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Play Radio Streams in your Music Player does not offer an obvious option to play music streams in an external music player. It is however possible to obtain the stream url for several radio streams from and use them in your favorite music player. This is also an excellent opportunity to record those songs using that player. I do recommend XMPlay for this.

How to fix broken file associations

Did you ever have the problem that you wanted to change the file association of a certain file type but were not able to ? The normal way of right-clicking the filetype, clicking on Properties, then on the Change button next to the Opens With entry and browsing to the executable did not work for me because the executable was not added as the default software.

Airset Online Organizer

Airset is a basically an online organizer with sync functionality. It lets you create groups like work, family and gym online each with their own group members, calendar, blog, file sharing possibilities and more. Groups are color coded and can be viewed using a tabbed interface at the top of the Airset website.

Unlimited means no restrictions

That is at least the definition by us common folks who are happy to get an unlimited plan - be it Internet or mobile phone - only to find out that the fine prints are detailing lots of exclusions that turn the advertised unlimited plan into a limited one. I'm not a marketing expert nor a lawyer but this does look fishy to me.


Manage Firefox Full Screen Display

Pressing F11 in Firefox displays the current website in full screen mode removing many of the toolbars and buttons that are not required to view a website. There is however no obvious possibility to change the appearance of the full screen view mode of Firefox.

Weekend Fun Synaesthete

Synaesthete is one of those trendy arena shooters that bombard the player with a splendid mixture of color and sound while keeping the game mechanism as simply as possible. The task of the player is to destroy all enemies in an level to be able to cross the bridge to the next level.

Play Team Fortress 2 now

I was really looking forward to play Team Fortress 2 once it came out on October 10th and decided to read a lot of news regarding that release to be up to date. My heart began to beat like hell when I realized that it was possible to make the purchase at an discount right away and be eligible to play the Team Fortress 2 beta right away.

The Media Defender Story continues

Media Defender, the company that is spreading fake releases to p2p networks such as edonkey or bittorrent in order to spread chaos amongst file sharers, has been hit by another devastating blow. First thousands of internal emails leaked on the Internet detailing information about fake releases, ways of spreading those releases and several other internal Media Defender internals.

Flickr Downloader

One click downloads of Flickr Images have become a reality. Flickr Downloader is a software for Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista that lets you download Flickr Images with the click of the mouse button. Configuring Flickr Downloader is done in the matter of seconds.

20000 Euro per song ?

Server operators who happen to have songs on their servers that are distributed illegally will have to pay the fine of 20000 Euro ($28000) per song: at least in Germany according to the district court in Hamburg. Private downloaders get it much cheaper though. They only have to pay 6000 Euro for the first song, 3000 for the second, 1500 for the third and 600 for all remaining ones. A cheap bargain don't you think ?


nCleaner advanced System cleaner

I'm currently using several tools to clean my system, change settings to increase security and privacy, control startup items and tweak system settings to improve performance. Softwares like CCleaner, Xpy, Autoruns and several others do the job just fine with the only minor issue that I have to open them if I want to change specific settings. It would be far easier to use one software to do all of those tasks.

Star Wars Home Theater

In a place far away from reality - which happens to be somewhere near Seattle - two Star Wars geeks decided to create the ultimate home theater: A Star Wars Death Star Home Theater. It took them 36 months to complete the project which in my opinion resembles the interior of an Imperial Star Destroyer and not the Death Star.

Page Defrag

Page Defrag is a tiny 70 Kilobyte software that displays information about how fragmented your paging files and registry hives are. Defragmenters running in Windows have no way of defragmenting those paging files and registry hives which usually means that they get fragmented over time which can degrade system performance.

Office 2003 Service Pack 3

Microsoft released the Office 2003 Service Pack 3 just a few hours ago which contains the latest updates for Office 2003. The pack with a size of 117 Megabytes contains 22 security patches and updates as well as the previous two service packs for Office 2003. The main emphasize of this service pack seems to be security related because 14 of the 22 updates are security related.

Simpsonize Me

I know that I'm a bit late with this article but I thought I give it a try anyway. Simpsonize Me is a flash application that was created to promote the new Simpsons movie that was shown in cinemas earlier this year. What it does is that it transforms a closeup picture into a Simpsons character.

Watch air traffic in real time

I am a big fan of flying and everything related to it and I'm excited about the job of all air traffic controllers. Among excellent knowledge of English language, this kind of work requires perfect concentration on anything that the controller does or says.

There are many stations on the internet that let you listen to voice navigation from different airports around the world almost in real-time, with just a small delay. However, at least one of these sites stands out of the crowd by providing a real-time visual summary of current situation in the air above the Atlanta airport, along with controller's speech.

schedule software

Schedule Software Starts

I was looking for a way to start softwares at a given time of the week and found X-ecutor to be the perfect choice for that. X-ecutor actually gives you even more options that that. It allows you to start softwares at system start, shutdown and at a selected time or day.

Font Smoothing for LCD Displays

Font Smoothing is not optimized properly on your computer. I can say that because it holds true for almost any computer that is running Windows XP using a LCD display. Windows XP offers only two ways to smooth fonts which are both deeply hidden in the system.