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edge translate

A Year after other browsers, Chrome is finally getting a partial translate feature

When Google launched its Chrome web browser in 2008, Google included native integration of the company's translate service in the browser shortly after. Chrome users could use the feature to translate webpages […]

google chrome 103

Google Chrome 103 launches with new prerendering technology

Google Chrome 103 is now available. The new version of Google's Chrome web browser introduces support for a new prerendering technology, which Google believes will improve Chrome's page loading speed significantly. Chrome […]

extension fingerprints

Your installed browser extension may be used to fingerprint you

Extensions installed in web browsers may be used for tracking purposes. Some extensions use resources that are accessible by sites that are loaded in the browser; the information may be used to […]

vytal spoof location user agent

Vytal: browser extension to spoof your location and user agent

Vytal is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers, that will spoof the location, locale, timezone and user agent manually or automatically. Vytal uses the chrome.debugger API, […]

chrome machine learning improvements

Google Chrome will soon adjust address bar icons using Machine Learning

Google revealed plans to increase the use of machine learning in the company's Chrome web browser to make it a "more helpful browser". Google is using machine learning already in Chrome, for […]


FastForward: skip tracker and intermediary URLs automatically

FastForward is a cross-platform browser extension that will skip link shorteners, trackers and intermediary URLs automatically when enabled. It works on sites such as,,,, or, and thousands […]

bionic reading

Bionic Reading: promises better, faster and more focused reading

Bionic Reading is a reading system that is designed to improve reading through the use of typographic highlights. The system highlights parts of words in texts to guide the human eye and […]

skip silence

Skip Silence: Automatically skip silent parts of video and audio streams

Skip Silence is an open source extension for Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome and for Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The extension's main purpose is to skip silent parts of audio […]

google-chrome 102 security update

Google Chrome 102 update patches 32 security issues (one critical)

Google published updates for the company's Chrome web browser on May 24, 2022. The desktop version updates address security issues in the web browser. The Chrome team is delighted to announce the […]

google first-party sets privacy

Brave joins Mozilla in declaring Google's First-Party Sets feature harmful to privacy

First-Party Sets is a proposed feature by Google that is designed to give site owners an option to declare multiple owned sites as first-party. Companies may own multiple domain names, and with […]

chrome media key handling

How to disable media keys support in Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports media keys on some operating systems; this enables users to press hardware media keys, usually on the device's keyboard, to control media playback in the Chrome browser. Chrome users […]

chrome 102 release topics advertising

Chrome 101 ships with controversial advertising system trials

Google plans to release a new stable version of the company's Chrome web browser later today. Chrome 101 is released four weeks after the last version of Chrome was released, which was […]

chrome publisher verification

Featured and Established Publisher badges are now listed on the Chrome Web Store

If you have visited the Chrome Web Store recently, you may have noticed that many extensions show up with a featured and established publisher badge on the Store. The Chrome Web Store […]

chrome 100 emergency 0-day update

Google Chrome emergency update patches 0-day vulnerability

Google released a Chrome web browser update to address a security issue in the browser that is actively exploited in the wild. Chrome 100.0.4896.127 has been released for all supported desktop operating […]

Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension banned from Chrome and Firefox for redirecting users and injecting referral links

Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension banned from Chrome and Firefox for redirecting users and injecting referral links

Video ads are perhaps the most annoying thing on the internet. This is one of many reasons why one should use an ad-blocker, but what happens when an add-on that is supposed […]

chrome 100 tab muting

Chrome 100: tab audio muting is back

Google released the first three-digit version of Chrome Stable yesterday. The official release announcement was not all that spectacular, as no major features were highlighted by Google. Chrome users who dig a […]

google chrome 100

Chrome 100 with security updates released

Google released Chrome 100 Stable for all supported desktop operating systems on March 29, 2022. The new release is also available for the extended channel for Windows and Mac. The extended stable […]

fake profile detector

Fake Profile Detector tells you if people are real or fake online

Fake Profile Detector is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers that helps you determine whether a person is real or fake online. Designed by V7Labs, a company that […]

google chrome security update

Google releases emergency update for Chrome

Google released an update for Google Chrome Stable Stable on March 25, 2022. The emergency update patches a 0-day security issue in the web browser that is exploited in the wild according […]

cookie consent cookie blocker preferences

Cookie Block corrects GDPR violations in the browser

Cookie Block is a new browser extension developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich that corrects GDPR violations on the client site by removing cookies. Most websites display cookie consent […]

search image with google lens

Google replaces reverse image search option in Chrome with Google Lens option

Google Chrome users who have used the built-in reverse image search option of the web browser recently may have discovered that Google removed the option from Chrome. Right-clicking on images displays the […]

virustotal browser extension

Virus scanning service VirusTotal releases VT4Browsers extension for Chrome and Firefox

