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Lambda Browser Review

LambdaTest LT Browser Review (with an exclusive 15% off!)

LT Browser is a powerful web browser for developers to build, test and debug mobile websites. The browser is developed by LambdaTest, a web-based cross-browser testing service to run live and automated […]

windows 10 critical process died

Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10 Error

If you’re here because a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) with the error Critical_Process_Died message popped up on your screen, interrupting your work and causing your computer to reboot, then you can […]

windows 10 safe mode boot

Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of the Windows operating system including on Windows 10. It is a troubleshooting tool intended to fix many problems that you encounter when you run the […]

windows restart

Fixing Bootmgr is missing error in Windows

Windows Boot Manager, abbreviated as BOOTMGR is a small piece of software that initiates the Windows boot sequence. Bootmgr is loaded from the volume boot record. It executes winload.exe (Windows boot loader) […]

look up partition style

A comparison of GPT and MBR partition structures

Have you ever wondered how a computer boots up? Regardless of hardware or operating system, all computers start up using either the traditional BIOS-MBR or the more recent UEFI-GPT method employed by […]

taskbar buttons

Modify the Windows taskbar to show icons for each program instance individually

Microsoft changed the way the taskbar works in Windows 7. Among the many changes were options to pin programs and files to the taskbar to improve their accessibility on the system. Part […]

bing search download

Microsoft highlights official software download site on Bing now

When you search for a software download on most search engines the official site of the program may be listed as the first result there. Sometimes, that is not the case and […]

changelog droid

Changelog Droid: Android apps update information

Android apps that you have installed from Google's Play store update automatically, usually. It is a background process that you have no control over. While you find information about updates later in […]

https facebook

Facebook starts rolling out https for all users

Facebook back in 2011 introduced an option under Account Security that allowed you to enable https whenever possible on the site. The feature back then was an optional one, and users of […]

reader mode

Firefox to get Reader Mode in the next months

Mozilla implemented Reader Mode in the Android version of the Firefox web browser some time ago. Reader Mode at its core tries to improve the readability of content on a web page […]

monitor windows explorer changes

Monitor all Windows Explorer file activites

We here at Ghacks Technology News have reviewed several applications in the past that allow you to monitor specific areas of the operating system. SpyMe Tools for instance lets you monitor the […]

opera 12.02

Opera 12.02 final released, download now

Norwegian company Opera Software has released a new version of its desktop web browser Opera to the public. The new version is an update to the stable version of the web browser […]

greasemonkey 1.0

Greasemonkey 1.0 extension for Firefox released

Greasemonkey is one of the most popular extensions for the Firefox web browser. The add-on adds support for JavaScript code, userscripts,  that can be loaded to manipulate one, some or all web […]

windows 8 desktop gadgets

No Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets? Try these two tools to get them back!

One of the features missing in Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8 is desktop gadget support. Gadgets are programs that make their functionality directly available on the desktop. They were first introduced […]

vc redist installer

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes in one go

Sometimes when yo try to install or run a program on your Windows system you may get an error message that a component it depends on is missing. This can for instance […]

opera tab stack

Opera AutoStack Add-on: change Opera's tab stacking behavior

One of the coolest recent features of the Opera web browser is its tab stacking functionality. You can use it to stack tabs on top of each other to save space on […]

windows 8 expiration

What happens when Windows 8 expires?

Microsoft has released three previews of its upcoming operating system Windows 8 to the public. The Windows 8 Developer Preview, Consumer Preview and Release Preview have been, and in many cases are, […]

windows 8 installation

How to install Windows 8 without product key

If you have installed the final version of Windows 8 on a PC recently, you have noticed that you had to enter a valid product key at one time during setup to […]

hard drive monitoring

DiskCheckup: get warnings before a hard disk drive fails

A failing hard disk drive can have severe consequences for the data that is stored on the drive. In the worst case, you end up with an unusable hard drive and data […]