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protonvpn android

ProtonVPN Android promises free bandwidth unrestricted service without ads

Proton Technologies, best known for the secure email service ProtonMail launched ProtonVPN for Android today. The company launched ProtonVPN to the public last year but had to shut down registration soon after […]

fritzapp wlan

Measure your WiFi Throughput with Fritz!App WLAN

Depending on where you live, setting up a wireless network may be as easy as plugging in the router and connecting your devices to the network. If you are unlucky, however, you […]

haven android home security

Haven turns old Android phones into privacy-respecting home security systems

Haven is a free application for Google's Android operating system that turns any Android device into a privacy-respecting home security system endorsed by Edward Snowden, the Guardian Project and Freedom of the […]

eelo smartphone

Open mobile OS eelo by Mandrake Linux creator on Kickstarter

The creator of Mandrake Linux runs a campaign for the open, free mobile operating system eelo on the crowd funding site Kickstarter right now. Designed to break the dominance of Apple's and […]

outings microsoft travel discovery

Microsoft Garage releases Outings travel discovery app

Microsoft Garage released Outings a new travel discovery application for Google Android and Apple iOS devices recently. Outings: Discover Beautiful Places serves two main purposes: first, as a travel discovery app to […]

google datally android

Google launches Datally data saving app for Android

Google launched its new data saving app Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app for the Android operating system today. Datally requires a device running Android 5.0 or higher, and is available globally. […]

files go google android

Google tests Files Go file manager for Android

Files Go is an unreleased (at this point in time) file manager by Google for Android whose primary purpose is freeing up storage space on Android devices, and managing files. The application […]

google android chrome 62 passwords

Chrome 62 for Android shows passwords (finally)

Google Chrome 62 for Android comes with a set of new features that Google announced on the official Chrome releases blog a couple of days ago. The most important feature of the […]

google play protect

Google Play Protect dead last in Android security ranking

Independent antivirus testing organization AV Test published its September 2017 rankings for Android antivirus solutions. The organization has done so since 2013 by testing the protection and usability of Android security solutions. […]

f-droid 1.0

F-Droid 1.0 for Android is out

F-Droid 1.0 has been released today. It is an Android application that provides users with a catalog of free and open source software that users can install on their Android devices. Note: […]

microsoft edge preview android

First look at Microsoft Edge Preview for Android

Microsoft has just released a beta version of the company's first Android web browser; Microsoft Edge Preview is the name of the browser, and while it shares the name with Windows 10's […]

xiaomi redmi developer options

How to enable Developer Options on Xiaomi Redmi Android devices

I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 4 Android device recently, my second Xiaomi device after the Xiaomi Mi4c that I bought some time ago. Both devices come with Xiaomi's MIUI system that customizes […]

blizzard android

Blizzard app for Android

Blizzard Entertainment published Blizzard, a new application for Google's Android operating system recently. The new application focuses on communication more than anything else. You may use it to chat with your […]

android backups auto delete

PSA: Android backups are auto-deleted after an inactivity period

If you use the built-in option of many Android devices to back up important data to Google Drive, you better make sure you use the device regularly as backups are auto-deleted when […]

blueborne scanner

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner for Android

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner by Armis is a free application for Android devices that checks whether the device is vulnerable to BlueBorne. BlueBorne is an attack vector that attacks devices via Bluetooth. Any […]


Windy: Wind, Waves and Hurricane forecast on Android

Windy is a specialized weather application for Android that combines basic weather forecasting with highly detailed weather information. Designed specifically for anyone who needs wind or waves weather information, it may be […]

orfox settings

A look at Orfox, a Tor Browser for Android

Orfox is a web browser for Android that is based on the same source code as the Tor Browser but with some privacy modifications added to it. Basically, if you want to […]


4 Free XnView Photo apps for Android

XnView runs a promotion currently on Google Play; you can download and install four of the company's photo applications for free currently. The apps are commercial usually, but they are discounted right […]