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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

Increase the size of Windows Calculator

The Windows Calculator does not increase its font size or appearance if your screen resolution is relatively large. It will always display the characters in an eight pixel font size which displays them ridiculously small if your use a large screen resolution.

Create Game Profiles for your Nvidia Graphics Card

Not every game runs perfectly with the default settings. Some drop in performance more than others when increasing quality settings such as Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic-Filtering while others show no gain in quality when raising certain settings.

email bcc only rejected

Mails sent with BCC did not reach recipients?

Emails can be send to several recipients at once by using the CC or BCC fields which send a Carbon Copy or Blind Carbon Copy to the recipients listed there. Using the BCC option is useful if you want that every recipient is only able to see his email address and not the email of everyone else who receives a message.

Lower the noise of your hard drives with SilentDrive

Hard Drives can be terribly noise makers in computers. This is especially true when you are one of those users who buys silent pc hardware and uses fan regulators to lower the noise of system fans. When the noise of those fans is lowered other noises can probably be heard that you did not recognize before.

port forwarding tester

Port Forwarding Tester

You might have encountered the term Port Forwarding when configuring bittorrent on your computer or analyzing slow or none existing traffic with bittorrent. One of the first answers of those helpful support guys in all forums is always check Port Forwarding, but what the heck is it ?

search mediafire

Search Mediafire for Files

I was specifically asked by a reader if it was possible to search Mediafire for files like videos, music and applications and you know I can't say no if one of my reader requests something. Mediafire is a file hosting site like Rapidshare and Megaupload with apparently no storage limitation and a file size limit of 100 Megabyte.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Hotfix

A non fixed Microsoft Excel 2007 has calculation issues with certain numbers. Two scenarios exist that result in a false value being shown as the result of a calculation. If the result of a calculation is a number between 65534.99999999995 to 65535 the result will be shown as 100000 instead.

Numbered Tabs for Firefox

The Firefox add-on Fancy Numbered Tabs replaces the red X with numbers. Replaces is probably not the best term for this because the X is still available if you hover your mouse over the number. You might wonder why numbering the tabs could be useful, let me explain.

show desktop

Recreate the Show Desktop shortcut

The Show Desktop shortcut in the quick launch bar minimizes all open windows upon pressing the button. If you accidentally deleted that shortcut from the quick launch bar you might face a hard time getting it back there because there is no obvious way to create a Show Desktop shortcut.

thunderbird mail folders

Thunderbird Tip: How to archive old messages

I had lots of messages in my Thunderbird mail accounts. More than 1200 send messages and more than 1500 incoming message. The send messages alone had a size of more than 25 Megabytes while the incoming a combined size of more than 800 Megabytes. This made my decision to clean up the mails even easier.

Windows Vista has problems with large zip files

I think it is really interesting that a lot of unusual problems start to appear on blogs and websites that users have with Windows Vista. Makes me think why no one found out about it during the extensive beta tests but that is another story. The How-To Geek is reporting a problem with large zip files under Windows Vista.

Solution for bug hunters

Not long ago, my system popped out a dialog saying "Error" in the title and offering two ways to go in form of two buttons below it - Yes and No. I was trying hard for a while to find out about the right answer but I never really did find it because I did not know what the error was all about. I suppose I've saved the world by choosing the right answer, the world didn't blow up after all... And now seriously :)

Why is nvsvc32.exe running on my system?

I do take a close look at the processes that are running on my system from time to time to make sure that no malicious process snug in. Sometimes I find a new process that I never saw before in the task manager and use the Internet to find out more information about it.

windows update cleanup

Is it safe to delete $NtUninstall files?

You might have noticed a lot of hidden files in your Windows directory starting with the string $NtUninstall and maybe you asked yourself the question if it was save to delete those files. Those $NtUninstall are created whenever you install a new service pack or patch from Microsoft. Most folders end with KBxxxxxx which related to the corresponding Knowledge Base article about the update.

windows display user accounts

Check the number of user accounts on your system

Did you know that your system might have more user accounts than you thought it would have. Think about it for a while and write down the number of existing user accounts. If that number is below four you have missed some. Let me explain to you how you can find out which user accounts exist on your system and how to delete or secure those that you do not need.

Get rid of unnecessary system startups

Every software that is starting during system startup is delaying the system boot process. You might not notice an increase if the software is small but there are applications like those from Norton for instance that can delay it by more than a minute. It is therefor always a good idea to check which softwares are starting during Windows startup and get rid of any that are not necessary.

Add Delicious Bookmarks to Firefox

Simple Delicious is a Firefox add-on which displays a users delicious bookmarks in Firefox. We all know that it can be quite useful to use a service like Delicious to store all of your bookmarks on the web to be able to access them from anywhere. Webmasters use this service as well to promote links from their own websites.

Matt Cutts confirms Google Punishment

The blogosphere was going crazy last week with rumors about the sudden Pagerank drops of several authority sites like Problogger or The Washington Post. Soon enough lots of theories made the round which ranged from being punished because of selling links to being in a blog network that would list all of its sites in the sidebar.