A very dangerous trojan that targets Android users has been detected

Emre Çitak
Oct 18, 2023
Google Android

A new and devious Android banking trojan known as SpyNote has come to light. If you open your phone with an update notification, think twice before confirming the installation as SpyNote disguises as an update to get inside your files on your phone.

Once installed, it dupes users into granting it special permissions, and here's where the real danger lurks. The hidden agenda behind this covert operation is to pilfer your sensitive data.

SpyNote is not your run-of-the-mill malware; it operates with audacity, stealing text messages and critical financial information.

The sneaky download of SpyNote

SpyNote is always on the lookout for opportunities to infiltrate your Android device. According to Amit Tambe, a researcher at F-Secure, "The SpyNote malware app can be launched via an external trigger. Upon receiving the intent, the malware app launches the main activity".

In other words, it's constantly seeking ways to worm its way into your digital life.

What sets SpyNote apart is its audacious approach. It doesn't stop at accessing information such as call logs, camera functions, text messages, and phone storage.

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An eavesdropper

The most disconcerting facet of SpyNote is its capability to record audio, including phone conversations. This transformation of the Android device into a surreptitious eavesdropping tool amplifies its threat to digital privacy.

The revelation of SpyNote's propagation through deceptive text messages underscores the urgency of raising awareness among users about this insidious threat.

What is SpyNote trojan and how to protect yourself
SpyNote listens to your voice through your microphone

How to protect yourself against SpyNote

The removal of SpyNote proves to be a formidable challenge. This malware employs tactics to counter attempts at deletion by constantly closing the device's settings menu.

Amit Tambe's cautionary words resound, "The SpyNote sample is spyware that logs and steals a variety of information, including keystrokes, call logs, information on installed applications, and more. It stays hidden on the victim's device, making detection difficult. Removing it is equally challenging, often necessitating a factory reset, resulting in data loss".

So in order to protect yourself against SpyNote, you must not download it in the first place by only updating your phone via your device's ''Settings'' app and not through notifications until Google publishes a security patch for it.


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  1. bruh said on October 20, 2023 at 10:48 am

    I don’t get it, an app has to show it’s permissions manifest during install, isn’t it gonna make it obvious that the app is dodgy? I mean if you install this, you must be silly.

    “This malware employs tactics to counter attempts at deletion by constantly closing the device’s settings menu.” that is hilarious – debug externally via USB? Use command line to uninstall the app (adb), is that a thing? I think it is.

  2. Funkyy said on October 18, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    Best way to protect yourself from SpyNote is don’t own a mobile phone.

    1. bruh said on October 20, 2023 at 10:50 am

      Computers also get viruses, did you know?? Why are you using one – the best way to not get a virus is to not use a device that can get one, according to yourself :) So unless you typed this from an internet cafe you’re being hypocritical.

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