MyRouter Log is a free program for the Windows operating system that enables you to back up modem or router log information for safekeeping or analysis on a PC running Windows. The program has been designed by its author to listen to log file broadcasts from ADSL modems or routers supporting them. While these devices […]

firefox pure url optional parameters

Pure URL is a free browser extension for all recent versions of Firefox and Google Chrome -- and likely also Firefox-based and Chrome-based browsers like Pale Moon or Opera -- that removes optional parameters from URLs automatically. Optional URL parameters, like utm_source, yclid, fb_ref or ref_ are a common occurrence on the Internet. Most, if […]

my system monitor

My System Monitor is a free program for the Microsoft Windows operating system that displays realtime information about PC hardware use in a toolbar at the top of the screen. It can sometimes be useful to keep an eye on things, for instance to to keep an eye on the load of the processor, RAM, […]

free tv db

Free TvDB is a program for the Windows operating system that assists you in managing your TV show collection. Keeping track of TV shows you are interested in or collecting can be difficult especially if you are not only watching shows but also collecting them. Free TvDB has been designed for two main purposes: keeping […]

detect it easy

Detect It Easy is a free cross-platform program to analyze files you load into the application. It detects, among other things, the compiler and linker used, signatures, and other information about files. The program has been designed specifically to reveal file signatures and how they are packed. The program supports over 200 different file types […]

chromium security issues

There has been an increase in reports pf security products recently which make user systems less secure when they are installed, used or even just present on the system. Many antivirus companies have added tools and products to their security programs in recent years to increase the perceived value of the product, add new features […]

universal extractor 2

Universal Extractor 2 is an unofficial rewrite of the original application that offers additional features and other improvements. Universal Extractor is a handy program for Windows that enables you to extract the contents of supported installer files and archives. The original program has not been updated since 2010, and while it works fine in many […]

firefox cookies ask me every time

Mozilla removed one of the available cookie control options in Firefox 44 effectively disabling the option for users to decide what to do with cookies that sites want to set on a per-cookie basis. Firefox users had several options in regards to cookies ever since it was released to the public. Users could allow or […]

Flush is a free application for Google Android devices that provides you with options to find public toilets quickly. The app may use your current location for its searches if you allow it to access location information, or you may enter a location directly to display information about public toilets this way. The application uses […]

firefox releases

Mozilla announced a change to the release schedule of the Firefox web browser that moves it from a six-week interval to a variable interval. When Mozilla announced the rapid release cycle for Firefox, it did so to get features and updates to users faster and to stay competitive. The move was not liked by all […]

font mitigation options

Microsoft implemented a new security feature in Windows 10's November update build that added an option to the operating system to block the loading of untrusted fonts. The use of fonts has always been problematic in the Windows operating system from a security point of view as bugs in font-handling code could give attackers high-level […]


ZenMate is probably best known for the browser extension that allows Chrome, Firefox and Opera users to tunnel their connection through company servers for protection, privacy and access of geo-restricted content on the Internet. The company introduced a premium service recently, and along with it came improvements such as full desktop clients for Windows and […]