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Uptime Checker for Firefox

We have all made the experience in the past that many websites are not available all the time. A website that got on Digg's homepage or slashdotted might have went down pretty fast which is unfortunately if you want to read what the buzz that it created was all about. I normally bookmark those websites and visit them again later to see if the website is available again. If it is not I try it a few more times and if it is not up at that point I either forget about it or delete the bookmark.

Manage Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Windows does not handle Wallpapers for Dual Monitors very well. If you ever tried to use different wallpapers on each monitor or stretch a wallpaper across both you know what I mean. We - again - have to rely on third party softwares to add functionality to Windows.

USB Flash Drive with Capacity Meter

Many users think that usb flash drives are all the same. They look boring and can only be used to plug them into a usb port. The Lexar usb flash drive Jumpdrive Mercury adds one useful function to the usb drive.

File and Directory Monitoring

If you are looking for a sophisticated file and directory monitoring software that looks rather complex on first sight but offers a lot of possibilities if one works for a short time with Log Monitor. Directories or files that you add are monitored in intervals - even realtime is possible - that you specify and commands are executed if checks that are performed in that intervals return a positive value.

Please Bringsome

Have you ever been in the situation that you have been visiting a foreign country only to find out that they had a unique good there that you needed a constant supply of ? Or something that you did not buy during your visit but are craving for now ? Bringsome may be the solution in all of those cases.

Sony caught editing Halo 3 Wikipedia entry

Oh Sony, when will you learn that manipulating the public will not be taken lightly when it becomes public. This time, someone from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's studios in Liverpool was caught adding a sentence to the Halo 3 entry on Wikipedia. The person in question added the sentence 'Although it won't look any better than Halo 2' to the game description which has been removed after discovery.

Five Unique Gift Ideas

I'm one of those who always wants to find the perfect gift for people that I care about which usually takes some time to think about. My usual approach is that I listen carefully and make mental notes whenever I hear something, a desire or wish, that makes the perfect gift.

my football club

Become the owner of a football club

Democracy at it's finest I would say. The project My Football Club has the goal to raise enough money to buy a real world football club in the United Kingdom. Every member pays an annual fee of £35 which in turn gives him an equal share in the football club. All important management decisions such as buying and scouting new players and team selection are democratically decided by counting all member votes with each member having exactly one vote.

Free Ringtones for your iPhone

Paying $0.99 for a single Ringtone is way to much especially if you already bought the song from iTunes or have it available on CD or as mp3.The funny thing is that Apple introduced a new format for ringtones with the extension .m4r which is simply a renamed .aac file which are the files that you download when you make a purchase at iTunes.

Retroshare secure Instant Messenger

Retroshare is a secure Instant Messenger with File Sharing options. It uses a 2048-bit RSA encryption keys in combination with trust style authentication to ensure maximum security. Connections are only established to friends who received your Retroshare certificate which is of course a little bit more complicated but it is well worth it.

The IT Crowd Anti-Piracy Ad

The IT Crowd is one of the best British comedy series ever produced. It's up to the point, uses nerdy characters that remind me of many of my work colleagues.The IT Crowd is about three guys - actually two guys and their female boss - from the IT appartement and their daily life in the office.

FDF File Spam is on the rise

If there is one thing for sure it is that spammers are creative in finding new ways to bypass anti spam filters. They send distorted pictures, add random text to their messages, zip their spam, use excel files, pdf files and nowadays fdf files. Fdf files ? What's that again ?

Foobar2000, a music player with much more than you might think

Foobar2000 is a music player that is very lightweight and simple to use when you first install it.
Some people find this perfect as the interface is very clean and you don't have all kinds of things in the user interface that you will not use anyway.
But others want the music player they use to look more modern, or they want a certain feature to be available.
Most people who first start using foobar2000 don't know that it also provides these options, and that you can have a music player that is able to beat most others when it comes to looks and options.

Free Software for your computer

Gili over at Connected Internet compiled a list of 15 applications that he calls the best free software for your computer. We all know that it can be quite difficulty to compile a list with the best because the best is nothing more than a personal judgment. I would agree that about half of the recommended softwares are must haves while the other half are nice to have but not really required.

Firefox The associated helper application does not exist

I recently received the error message "The associated helper application does not exist" whenever I tried to download - and run - a torrent file from within Firefox. The associated helper application is a third party application that is either added to the download actions list be default or when a user is selecting to always open a file type with an application.

Weekend Fun Fate by Numbers

Do you love both episodes of the Max Payne game ? Did you also enjoy playing old Sierra classic adventures such as Gabriel Knight 2 and Phantasmagoria which can be best described as interactive movies ? You will enjoy playing Fate by Numbers if you answered both questions with yes.

Windows Mobile Halo 3 Wallpapers and Ringtones

If you are a big Halo fan you surely would like to download four Halo 3 wallpapers and one Halo 3 ringtone for Windows Mobile devices directly from Microsoft. All Windows Mobile devices with touch screens (Pocket PCs) and without touch screen (Smartphones) are supported.

How to import and export Outlook categories

You decided to export your Outlook data to a new computer only to realize that all Outlook categories have not been exported. Instead of manually creating those categories again you decided to search for a solution to backup the categories on the old computer and add them again to the new pc.