facebook interest based ads

Advertising companies have various methods at their disposal to display advertisement to web users. The best, from a business perspective, is to know as much as possible about a user to display ads catered to potential interests. If a user visits a lot of car sites, then car ads may be the way to go. […]


Depending on your web browser of choice, you may have encountered webp images before or not at all. The main reason for this is that the format is not supported by all browsers. While Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome support it, it is still not supported by other popular browsers such as Firefox or Internet […]


Proxy server offer a fast and easy way of accessing websites without revealing your IP address. All it takes is to load the proxy website, type or paste the url of the website you want to visit anonymously in the form on that site and hit enter. There are a couple of things to note. […]

firefox local queries

Mozilla changed the way the Firefox browser handles single word queries that are typed in the browser's address bar recently. Firefox attempted to load a local host when you entered something like 867-5309 in the address bar of the browser previously. The change redirects most entries that you type to the default search engine while […]

opera mini for android

Opera Mini is a highly popular web browser that is available for various operating systems including Android. The initial release of the web browser dates back to 2005 and Opera has been working on it ever since. The company released a beta version of a redesigned Opera Mini browser today on Google Play. The new […]

windows dns cache

This is the third part of a mini series about privacy on the Internet. The other parts are linked below. Last time we looked at what websites and sites on the Internet know about you when you connect to them. This time we are expanding on that and look at what you may reveal about […]

flac windows 10

One of the first things that I do after installing Windows on a PC that I plan to use or configure for someone that I like is to install VLC Media Player or SMPlayer to cover all media playing needs. Windows Media Player is not really a bad program but it is very limited in […]

ccleaner 5.0

Piriform, the company behind the popular CCleaner program for Windows and Android, released a preview version of CCleaner 5.0 recently that showcased the new interface of the application. Today, the company released the final version of CCleaner and along with it all the other changes that it did not include in the interface demo version […]

comodo 33 old design

Several browsers based on Chromium came out shortly after Google released its Chrome web browser. Most had in common that they modified or removed privacy related information or modules. Comodo Dragon was one of the browsers and while it did indeed remove privacy related information in the port, it did became clear fast that development […]