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event log explorer

Event Log Explorer

The Event Viewer is a great way to diagnose system problems in Windows. You can access the build in Event Viewer by clicking on Computer Management in the Administrative Tools section of […]

Add new Applications to CCleaner

While I was researching one topic I stumbled upon another that is related to CCleaner that might be of interest to everyone who is using that application. CCleaner comes preinstalled with the […]

Run CCleaner automatically on all accounts

CCleaner is one of the most popular tools that cleans a lot of "crap" on your system, hence the name Crap Cleaner. Most files that get cleaned are temporary files like those from the browser cache, Windows cache but also information like the browser history or recent documents that have been opened.

Free McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008

McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008 retails for $39.99 for a one year license normally but you can get it for free for a limited time. It runs on computers with Windows 2000 or newer Microsoft operating systems including Windows Vista and protects your system from various threats such as spyware, viruses, trojans and phishing.

customize windows clock

Customize the Windows System Clock

Windows is only displaying the current time in hours and minutes in the system tray and detailed information can only be accessed with a double-click on the clock. A double-click opens a detailed view that is showing the seconds and the date as well. If you want to display those information in the system tray you have to use third party software like TClock Light which adds the functionality to Windows (except Windows Vista).

text statistics

Text Statistics

Text Stat is a small program for Windows that analyzes text files and html documents displaying a wide variety of statistics about them in the end. It displays figures about the amount […]

task manager replacement

Task Manager Replacement

The Windows Task Manager is great for a first quick glance at the running processes and applications but it lacks functionality that is needed as well. If you wanted to check why an application or process is running you would have to check the startup settings which are not accessible in the task manager. This would mean to either look in the Windows Registry and open a system tool like msconfig or open a third party application like Autoruns from Sysinternals.

overclock checking tool

OverClock Checking Tool

I had my first overclocking experience with a brand new Pentium 75 back then in the days when this was considered a fast cpu. A friend of mine actually introduced me to […]

fair use wizard

FairUse Wizard 2 Free

Fair Use Wizard [link, via Download Squad] is an easy to use DVD ripper that is provided as a free and commercial version. The free version has some limitations like a maximum […]

split and merge pdf documents

Split and Merge PDF Documents

I have a subscription for a startup magazine who upload articles from old issues to their server on the Internet. The documents are in pdf format with each article having its own pdf document. This gets a little bit messy with twenty plus articles per issue as you can guess.

Faceted Browsing for Thunderbird

Faceted Browsing can be very helpful if you do not precisely know what you are looking for. It gives you choices which narrow down the search results. Seek is a Thunderbird extension that brings that concept to the email client. It displays mails by a variety of variables like recency, tags and from and offers a sophisticated search that narrows done the search results.

pc shutdown manager

PC Shutdown Manager

Manage PC Shutdown is a small application for Windows that, as the name already suggests, manages several ways to shutdown the computer. The main purpose of the software is to define the […]

password protected files scanner

Scan a Computer for password protected files

Did you ever loose track of all the password protected files on your system ? This happened to me just a few days ago when I was looking for a zip file that a friend send me which was password protected. I could not remember the name and location where I saved it to and since I tend to clear the history at each reboot I was not able to take a look at the software protocol of the transfer anymore.

data recovery wizard

Giveaway of the Day - Data Recovery Wizard

Update: The giveaway is not available any longer. You may however download Data Recovery Wizard Free from the EaseUS website instead. The program is limited in terms of data that you can […]

automatically lock computer

Automatically Lock your computer

It's sometimes the small things that make a difference. I was always wondering if there was a way to lock or unlock my notebook with another device that I was carrying around […]

Hide Windows

Update: Windows Hidie is no longer available. The developer website has been abandoned and downloads are nowhere to be found on the Internet. We suggest you check out an alternative such as […]

Free A-Squared Anti-Malware One Year License

Seems to really be a special time in that we are living, free good software popping up every week that is good for at least one year. Raymond seems to be especially good at finding those gems because this new one is coming right from his blog. A-squared Anti-Malware is, as the name suggests, an anti-malware scanner, which retails for $39.95.

look up error messages

Look Up Error Messages in Windows

If you use Windows, chances are you get error messages with different Microsoft software from time to time. Of course, this being Windows, you don’t get a straight error message. Instead, you […]