unity games offline

When you play games in your web browser, one of the following four technologies is being used usually: Adobe Flash, Java, Unity or HMTL5. There are exceptions to the rule but the majority relies on at least one of the technologies listed above. When it comes to Unity, it is necessary to install the Unity […]

diskboss free

DiskBoss refers to a line of hard drive management tools. This review looks at the freeware version of DiskBoss which is limited in comparison to the paid versions. More about that later. After you have installed DiskBoss on your Windows machine and started it up, you get a list of all drives connected to the […]

firefox search beta

Firefox users have several options when it comes to running searches. They can type a query in the browser's address bar, use the default search field, a search engine on a new tab page or open a search engine directly in the browser to use it. Mozilla announced some major changes to the search component […]

imagus firefox

I reviewed Imagus back in 2013 when the then popular extension Hoverzoom caused controversy in regards to scripts it ran that were not in any way related to enlarging images on the Internet. Imagus came to same fame and many call it the best Chrome extension of its kind. The author of the extension ported […]

web content monitor

Automatic updates can be quite helpful at times. While some users prefer to download and install updates manually as it gives them more control over the process and options to test an update first before it is applied, it is without doubt the best option for users who don't do so. While many programs ship […]

wunderlist windows

If you are using the to-do manager Wunderlist on a mobile device or the web you may find it interesting that it has been published for Windows 7 today. The program brings the full experience to the Windows desktop and while the program looks like it is only a wrapper for the web interface, it […]

firefox developer theme

Mozilla launched a Developer Edition of Firefox recently. The main idea was to create a version of Firefox that is optimized for web development tasks. It is separate from other versions of Firefox and Mozilla switched the theme of that version to reflect that. It is not the only indicator though. You can run the […]


Detekt is a free tool for computers and devices running Windows operating systems that scans for traces of surveillance spyware on the system. Designed to provide journalists and human rights activists with a program to detect potential surveillance spyware on computer systems, it can be downloaded and used by anyone running Windows computers. The program, […]

firefox search engine

Mozilla announced yesterday that it ended its 10 year long partnership with Google which made Google Search the default search engine in the Firefox web browser. Instead of signing up a global agreement with Google or another partner, the organization decided to work with regional partners instead. While Mozilla has not revealed much about the […]