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microsoft edge change password

Here is how Microsoft Edge's semi-automated password changing feature works

The Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge got a new security feature recently that introduces nearly automatic password changing options on select sites. The feature landed in Chrome 86 and most Chromium-based web […]

The GOM Mix Max Launch Is On Its Way

The GOM Mix Max launch is on its way

GOM Mix Max is the name of a new video editing software developed by GOM & Company that is due to launch on November 30th. With its launch right around the corner, […]

windows 11 web search example

How to turn off "Search the Web" results in Windows 11

When you run searches on Windows 11 from the operating system's Start Menu, you will get local results as well as web-based results powered by Bing by default. Microsoft introduced web search […]

Waterfox G4.0.3.1 update

Waterfox G4.0.3.1 update released with fix for bootstrapped extensions, menu bar issues

Waterfox has been updated to version G4.0.3.1. This release fixes some issues that users had reported in the previous build. Version G.4.0.2 of the web browser, which shipped at the beginning of […]

windows 11 debloater

Windows 11 Debloater is a powerful but confusing tweaker

Windows 11 Debloater is a free portable tweaker for Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. It is a general purpose tweaker, unlike specialized tools that focus solely on privacy and security. All you […]

windows 11 enterprise virtual machine image

Windows 11 Enterprise Virtual Machine images downloads

Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machine images are now available. You can download the images for several popular virtualization applications directly from Microsoft's Developer website. Note that the virtual images include more than […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete IT for Beginners Bundle

The Complete IT for Beginners Bundle includes 8 eLearning courses; four of the courses cover CompTIA's most popular It courses IT Fundamentals, A+ Core 1 and 2, and Network+. The remaining four […]

Gog, Steam and Epic start Black Friday Game Sales: our top 3 picks

There has been a huge increase in sales in recent years, especially so in gaming. Black Friday game sales have started on many gaming platforms, including Gog, Steam and Epic Games. Here […]

WhatsApp Web Custom Sticker Maker - Add text

WhatsApp Web gets a Custom Sticker Maker; Desktop version to follow next week

WhatsApp has announced a new way that allows you to personalize your chats. One feature that has grown quite popular among IMs is stickers. Today, the Meta-owned messaging service has released a […]

download windows 11 iso

How to download any Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system is available as an update for Windows 10 systems, provided that the system requirements are met. An alternative to updating systems directly is to download an ISO […]

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from existing Firefox installs

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from Firefox; but users are furious after losing their bookmarks

Mozilla has banned the popular new tab extension, FVD Speed Dial, from its Firefox add-ons repository. A discussion on Mozilla's Discourse portal sheds some light behind the drama. The full name of […]

microsoft edge 96

Here is what is new in Microsoft Edge 96

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 96 last week and a small bug fix and performance update on November 23, 2021. The new version of Microsoft Edge includes several improvements for users of the […]

delete confirmation

How to enable file delete confirmations on Windows 11

Files that you delete on Windows 11 PCs are deleted without a delete confirmation prompt. The default configuration sends the selection of files to the Recycle Bin. Users may restore accidentally deleted […]

Ghacks Deals: AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition: Lifetime Subscription

AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition is an effective backup solution for Microsoft's Windows operating system. It supports backing up the entire system, hard disks, partitions or files, and restoring the data at any […]

Windows Update KB5007262

Windows Update KB5007262 Preview for Windows 11 brings a ton of fixes and Fluent 2D Emoji style

Microsoft is rolling out Windows Update KB5007262 for Windows 11 users. This is a preview update for the stable version of the operating system, you don't need to be in the Insider […]

local zero day windows

Unpatched Windows vulnerability allows attackers to gain admin rights

Security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri published a public exploit on GitHub yesterday that allows anyone to gain administrative rights on Windows devices using an unpatched exploit. The exploit works on all supported client […]

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Android

Whether you’re a student or work from home or an office, Chrome has some great extensions that help with organization, productivity, learning, and entertainment. You’ve probably discovered quite a few of these […] 4.3.3

Paint.NET 4.4 will only support 64-bit versions Windows 10 and 11

The next major version of the image editor Paint.NET 4.4 won't support the Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 anymore. Paint.NET 4.3.3 was released for all supported operating systems this […]

Winamp beta version

Winamp is set for a comeback, you can sign-up for the beta now

The official website of Winamp has been updated. It says that a new version is coming. We have heard this before, so if you are a fan of the classic music player, […]

firefox relay premium

Mozilla launches Firefox Relay Premium

Firefox Relay Premium, a subscription-based version of Firefox Relay, is now available in select countries. Firefox Relay is an email forwarding service that I reviewed back in 2020 when it first launched. […]

