Keeping track of all games that you play can be quite the burden. It is not if you only use a single platform to play games on, say Steam or Origin, but if you use several, install games on their own, play Flash games and maybe also emulates games, then you may be forced to […]

removable access tool

It is easy to connect external devices such as mobile phones, USB Flash drives or external DVD drives to a PC. The devices get picked up automatically usually and are available for use afterwards. All devices allow read and write operations by default which may not always be in the best interest of the owner […]

firefox public key pinning

Public Key Pinning (PKP) is an extension to the HTTP protocol that is in draft status currently over at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It allows web services to reduce the number of authorities that can authenticate the domain by instructing clients to only use a specific subset of authorities instead of accepting any […]


Google has released Chrome Stable 37 yesterday and with it came a new feature to improve font rendering on Windows. The text rendering was switched from Graphics Device Interface (GDI) to DirectWrite in Chrome 37 and while the majority of users did not report any issues, some users noticed that contents looked zoomed in and […]


The file synchronization service Dropbox is loved by many even though it is not the cheapest when you compare the price to Gigabyte ratio that you get when you sign up for a Pro account. This has become apparent especially recently when providers such as Google or Microsoft slashed prices or increased the available storage […]

zenmate app android

Zenmate was rated one of the┬ábest Chrome VPN recently by us. While it is used by many to access geo-restricted contents, it is adding other VPN-specific features to it as well that include encrypting traffic and hiding the computer's IP address. The company behind the extension has released an Android application called ZenMate Security & […]


When Google started to push out 64-bit versions of Chrome to its Dev and Canary channels in June for the Windows operating system, it was not clear at first if the company had the intention to offer it permanently to users of the browser. Dubbed an experiment back then, it complemented the 64-bit versions of […]

bittorrent sync file sharing

While things have improved significantly in recent time in regards to sharing large files or folders with others, it is still far from what many would call easy to setup. Lets say you want to share a folder full of high resolution photos of your last summer vacation. Email won't work because the photos are […]

firefox sponsored tabs

When Mozilla announced that it would add so-called Directory Tiles to Firefox, it was heavily criticized for it even though most users of the browser won't come into contact with the feature often if at all. While you can criticize the choice of name, as sponsored tiles would make more sense here, it is not […]