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The Google Android operating system is a Linux-based system that has been primarily been designed for mobile use and touch-enabled devices. It has been initially developed by Android Inc. which Google purchased in 2005.

The first Android powered device, the T-Mobile G1, was sold in 2008 and from that moment on the rise of Android powered devices began. Android today is the mobile phone operating system with the greatest market share followed by Apple’s iPhone. According to Google, more than 1.3 million Android devices get activated every day (in 2012).

What makes Android special is that it is released as Open Source which gives phone manufacturers the right to modify and distribute phones running Android. The large number of community developers producing apps for Android has attributed to the operating system’s success as well. It is estimated that more than 700,000 apps are available on Google Play, the official Android store.

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white noise baby

White Noise Baby is an application for Google Android and Apple iOS devices that provides you with soothing sounds and monitoring options. The application looks like any other "white noise" application on first glance, but if you dig a bit deeper, you will notice that it offers features that the bulk of apps don't support. […]

ooniprobe tor

The Tor Project released ooniprobe designed to run checks to see if you are being censored for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app is designed to run a series of tests to find out about evidence of censorship, and information on the speed and performance of the network used by the mobile phone. Before […]

youtube go

YouTube Go is a new application for Android by Google designed for markets where available bandwidth and reception may be lacking. While the official YouTube application for Android works well in many situations, it is not the lightest of applications. YouTube Go has been designed by Google to improve the experience by creating a lighter […]

google maps commute

Google announced an update to Google Maps on Android yesterday that brings real-time commute information and more to the company's app. The new version of Google Maps for Android features a new section at the bottom of the home screen. All you have to do is swipe up to see the new options and interact […]


HabitHub Habit & Goal Tracker is an application for Android that helps you keep track of activities, goals and rewards. If you have troubles keeping track of activities and goals, or reaching them, you may need a little extra push in the right direction. Goal trackers are certainly no one size fits it all solution, […]

android vpn apps insecure

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have evolved from a technology used mostly by businesses to one that is used by more and more home users as well. Reasons are manifold, but improved privacy and security are certainly two key features that make a growing number of home users use VPN services and apps. Without going into […]

music dna android

MusicDNA is a music player app for Android that combines the majority of features you'd expect from a music player for Android with interesting visualization. The three extra permissions that the player requests during installation are all explained on the Google Play website by its developer. The player itself opens up with a whole array […]


APKUpdater is a free application for Google Android devices that you can utilize to keep sideloaded apps up to date on the device. Apps that you install through marketplaces, Google Play is without doubt the dominant one on Android,  are usually kept more or less up to date automatically. While it depends on how you […]

I have to admit that I'm not a big gamer on mobile. While I did try a couple of free to play games on various Android smartphones that I owned over the years, I never really enjoyed the tiny screen experience that much. This has not really changed all that much. I guess it would […]

hackers keyboard

Hacker's Keyboard is a free keyboard application for Google Android that works well as an all-purpose keyboard but also specifically for administrative tasks. Google rolled out Gboard recently, an update of the Google Keyboard for Android application which introduced search capabilities and a line on top of the keyboard that would not go away. I […]

gboard privacy text corrections

Google launched the updated version of Google Keyboard for Android, now called Gboard, recently introducing new features such as search directly from within the keyboard interface. I'm not a huge fan of the new functionality as I don't require it at all. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable it completely in the application's settings. […]

gboard g-icon keyboard android

If you are using the official Google Keyboard application on Android, now called Gboard, then you may have noticed that it features a new G-button at the top of the keyboard. You can tap on it to run web searches directly in the keyboard interface, regardless of application you are in. For instance, if you […]


Mysplash-photography&wallpaper, what a mouthful, is a well designed and lightweight Android client for, a "do whatever you want" photography site. All photos that are published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means that anyone can do anything with these photos. This includes copying, modifying and distributing them, using them for free, […]