsoft experienced for a very long time. Users are looking at […]

firefox 81 new print preview

New Print Preview interface in Firefox 81

Mozilla plans to replace the current print preview interface of the organization's Firefox web browser with a new interface in Firefox 81. Firefox Nightly users, those on the cutting edge development channel, […]

firefox android no www urlbar

New Firefox for Android won't show full URLs in address bar (just like Chrome)

If you are using the new Firefox web browser for Android -- there is good reason not to use it at this point in time -- then you may have noticed that […]