Google Unveils eWallet

Google officially launched its new mobile service, eWallet on Thursday 26th May at a ceremony held in New York with its partners, the main one of which was MasterCard. This system enables […]

Connecting Remotely To The Cloud

When data such as web applications or HTML pages are used on a cloud based server it becomes essential to set up remote connection to connect to it. Connecting to the cloud […]


Getting The Most Out of Windows 7 – Using Jumplists

Jumplists are undoubtedly one of the most secret efficiency tools that Windows 7 possesses. As you may already know, with previous versions of Microsoft Windows, the Start Menu showed a list of […]

vmware horizon application manager

Manage Your Cloud Application Through VMware Horizon App Manager

We presently use application managers such as the Active Directory for the verification process while using the access credentials for various Windows Applications and other local network web applications. But as the […]

usb android

USB Accessories Support on Android

In the recent past the Android users have been facing problems accessing the USB port efficiently for configuring their accessories to the Android powered phones or tablets. To solve these problems Android […]

mac defender

Apple’s Growing Up and Getting Big Boy Scareware

A couple of weeks ago word started spreading to Apple forums that there was malware installed on some systems. Discussion has continued to grow, and even security companies have reported that there […]

Netflix Accounts For More Web Traffic Than Torrenting

Recent stats from the Sandvines Global internet Phenomenon report show that Netflix accounts for more web traffic in North America than bit torrents. While this is a good thing for Hollywood, it […]

Google Stands Against PROTECT IP

Last week a bill was tabled in the American senate that would allow the Department of Justice to take out a court order against sites accused of infringing copyright. Google’s Erik Schmidt […]

Sony’s back up! Sort of...

Sony’s PSN services are finally being restored. The three week long hiatus is finally over. They have instituted new rules for security’s sake. But is it enough? Why is Japan still out […]

Why Watch The Soaps When You Can Watch Google and Facebook Instead?

Didn’t I write recently on Facebook's general lack of privacy, intentional or otherwise? How ironic is it then that Facebook chose to attack Google on its general disrespect for personal data privacy? […]

Why Smaller Really Is Getting Better

There have been two recent advancements in technology that will make it easier for manufacturers to put a lot more punch in smaller packages. Intel released news about a new 3d transistor […]


LastPass Passes Sony Fails

The cloud has been rather rainy, lately. Sony has had a rough month, to say the least. They’ve been hacked and info has been stolen. At the time of writing PSN has […]

Finally, a Judge That Understands that an IP Is Not a Person

Everyone knows the risks of working on an open Wi-Fi connection. Everything can be stolen from your security to your bandwidth. But the courts in the US have been historically unaware of […]

facebook send

Why Bother With Facebook Send?

The reaction of web developers to Facebook’s introduction of the send button last week has been decidedly mixed. But no matter your view on the subject, it’s worth knowing how and why […]


Why Is Twitter’s Acquisition of TweetDeck More Than It Seems?

This week saw the acquisition of TweetDeck by Twitter for $40-$50 million. Yay for Twitter, right? They’ve gotten access to a popular and functional client. But why TweetDeck, and why now? Well, […]


How Did You Hear About Osama? I Bet It Wasn’t On TV...

The way we consume media has changed drastically over the last few years. Instead of watching the nightly news, we are getting news real-time. And the news we get is no longer […]

Benefits of Programming in Ruby

There are several programming languages that to-be programmers (or current programmers) can choose from. For first-time programmers, choosing a programming language can be difficult. There are many programming languages that are dying […]

Linux Mint

When Linux Mint was originally launched, it was a version of Ubuntu that offered integrated media codecs. Founded and developed by Clement Lefebvre, Linux Mint boasts as one of the most user […]

Trap Spammers with Project Honey Pot

Junk mail is always a pain to deal with. Some junk mail may be stuff you actually sign up for and lost interest in. Spam, however, is stuff that you never signed […]

Auction Giant eBay Make Changes to Fee Structure

eBay, struggling to compete with the likes of recently announced a new fee structure in hopes to attract new sellers. Many sellers who have previously left eBay have complained that the […]

The Open Courseware Movement Offers Free Education Online

Not everyone takes a college class just for the credit toward their degree, there are actually a lot of people who love taking classes just to learn something new, because they are […]

A Niche Marketer's SEO Toolbox

Each day there are hundreds of newcomers to SEO. Most of these newcomers have no idea what they're doing. Luckily, there are a ton of SEO tools that can help. The pitfall […]

Top 5 Twitter Addons

Twitter, as with most things started out small. Then it went viral and exploded which is ironic because now it's known for being the place where things go viral. Update: Most of […]

SitePoint Raises Rates; Tells Customers to Stop Whining

On June 22, 2009 the domain sales service known as SitePoint split and changed their name to Flippa. Flippa's design is simplified compared to SitePoint although it still offers options to browse […]

Microsoft Apologizes for Next Gen Console Mixup

Microsoft has found themselves in yet another mix-up, yet its CEO personally apologized to devastated gamers. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, has apologized for unclear remarks made last week regarding careless word choices […]

pins password manager

Secure Passwords Manager PINs

Users have many passwords that they have to remember, not only for website logins but also for credit cards, bank cards and the like. Many of them force you to use a different password because they have certain restrictions how the password has to look like. (for example 6 digits, a minimum of 8 chars aso.) That means, the trick to have only one password for everything is not working that well, besides being really insecure.