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Akelpad a lightweight Notepad alternative

Notepad is fast and that is probably the only good thing that I can say about the software that ships with Windows. It has a file size limitation and a lot of other limitations as well. Many users prefer to use so called Notepad replacements that do not have the limitations and I would like to introduce one that is called Akelpad.

apache server

Install Wikipedia Locally

I theoretically mentioned the fact that it was possible, and in fact quite easy, to install Wikipedia locally which has several advantages but also one disadvantage. Advantages should be clear; You do not need a net connection to access the Wikipedia contents, you can distribute the solution to as many computers as you want and you can make it available in a local area network.

panorma screensaver

Panaroma Screensavers

WPanorama is a standalone program and screensaver that is able to display (scrolling) panoramas on your computer screen. The images scroll either horizontally or display several images if orientated vertically. Using the software is not complicated at all. Just download and install it and run it afterwards.

bandwidth monitor

Bandwidth Monitor

Not every user has the luxury of a Internet flatrate and I personally know a few who are still using time or data related accounts. I experienced this as well when I used my mobile phone to connect to the Internet during a holiday. Every byte counts sometimes and it is always a good idea to monitor the bandwidth that you are using in that time.

music collection

Music Info displays statistical information about your music collection

If you want a breakdown of the music that you favor you can use a software called WTF!? Music Info which analyzes a directory that contains music and displays a chart sorting the music by genre, artist or year. The application was designed for the Donation Coder Nany 2008 challenge and you can find additional software on the official website.

CBR Files

I recently came across a download that included several cbr files and I had to put my memory to the test to remember how I would be able to view them. CBR files are Comic Book Archive files that also come as cbz and cbt files. They are actually archives, like rar, zip or tar, that have been renamed to cbr. This has the advantage that a comic book can be distributed in one file that includes all the pages as images.

vista 4 experts

Vista4Experts Windows Vista Tweaker

Vista4Experts is a Microsoft Windows Vista tweaker that is aimed at expert users who can live without most of the functions that have been introduced in Vista. It currently features 21 settings that can either be enabled or disabled with a double-click.

Screenshot of the Restore Point Analyzer interface

System Restore Point Analyzer review

System Restore is a function in Windows operating systems since Windows ME that creates so called Restore Points so that the user can bring his system back to a previous state in time. This is important when changes to the system or an attack make the system unresponsive in any way. There is however the danger that malicious files are saved during that process as well which means that they would be restored when the user wanted to revert the system to a previous state.

increase windows stability

Increase Windows Stability

Xtra Windows Stability is an interesting piece of software that was mentioned in Shellcity's top 25 software of the year series. The product was especially designed to increase Windows stability by forcing important subsystems of Windows into separate processes.

hard disk analyzer

Hard Disk Analyzer Xinorbis

Xinorbis is a interesting hard disk analyzer that compiles heaps of information about files on the hard drive and presents the results in easy to understand manner using text and charts. The analysis takes a while to complete because all files are scanned on the hard drive that you select.

system explorer

System Explorer

System Explorer is a mix between Process Explorer and Autoruns from Sysinternals. It reveals many information related to running processes, services and tasks and gives insight into additional system related information such as loaded drivers, open connections and Internet Explorer Add-ons like Browser Helper Objects.

Adobe Reader Lite

I think we can all agree on the fact that the Adobe Reader is bloated if you only use it for opening PDF documents. It comes with so many plugins that the loading time is sometimes longer than the reading time of the document that you opened. I have been using a software called Adobe Reader Speedup to speed up loading times by disabling plugins that I did not need. This had the result that the Adobe Reader would open almost instantly just like his alternative Foxit PDF Reader.

Always Scroll Window where the mouse is located

Some applications have the nasty habit of bringing their program windows into focus even though they appear most of the time unwanted and in inappropriate moments. This happens from time to time when I'm reading an article on a website or in Word. The bad thing that is happening is that the focus is lost on the document that I'm currently reading even if the new window is just a small popup informing me about an update.

buzzword menu

Adobe buzzword - The new kid on the block

After such word processing giants as Google Docs and Zoho Writer, is there room for another one? The answer has to be a definite yes, I think there is always room for […]

wallpaper changer

Lightweight Wallpaper Changer

I personally like to change my wallpaper from time to time and collected 19 wallpapers over time that are really beautiful. I used to change wallpapers manually every now and then but quickly forgot about this and started using one wallpaper solely.

infra recorder

Free CD and DVD Burning Software

There are actually several impressive programs out there that can be used as a replacement for commercial CD and DVD writers such as Nero Burning Rom. They are interesting not only for users who do not buy a commercial products but also for those that feel that those commercial applications have become so bloated with features that their responsiveness has gone down the hill.

image sorter

ImageSorter sorts images automatically

ImageSorter provides a way to automatically sort pictures of a directory by using several parameters such as color, name or size. Results will be displayed in a picture matrix and the user can zoom in and out fluently, use the mouse to navigate through the displayed thumbnails and click on images to load them in their original size.

security privacy complete

Security and Privacy Complete

My last review of Security and Privacy Complete dates back to December 2006 and I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at this application again. The software is a security solution for Windows and lets you disable privacy and security related features of Windows.