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Opera NoScript Alternative BlockIt

Regular readers know that I would make the switch from Firefox to either Google Chrome or Opera if those web browsers would support NoScript functionality and Last Pass. NoScript is a security […]

Google Chrome 5 Debuts

The stable version of Google Chrome 4 was released to the public a short time ago and we mentioned in the review that Google was now targeting both Internet Explorer and Opera […]

Hide Extension Buttons In Google Chrome

Now that a stable version of Google Chrome with extension support has been released to the public it is time to concentrate on some of the usability issues of the web browser. […]

iron browser

SRWare Releases Iron 4 Release Candidate

Iron is a web browser that is based on the Chromium source code, the same code that powers the Google Chrome web browser. The main difference between Iron and Google Chrome is […]

Discover Similar Pages With Google Similar Pages For Chrome

Google Similar Pages is an add-on for the Google Chrome web browser that can help you in the discovery of related or similar websites by suggesting these sites to you when you […]

multiprocess firefox

Latest Firefox Nightlies Comes With Multi-Process Support

One of the new trends in web browser development is to separate various modules of the web browser, like different tabs, plugins and the core engine, in different processes to increase the […]

DNS Server Benchmark Namebench

Google's entry as a DNS server provider (read: Google Public DNS) has caused quite a stir on the Internet. Some users have had privacy concerns while others started testing and using the […]

Google Chrome Gets Option To Free Up Memory

The memory usage of modern web browsers has increased quite a bit over the years which can be attributed to the increased functionality, but also to plugins and extensions that use computer […]

Google Chrome Privacy Protector

Some Internet users are reluctant to use Google's web browser Google Chrome due to privacy concerns. These concerns are not just based on thin air but on the fact that data is […]

Google Chrome OS: My Concerns

Now that the source code of Chrome OS is in the open, the project has entered the second stage of the development phase. I suggest to read the Chrome OS announcement article […]

Google Releases Google Chrome OS As Chrome OS

Google today has released Google Chrome OS - or operating system - as Open Source under the name Chromium Open Source Project. You may have already read in the past month that […]

Google Tries To Make The Internet Faster With SPDY

Why is the Internet so damn slow. That's probably a phrase that every Internet user in the world has said more than once. Even users with fast broadband connections experience slow downs […]

Google Chrome Cache Viewer

Chrome Cache Viewer is a portable software program for Windows that lists the contents of the Google Chrome browser cache in the application interface. Chrome Cache View is one of those applications […]

Google Chrome To Get Automatic Userscript Support

Until now userscript support in the Google Chrome web browser was severely limited by the fact that you had to copy the scripts to a folder of the Chrome profile. Recent versions […]

Facebook Status Update Notifier

Update: The program has not been updated for quite some time and it appears that it is not working properly anymore because of this. We have removed the link as a consequence. […]

Want To Impress Your Friends? Run Chrome OS

We have all read the news that Google is planning to enter the operating system market with their soon to be released Google Chrome OS which is initially targeting the netbook market. […]

Who The Hell Needs Google Chrome Frame?

Update: Google has retired Google Chrome Frame as of February 25, 2014. While it is not supported anymore officially, users who have the plugin installed can continue using it as it won't […]

Chrome Plus Is A Custom Chrome Build With Extra Functionality

Skilled programmers can use the Chromium code to build their own version of the Chrome web browser, which is referred to as creating a fork. That's how the Chrome Plus project started. […]