firefox e10s electrolysis

Firefox Electrolysis, a new multi-process architecture of the browser also known as e10s, won't see a release in stable Firefox this year. Mozilla announced back in early 2013 that it was considering reviving the multi-process architecture project for Firefox, and began work in earnest in late 2013. It made the project a priority in mid-2014, […]

the action cant be completed

DeadLock is a free program for the Windows operating system that helps you unlock files or folders that you cannot delete, move or rename because Windows claims they are still in use. It seems that most Windows users encounter situations while using a computer running the operating system eventually that prevents them from moving, renaming […]


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mmc snap-ins view

Depending on how you use your computer, you may come in contact with the Microsoft Management Console on a regular basis, once in a while, or not at all. Home users may come into contact with it when they run tools like the Services Manager (services.msc) or the Performance Monitor (perfmon.msc), but most snap-ins available […]

vts for android

Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) is a free application for Android that scans devices running the operating system for publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities. Publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities remain a threat months or even years after disclosed due to how patches are delivered to user systems. Once Google has created a patch for a disclosed vulnerability, it is up to the […]

steam exploration sale

Whenever there is a sale on Steam, and the number of sales per year increased sharply in recent years, you can be sure that things get quite hectic in the beginning. It is often the case that the first minutes of the sale take much of Steam down with them, and it may take ten […]

google star wars experience

The new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens will be out in less than a month and the hype surrounding it is already in full swing. The movie marks a new era for the Star Wars franchise, as it is now part of Disney. It is the first film that George Lucas won't have a […]

mozilla expenses

When Mozilla announced a year ago that it would not renew the search deal it had with Google in favor of regional deals that would give the organization more flexibility and independence, a turning point was reached. Instead of being dependent on a single source of income, Mozilla suddenly was less dependent than before. According […]


There is a constant cat and mouse game between malware, security software companies and computer users, and the chance of one side winning the battle seems slim at best. Malwarebytes revealed recently on Malwarebytes Unpacked how Vonteera, a malware previously classified as adware, operates. While it may not be of interest to many how that […]

amo validator bypass

Mozilla announced back in the beginning of 2015 that it would require Firefox add-ons to be signed before they could be installed in release and beta versions of the web browser. The idea behind the move was to make the Firefox add-on landscape a safer place for users by protecting them from invasive or outright […]

silverlight plugin

Mozilla launches a stable version of Firefox 64-bit for the Microsoft Windows operating system this month in silent fashion. While it is available for download, it is not yet listed on the organization's official download site. Firefox users can download the 64-bit version from Mozilla's Download Archive though. Since it is the first official stable […]

windows certificate store

RCC is a free program for Windows that scans the Windows Certificate Store when it is run highlighting potentially dangerous certificates. Two major computer manufacturers -- Lenovo and Dell -- put millions of customer computers at risk by installing certificates that included their private key. Certificates use public and private keys, with the public key […]