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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

Internet on the go

The problem with the net is that there isn't a sure-fire way to ensure that you will actually have access to it anywhere. If you have Wi-fi you are quite well of, but of course only near cities and towns. Even then, if you find hotspots you're fine, but otherwise no internet for you.

svchost process

Analyzing the svchost.exe processes

I more than once asked myself why I had so many svchost processes running when opening the task manager which displayed no additional information on the process. I needed another software that would help me analyze the svchost processes and determine if they were really needed or even malicious.

firefox persona themes

Change Firefox Themes instantly with Personas

The normal way of changing Firefox themes is painfully slow. You download and install the theme from the Mozilla website and activate it afterwards. Then, after activating the theme in the Themes menu you have to restart Firefox so that the new theme will be displayed after the next start.

What you should do before bringing the PC in for repair

Have you ever brought in a computer for repair to the friendly computer store next door or send your notebook to that big company that sold you it so that they could check what's wrong with it ? Did it ever occur to you that the technicians that would check the computer could do more than just checking ?

duplicate contact manager

Thunderbird Duplicate Contact Manager

I introduced a Thunderbird extension to remove duplicate mails yesterday and I want to continue today by writing about a Thunderbird extension that checks for duplicates in the Thunderbird address book. The add-on handles one address book at the time currently which is a little unfortunate but the author promises to deliver the possibility to check all existing address books in a future version.


Soundsnap share free sound effects and loops

How does that sound ? A community that shares free sound effects and loops. That's right, all of the sounds posted on the website by the community are free to use in your projects and websites. You do not have to be signed in to download the mp3 or wav files from Soundsnap so it's as user friendly as it can get.

remove duplicate emails thunderbird

Thunderbird: Remove Duplicate Mails

Duplicate mails can be a problem in the most advanced email applications. It does not matter if you use Outlook, Thunderbird or a self coded mail program, duplicate mails can be a problem in all of them. This can happen for instance if you merge folders in the mail program or if a server or download error has the result that the mails are downloaded twice from the mail server.


The Network Clipboard

I'm using a desktop PC and a Toshiba notebook at home, sometimes both at the same time which is the case when I write an article about Windows Vista. The desktop PC is running Windows XP and I use the notebook with Windows Vista to test what I'm writing about. I do my research on the Windows XP PC however and find it convenient to use the clipboard across the network.

bookmark backups

Firefox Bookmarks Gone! What now?

Bookmarks are like Gold in the online world. It can take years to compile a list of precious bookmarks and it is a huge catastrophe for most users if those bookmarks happen to be gone. There are several scenarios that I can think out of my head that would make the bookmarks disappear in Firefox.

file renamer

PFrank File Renamer

I have been looking for a flexible file rename for a very long time. I found some, tested some, wrote articles about them here at Ghacks but was never really satisfied. This has changed with the discovery of PFrank File Renamer. Stupid name ? Yes for sure although PFrank is an acronym for Peter's Flexible Renaming Kit.

Upgrading to a bigger computer monitor

I do work with a Samsung SyncMaster 19" LCD monitor which is an awesome monitor. I used to work with two Samsung monitors of the same size but the second monitor had to replace the defect one at my mothers computer. Monitors with higher resolutions become more and more affordable and I thought it would be nice to purchase a monitor that is capable of displaying images in a higher resolution.

router passwords

Where's that darn router password?

Every router and even many modems are secured by a password, and while it is often very easy to find out what it is, for instance when the admin password is listed […]

remove system folders from start menu

Remove System Folders from the Startmenu

Windows XP displays several system folders in the startmenu with no obvious way of removing them from it. System folders are for instance the MyDocuments, MyMusic and MyPics folders. They are displayed even if you do not use those folders at all and no files are located in them.

windows hosts file

HostsMan: A Windows Hosts Manager

The Windows hosts file is one of the major files on the system that malicious scripts, trojans and spyware programs use to manipulate the host system to redirect website or IP requests. It could be used for instance to redirect the website of Google, Ebay or Amazon to a different server while the correct url would still be visible in the address bar.

Microsoft windows malicious software removal tool

Prevent Malicious Software Removal Tool from phoning home

The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a security program provided by Microsoft that scans computer systems for dozens of common malicious applications. This tool was never meant to replace an existing virus scanner but it offers a quick and easy way to scan and remove popular worms and viruses quickly.

let me type

Autocomplete for all applications

Autocomplete is being used in many browsers to offer the user suggestions of what he is going to type into the box giving him the opportunity to select one of the suggestions without having to type the full address. Mobile Phones have a similar function that suggests words when the users begins typing them in when writing a SMS for instance.

Breakdown of Blog Earnings

Once in a while I do post about my blog earnings on this blog. I still do not like to post exact figures although it would give me some credibility with the blog community who seem to put those into higher regard that earn a lot of money with their blogs. Still, you would not tell someone you hardly know how much you earn in your job either, would not you ?

New DVD Burner not burning? Check this out!

A friend of mine bought a new Samsung DVD burner and installed it on his system. The DVD burner would read discs without problems but did not burn a single disk. He was so puzzled that he called me and we agreed that I would take a look at his system and see if I could find the problem why the burner was not burning DVDs and CDs.