7-zip file manager 21.05

7-Zip 21.05: first stable version of 2021 released

The developer of the open source archiver 7-Zip, Igor Pavlov, released the first stable version of the application of 2021, 7-Zip 21.05. The new version is already available on the official website. […]

Barbados to Become the First Nation With a Virtual Embassy in the Metaverse

Barbados to Become the First Nation With a Virtual Embassy in the Metaverse

Barbados has announced that they are extending their diplomacy to the virtual world of the metaverse. As the first nation to establish a virtual embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign […]

microsoft authenticator additional context

New Microsoft Authenticator features for organizations

Microsoft announced four new features for the company's Microsoft Authenticator application for organizations. The new security features improve Microsoft Authenticator's capabilities in several meaningful ways. Two feature additions improve the sign-in experience. […]

Mozilla is ending support for Firefox Lockwise

Mozilla announced this week that it will end support for the Firefox Lockwise applications for Android and iOS. The standalone applications are replaced by Firefox itself, which takes the role as the […]

What are the top NFT coins

What are the top NFT coins? See our list here!

What are NFT coins? With the rapid growth and popularity of NFTs, there are many NFT coins available on the market. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) provide you ownership of any digital artwork, music, […]

duckduckgo privacy browser app tracking protection

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Android is getting an App Tracking Protection feature

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is an open source web browser for Google's Android operating system by DuckDuckGo. The company, best known for its privacy-focused search engine, developed the Android application as a companion […]

How to install Xbox PC games in any folder

Xbox PC app now lets users in the Insider Program to install games in any folder, here's how to do it

About a week ago, Microsoft announced that it would start allowing users to install games in any folder of their choice. The feature was teased to arrive soon, and now it has. […]

Distrowatch Top 5 Distributions Review: Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is rated as number five on the popular rankings site, Distrowatch, based on number of hits to the Distrowatch page for the OS, not based on actual downloads / user-base. You […]

Windows 11 Build 22504

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22504 released to the Developer Channel

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22504 is now available for participants in the Developer Channel. This version contains a ton of fixes, with a few minor changes to the overall experience. Notable […]

mozilla firefox dark mode for websites

Firefox may soon paint all sites in dark or light mode, if you want

Mozilla is working on a new feature in the organization's Firefox web browser that may be used to force a specific color scheme on sites you visit. Most browsers support light and […]

Distrowatch Top 5 Distributions Review: Linux Mint

If you’ve done any research into the Linux world you’ll no doubt have heard of Linux Mint. Linux Mint is rated number four on the popular rankings site, Distrowatch, based on number […]

google chrome privacy individual cookies

Individual cookie controls are removed from Privacy and Security in Chrome 97

Google's web browser Chrome will soon have reduced functionality when it comes to the managing of cookies under the Security and privacy menu entry in the browser's settings. Currently, when you open […]

Citrix Workspace Linux

Citrix Workspace for Linux: a tool for secure and agile remote work

Citrix Workspace for Linux is a digital workspace that allows employees to securely access company apps and files from a central location. This means that instead of having one device, such as […]

Ghacks Deals: AdGuard Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription: 2 Account Bundle

Adguard is a popular content blocking solution. The AdGuard Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription: 2 Account Bundle gives you two lifetime AdGuard accounts for just $29.99. One personal account and the second account […]

firefox 94.0.2

Firefox 94.0.2: first Microsoft Store-specific update, released for all platforms

Mozilla Firefox 94.0.2 will be released today. The new version of Firefox addresses a single issue in the Microsoft Store version of Firefox. While that is the case, it is released on […]

New Media Player for Windows 11 released for Insiders on the Dev Channel

New Media Player for Windows 11 released for Insiders on the Dev Channel

Microsoft has released a new Media Player for Windows 11. The app is currently exclusive to the Windows Insider Program, more specifically, to the Dev Channel Builds. Despite its name, the app […]

windows 10 enterprise ltsc 2021

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021: here are the major changes

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 is now available. windows-10-enterprise-ltsc-2021 The new Long Term Servicing Channel version of Windows 10 is not available as a retail version. The new release "builds on Windows […]

WhatsApp Beta interface

WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 and 11 is now available on the Microsoft Store

WhatsApp has effectively replaced texting/SMS in many countries around the World. But when it comes to the competition, the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform's desktop experience is sub-par, when you compare it with […]

chrome support windows 7

Google is extending Chrome support for Windows 7 by another year

Google continues to support all editions of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system by another year. Microsoft ended support for Home editions of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 officially. Businesses and Enterprise […]

What is Big Time NFT game, and why is it so popular

What is Big Time NFT game, and why is it so popular?

Big Time NFT game has become popular amongst NFT sellers and buyers. So, what’s the big deal? Big Time is a multiplayer RPG game where players can join teams, level up their […]