multi-monitor tool

MultiMonitorTool: Improve Multi-Monitor support in Windows

If you are working with a multi-monitor system you have probably noticed that Windows is not really providing you with the best of options when it comes to working with that setup. […]


MightyText, Text and read from computers using your Android phone

If you are one of those who gets itchy fingers whenever your phone leaves your hand in fear of missing a text, you may like the MightyText application for Google Android mobile […]


Get your 9GAG fix at work with 9GAG Mini for Chrome

9GAG is one of those Internet projects that has totally slipped past my radar. The site is one of the most popular Internet sites right now, with an Alexa rank of 251 […]

windows 8 start8 start menu

Start8 Update brings jump to Windows 8 desktop option

Stardock released the Start8 program back in March of 2012 to bring back the start menu to the Windows 8 desktop where Microsoft had removed it from. The removal has been criticized […]

youtube videos

Firefox Up and Coming Add-ons July 2012

Every month, we are going to look at some of the up and coming extensions for the Firefox web browser. Mozilla keeps track of extensions that rise in popularity faster than others, […]

Top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know

Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your productivity on a computer significantly. They usually replace multiple operations that are performed with the mouse with a set of keys that you need to press […]

Reset File Type Associations with Unassoc

Even if you are a cautious meticulous user, you may at one point or the other have run into file association issues in the Windows operating system. Maybe you have installed a […]

disable firefox newtab page

How to turn off Firefox's New Tab Page Completely

Mozilla is currently in the process of releasing an update for its Firefox browser that brings the version of the stable branch to 13.0.2. This update is likely linked to a caching […]

local website archive software

Save Websites to your PC with Local Website Archive

When it comes to saving a web page locally, Internet users have quite a few tools at their disposal to do so. They can use the save as option in their web […]

download meebo chat logs

Meebo users, import your chat history to Imo

Google acquired Meebo back in the beginning of June and it quickly became clear that the majority of services and tools that Meebo offered would be pulled from the Internet. A few […]

microsoft net framework repair tool

Repair Microsoft .Net Framework installation, update issues

All recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system come with a version of the Microsoft .Net Framework preinstalled. Updates have been released for the .Net Framework that Windows users can install […]


How to burn a Video_TS folder with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is my burning software of choice. This has a number of reasons, from the fact that it is supporting every writing operation that I ever need access to - and dozen […]

facebook desktop notifications

Facebook Chat Notifications for Chrome

If you are regularly making use of Facebook chat, you have probably noticed that you can only keep up with messages if you have the Facebook site open and pay attention to […]


Run CCleaner Silently with a click on a Shortcut

You probably know that you can run the popular temporary file cleaner CCleaner on schedule, for instance when the computer starts. You can configure that option under Options > Settings > Run […]

Office 15 with PDF Support

Microsoft is not only working on a new version of its Windows operating system, but also on Office 15, the next installment of the popular Office suite of programs. Back in January […]

the piratebay

The Piratebay: Cat and Mouse game continues

If you are living in the UK, or another country where access to the popular Bittorrent indexing site the Piratebay has been blocked, you may have wondered what this is all about. […]


Wikipedia down? Try these alternatives

Wikipedia in recent years has become the go-to address for Internet users when it comes to looking up information on the Internet. For many, it has replaced the paper encyclopedia almost completely, […]

lastpass wallet

LastPass Wallet, Secure Digital Storage For Credit Cards, IDs and more

One of the things that I personally do when traveling to a foreign country is to photo copy my passport, proof of purchase for expensive tools and gadgets, prescriptions, and other important […]