microsoft javascript browser

Surprise, surprise. Microsoft released a new web browser yesterday that is not Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. The Windows Store page of the JavaScript Browser went live yesterday evening. The new browser is compatible with the company's Windows 10 operating system which means that Windows 8.x users won't find it listed in Store when they […]

microsoft snip

Snip is a new Microsoft Garage project that has just been released to the public. It is a screen capture tool similar to the Snipping tool included in Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. The basic idea of Snip is to use it to communicate ideas which means that it ships with an editor […]

windows 7 8 data collecting

Microsoft has been criticized by privacy advocates in regards to the data hunger of its Windows 10 operating system. The operating system slurps data like there is no tomorrow, especially when systems are set up using the express settings. Experienced users may disable telemetry and data collection partially during setup, and then some more afterwards […]


This week's deal is a CompTIA IT certification bundle which preps you for the CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certification exams. While that may be the prime reason for taking the online courses, it is not mandatory to take the exam. This all three courses teach valuable skills about computers, networking and security, it is […]

youtube gaming

Google launched YouTube Gaming yesterday on the Web and as dedicated applications for Android and iOS. The applications are limited to the US and UK at the moment while the web version is accessible by users from all over the world. YouTube Gaming is Google's answer to the popular game streaming platform Twitch which Amazon […]

windows 10 75 million devices

So how is Windows 10 doing? Microsoft has been rather tight lipped until now about the operating system's overall distribution and related figures. The only figure that Microsoft released was that Windows 10 was running on more than 14 million devices after the day the operating system launched. Almost every person I talked to agreed […]

chrome defer playback

Google landed a new feature in Chromium and Chrome Dev today that will defer media playback in background tabs until those tabs are selected. Depending on how you use web browsers, you sometimes may hear audio playing in the background, for instance when you load new tabs in the background or when you restore a […]