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Firefox Up and Coming Add-ons July 2012

Every month, we are going to look at some of the up and coming extensions for the Firefox web browser. Mozilla keeps track of extensions that rise in popularity faster than others, […]

Top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know

Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your productivity on a computer significantly. They usually replace multiple operations that are performed with the mouse with a set of keys that you need to press […]

Reset File Type Associations with Unassoc

Even if you are a cautious meticulous user, you may at one point or the other have run into file association issues in the Windows operating system. Maybe you have installed a […]

disable firefox newtab page

How to turn off Firefox's New Tab Page Completely

Mozilla is currently in the process of releasing an update for its Firefox browser that brings the version of the stable branch to 13.0.2. This update is likely linked to a caching […]

local website archive software

Save Websites to your PC with Local Website Archive

When it comes to saving a web page locally, Internet users have quite a few tools at their disposal to do so. They can use the save as option in their web […]

download meebo chat logs

Meebo users, import your chat history to Imo

Google acquired Meebo back in the beginning of June and it quickly became clear that the majority of services and tools that Meebo offered would be pulled from the Internet. A few […]

microsoft net framework repair tool

Repair Microsoft .Net Framework installation, update issues

All recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system come with a version of the Microsoft .Net Framework preinstalled. Updates have been released for the .Net Framework that Windows users can install […]


How to burn a Video_TS folder with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is my burning software of choice. This has a number of reasons, from the fact that it is supporting every writing operation that I ever need access to - and dozen […]

facebook desktop notifications

Facebook Chat Notifications for Chrome

If you are regularly making use of Facebook chat, you have probably noticed that you can only keep up with messages if you have the Facebook site open and pay attention to […]


Run CCleaner Silently with a click on a Shortcut

You probably know that you can run the popular temporary file cleaner CCleaner on schedule, for instance when the computer starts. You can configure that option under Options > Settings > Run […]

Office 15 with PDF Support

Microsoft is not only working on a new version of its Windows operating system, but also on Office 15, the next installment of the popular Office suite of programs. Back in January […]

the piratebay

The Piratebay: Cat and Mouse game continues

If you are living in the UK, or another country where access to the popular Bittorrent indexing site the Piratebay has been blocked, you may have wondered what this is all about. […]


Wikipedia down? Try these alternatives

Wikipedia in recent years has become the go-to address for Internet users when it comes to looking up information on the Internet. For many, it has replaced the paper encyclopedia almost completely, […]

lastpass wallet

LastPass Wallet, Secure Digital Storage For Credit Cards, IDs and more

One of the things that I personally do when traveling to a foreign country is to photo copy my passport, proof of purchase for expensive tools and gadgets, prescriptions, and other important […]

wikipedia malware

Ads on Wikipedia? It's Malware!

Sometimes it is not easy to spot if ads are injected into your browser sessions or not. Sometimes though, you can be dead certain that something fishy is going on, for instance […]

google knowledge graph

Google Knowledge Graph Launches In the U.S.

Remember Bing's recent announcement that they would redesign search? Part of that is a redesign of Bing's search result page, and the new snapshot bar that is attached to the main search […]

facebook authorization grooveshark

Facebook Breaks Ties With Grooveshark Permanently

If you have been one of the five hundred thousand or so Grooveshark app user over at Facebook, you may have noticed that the app is not working anymore. Or, maybe you […]

image zoom

Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox May Be The Ultimate Image Zoom Extension

Thumbnails are ideal when it comes to looking through a batch of images. This works very well for image search engines, on auction or shopping sites, photo hosting sites, and other types […]


