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Adobe Photoshop turns 30 (your chance to win a 1-year subscription)

The first version of Adobe Photoshop was released on February 19, 1990 for Apple’s Macintosh operating system exclusively before it was ported to Windows in 1993. Newer versions of the application are […]

waterfox sold

Waterfox web browser sold to System1

It appears that the Waterfox web browser has been sold to System1 recently, the same company that bought the Startpage search engine some time ago. To be precise, Startpage was bought by […]

syncing containers

Firefox Multi-Account Containers introduces sync functionality

Mozilla published the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on for the Firefox web browser in 2017. The extension introduces options to separate websites by loading them into containers which act independent from one another. […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete 2020 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle

The Complete 2020 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle is a big eLearning bundle that preps you to take several Azure certification exams and teaches you Azure skills next to that. The entire […]

bypass security updates checks

It appears that the Windows 7 ESU Bypass is indeed working

Support for Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system ended on January 14, 2020 officially. Home users cannot extend support for the operating system while business and Enterprise customers may extend support by up […]

Okular is an open source universal document viewer for Windows, Linux and macOS

Okular is an open source universal document viewer for Windows, Linux and macOS

How many document viewers do you use? I use SumatraPDF (or Edge) for PDFs, Calibre for ePub, Notepad for Text, and also have some portable document editors. Wouldn't it be nice if […]

thunderbird 68.5.0

Thunderbird 68.5.0 out with new features and security updates

MZLA Technologies Corporation has released Thunderbird 68.5.0; this is the first release of Thunderbird under the newly founded parent company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird 68.5.0 is […]

vivaldi operating system theme

Vivaldi 2.11 released with new keyboard tricks and pop-out video improvements

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 2.11 for the desktop a moment ago. The new stable version of the Vivaldi web browser is available as a direct download from the official company website […]

Unreal Commander is a free file manager for Windows

Unreal Commander is a free file manager for Windows

If you liked File Commander because it was a Total Commander clone, you will probably like Unreal Commander as well. Though not open source, it is a similar free file manager for […]

microsoft windows security updates february 2020

Microsoft Windows Security Updates February 2020 overview

Welcome to the February 2020 overview of the Microsoft February 2020 Patch Day. It is a special Patch Day, as it is the first after support for Microsoft's Windows 7 and Windows […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle (97% off)

If you always wanted to learn Python, now is a good time to get started as you can get a huge Python eLearning bundle for 97% off. Even better, use the code […]

new facebook design wide

This is how Facebook's new desktop design looks (and how you can restore the old Facebook))

Someone at Facebook seems to have flipped a switch as users from all over the world are starting to get invited to try the new Facebook design on the desktop. Facebook revealed […]

MenuTools is an open source context menu extender for Windows Explorer

MenuTools is an open source context menu extender for Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer while sufficient for many tasks, could do with some improvement.  Sets seemed promising, but of course Microsoft had to put an abrupt end to that and it does not look […]

mozilla firefox 73.0

Firefox 73.0: find out what is new in Mozilla's latest release

Firefox 73.0 is the latest stable version of the web browser. The release date of the browser is February 11, 2020 (today at the time of writing). The next major stable release […]

netflix new

You may save up to 20% of data when watching Netflix on Android now

If you like to watch Netflix on your Android devices, you may have noticed that streaming has become more efficient recently. The company started to use a new video codec on Android […]

microsoft edge

Here is the list of connections that Microsoft Edge requires to work properly

Microsoft's new Edge web browser tries to connect to various resources automatically when it is installed and/or running on a system. It is not uncommon for a browser to do so; a […]

qimgv is an open source image viewer for Windows

qimgv is an open source image viewer for Windows

ImageGlass or the all-time favorite IrfanView are excellent choices if you want some advanced options in your image viewer; qimgv is a slightly simpler alternative that may work for some. The application […]

diskcryptor 1.2 fork

Disk Encryption program DiskCryptor fork with UEFI and Windows 10 support

A fork of the disk encryption program DiskCryptor for the Windows operating system is now available as a first beta version. The fork introduces support for UEFI/GPT and Microsoft's Windows 10 operating […]


uBlock Origin author's latest extension CCaptioner is now available

CCaptioner is a new extension by Raymond Hill (gorhill), creator of uBlock Origin, that may be used to add text tracks to HTML5 video elements. The extension is available for Firefox and […]