VirusTotal is a useful online virus scanning service that Google acquired in 2012. The developers of the service have released VT4Browsers, an updated web browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. VT4Browsers […]

whatsapp code verify

Meta releases Code Verify extension for WhatsApp Web

Meta released the new Code Verify browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to validate the web version of WhatsApp Web. A version of the extension for Firefox is still under […]

chrome manage search engines

Google restores ability to delete default search engines in Chrome 99

Google removed the ability to remove default search engines in Chromium recently, and integrated the change in Chrome 97, which it released in January 2022. All web browsers come with a set […]

google chrome 99

Google Chrome 99 is out with 28 security fixes

Google released Google Chrome 99 Stable and Extended Stable on March 1, 2022 to the public. Both browser versions address 28 different security issues in previous versions of the web browser. Chrome […]

google-chrome lite mode android

Google ends Lite Mode data saving feature for Chrome on Android

Google announced this week that it plans to disable the Lite Mode feature of Chrome for Android on March 29, 2022. Lite Mode, which Google launched as Data Saver back in 2015, […]

chrome omnibox prerendering

Google plans to ship omnibox prerendering in Chrome

Google may soon integrate a new feature in its Chrome web browser that it calls omnibox prerendering to speed up the loading of certain websites in the browser. Current versions of Google […]

chrome 98 security fix

Chrome 98.0.4758.102 security update with patch for actively exploited vulnerability

Google published the web browser Chrome 98.0.4758.102 to the Stable channel on February 14, 2022. The new Chrome version fixes several security issues, one of which is exploited actively according to Google. […]

chrome mute password leak warnings

You may soon disable individual compromised password warnings in Chrome

Chrome users who use the web browser to save passwords get warnings if any saved passwords were found in leaks. Users may use the information to change the account password or delete […]

chrome permissions listing

Chrome: Google is adding a Permissions Tab to the Extensions Menu

Google Chrome displays an extension icon in its toolbar that lists all installed and enabled browser extensions. The menu will soon feature a permissions tab to give users control over site access […]

ublock origin dark mode interface

uBlock Origin adds support for a dark theme, a new setting to block network activity at browser launch

The open-source ad blocking extension, uBlock Origin, now has a dark theme for its interface. This had been one of the most requested features by users. uBlock Origin adds support for a […]

chrome new location permission

Google is making permission prompts in Chrome less annoying

Google announced plans to make permission prompts in the company's Chrome web browser less annoying in February 2022. When a Chrome user opens a site on the Internet that requests a permission, […]

music mode

Play audio only on YouTube to save bandwidth with Music Mode for YouTube

Music Mode for YouTube is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers that blocks video on YouTube and YouTube Music to play audio only and save bandwidth. YouTube […]

google chrome 98

Google Chrome 98 Stable patches 27 security issues

Google released Chrome 98, a new stable version of the company's web browser, to the public on February 1, 2022. Chrome follows a 4-week release schedule for stable channel releases. The last […]

google chrome mute tab

Google Chrome: tab muting is making a return

Google is working on a reintroduction of tab muting functionality in the company's Chrome web browser. Chrome did support tab muting previously, but Google removed the functionality and replaced it with a […]

google chrome 97 security update

Chrome 97 update fixes 26 vulnerabilities (1 critical)

Google released a new version of its Chrome web browser to the public. The new version of the web browser, Chrome 97.0.4692.99, is a security update that addresses 26 different issues in […]

Browsers based on Chromium 97 no longer allow users to delete default search engines

Browsers based on Chromium will no longer allow users to delete default search engines from the settings

Most web browsers ship with a bunch of different search engines that you may switch to, if you are not a fan of the default option. In addition to changing the provider, […]

google chrome

Google Chrome 97 introduces controversial keyboard API

Google Chrome 97 is expected to be released later today. The new stable version of Google Chrome will be rolled out via the browser's automatic updating system starting today. Chrome 97's release […]

google chrome critical security update december 2021

Google releases critical security update for Chrome that fixes a 0-day vulnerability

Google released a new security update for its Chrome web browser that is fixing several security vulnerabilities in the browser. One of the security vulnerabilities is exploited in the wild, another received […]

Google: Chrome on Windows has become a lot faster recently

Google rolled out a new feature called Native Window Occlusion, to all Chrome installations on Windows back in October 2020 with the release of Chrome 86. The company has published information on […]