How To Open Winmail.dat Attachments

If you are not using Microsoft Outlook as your mail email client on your computer system, you may have noticed that you sometimes receive winmail.dat attachments sent by Outlook clients to your […]

fix-it windows games

Microsoft Releases Windows Games Diagnose and Fix Software

Back in the days when Windows 95 was king, I remember lots of different issues with games on the operating system. It was a nightmare getting some games to run, let alone […]

fetch headers only

How To Configure Thunderbird To Fetch Headers Only

When it comes to downloading new email messages in desktop email clients, you have usually two options to do that. You can configure the program to retrieve the full messages, that is […]

multiple program windows

How To Open Multiple Program Windows

It sometimes may make sense to open a program in Windows multiple times. Maybe you want two web browser windows open so that you can display them next to each other on […]

writemonkey 2.3.5

Writer's Text Authoring Software Writemonkey 2.3.5 Released

A distraction free writing experience, that's what the text authoring software Writemonkey is all about. Instead of displaying dozens or even hundreds of buttons, menus and switches, it displays only the text […]

map skydrive dropbox google drive letter

Map SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive To Drive Letters In Windows

If you look around in the cloud file hosting and synchronization, you will notice that things are heating up with new contenders like Cubby or Google Drive joining the market, and existing […]

browser clipboard

Browser Clipboard, Multi-Clipboard For Google Chrome

When it comes to writing articles on sites like Ghacks, I sometimes use quotes and links from other sites in articles. While that adds to the information of the article, it also […]


SkyDrive Gets ODF Support, More Features Ahead of Google Drive Launch

Days before Google's official entry in the cloud hosting space (see Google Drive announcement here) comes Microsoft's announcement that they have improved their cloud hosting service SkyDrive. The service now supports file […]

maxthon save videos

Six Maxthon Features That You May Find Useful

With Maxton's latest version taking over Google Chrome's place in the HTML5 Test, I thought it would be a good idea to offer a closer look at some of the features that […]


Underline Lets You Highlight Apps In Windows

Underline is without doubt a niche program that will only appeal to a minority if Windows users. The program can highlight an area on the screen for as long as it is […]

giveaway of the day setup keeper

GaotD Setup Keeper, Re-Use Giveaway of the Day Setup Files

Giveaway of the Day is a service where users can download commercial software for free in daily 24-hour giveaways. Each day, a new software is being promoted on the site, and while […]


SceneChat Review

Using SceneChat on your website will help you stay more engaged with your visitors through the content you post. If you embed videos on your site regularly, SceneChat will allow you to […]

yahoo driving directions

A Comparison of Popular Maps and Driving Directions Sites

Finding maps and driving directions online only makes sense. The popular map sites have current changes updated in real time, and even feature traffic reports so that you can better plan your […]

bejeweled 2

Online Fun With Bing Games

Online games are a wonderful way to pass time or keep yourself amused, especially when you're bored or just want a break from the hustle and bustle of work. Generally, these games […]


Ten Predictions In Tech for 2012

Predictions can be fun, especially in the field of technology where advances seem to move at light speed. We’d all like to know what will be coming around the corner, and while […]

mouse hunter

How To control Non-Active Windows With The Mouse

You can only control the active window with your mouse in a default Windows installation. If you need to do something in another window, you need to activate it first, before you […]

ubuntu linux

Before Dual Booting: What you Need to Know

The topic of dual booting operating systems has been covered in a few ways on this site, but here is a primer to provide you with some important information before attempting any […]

mad app launcher

MadApp Launcher For Windows

There are so many great launchers for Windows to make organizing multiple applications easy. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, as this depends entirely on your needs. To add to the […]

disk management

How to Partition and Un-Partition your Hard Drive in Windows

Hard drive partitioning is useful for creating virtual drives and creating disk volumes that can be used for storing particular file types. For example, if you did not want to keep all […], Geek Playground!

Rather than discuss software or trends, tweak, tricks and tips, this article is about a great site called This site is packed from page to page with all sorts of tech […]


dotEPUB Google Chrome Extension

You don’t always have the time to sit in front of your laptop or desktop computer and read lengthy material. Google Chrome, which is a fantastic browser in so many ways, brings […]

Zumocast Media Streaming

Zumocast is an application for Windows or Mac computers. It is a media streaming application much like Libox and what Apple has recently done with iOS5. Zumocast makes your computer a convenient […]