firefox bookmark backups

How to change the number of bookmark backups in Firefox

Firefox stores all bookmarks in a database file in the profile folder. To avoid issues such as corruption caused by crashes or accidental modifications or deletions, it is also storing backups of the bookmarks folder in the profile folder. Interesting in this regard is that it will keep the last 15 backups in that folder, and only remove the oldest one of the 15 when […]

windows 8 app remover

Remove default applications on Windows 8 systems

The Windows 8 operating system ships with a set of default applications that are installed out of the box. Apps like Bing Finance, Camera, Photos, or Communication can be used right away as they are placed on the start screen interface by default. Microsoft added more default apps when it released Windows 8.1, introduces apps such as Reading List, Sound Recorder, Health & Fitness or […]

highlight text on images

Project Naptha makes text on images selectable in Chrome

While you can select any text on any website using the mouse or other input methods, you cannot really do that if the text is displayed as an image. That's a problem if you want to copy it, run a search using it, translate it, or use it as a quote in an article that you are writing. I have always helped myself up until […]

new twitter

Twitter rolls out new profiles for all users

I'm not a heavy Twitter user but keep an eye on changes that are introduced to the service. Twitter recently announced a redesign of user profiles. The new feature was rolled out gradually at first, and if you were not lucky, you could not get it early on as there was no option to flip a switch to do so. Today, the new profiles have […]

facebook sessions

How to log out of Facebook and Google on other devices

Did you ever check your Gmail messages on a friend's computer only to forget to sign out again? Or your Facebook news stream on a public computer in a library, or forgot to log out of Twitter after you used your account in an Internet cafe? The problem here is that others may access your account if you do not log out after you have […]

app config free

Customize Android system settings for individual apps

Sometimes, you may want control over an application's behavior on your Android device. Maybe you want a media player to always load in landscape mode, a music player to use a certain volume, or an application to only use Wifi and not mobile data. While you can go ahead and make those modifications manually every time you launch the application, it is not comfortable and […]

wifi collector

Wifi Collector is Nirsoft’s first Android application

Nir Sofer is a highly productive software developer who has published more than a hundred different programs for Windows in the last decade. The majority of tools that he has developed are held in high regard, and chance is that you have come across at least some of them in the past. These tools are highly specialized most of the time, always portable, and very […]

Chrome pdf viewer

How to disable the internal pdf reader in Firefox and Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome ship with built-in pdf reader applications that will display documents in the browser when you click on them. While some may like that as it may be convenient for them, others may prefer to use a different program for that or download the files directly to their computer system to load it in a desktop program instead or have it […]


Coursera brings free university courses to Android

The Internet offers a lot when it comes to learning new skills. Not only when it comes to resources like tutorials, videos, images and all that good stuff, but also people and organizations that like to help. Coursera started as a web service offering university courses and lectures for free to interested users from all over the world. All you had to do was sign […]

steam desktop theme

Steam desktop theme for Windows 7 released

If you are a big fan of the gaming platform Steam, or just like its dark style, and run Windows 7, you may be interested in a new theme that was released today. Steam VS for Windows 7 is a full theme for the operating system -- as opposed to basic themes that only change colors, wallpapers and a couple of other things -- that […]