windows doscvc

So I started my PC running Windows 10 as usual and noticed on Steam that there was an update for Team Fortress 2 available. The update would not complete and the error message returned was that there was not enough disk space available to apply it. This on a 160 Gigabyte Solid State Drive with […]

firefox 39

Mozilla planned to release Firefox 39 on Tuesday but a last minute bug in the application required fixing so that the release has been delayed for later this week. In case you are wondering what this is all about, you find information about the malware-related issue on Bugzilla. This is one of the cases where […]


This week's deal brings you a set of eight programming courses that cover basic and advanced topics alike. The selection is quite diverse as it features several "from zero to hero" courses that require no previous knowledge as well as some that advanced courses. Here is the full list of courses included in the bundle […]

medium sign-up email

The publishing platform Medium announced today that it has improved sign-up options for users of its service. It added an option to sign-up via email besides options to sign-up using a Facebook or Twitter account. Instead of linking Twitter or Facebook accounts to the Medium account, it is now possible to use any email address […]


Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who upgrade their machines to Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 10 have 30 days to downgrade to the old system again according to German computer magazine Computerbase. What happens when you upgrade your PC running an earlier version of Windows 10 and you don't like it or did so […]

ublock origin privacy

Ublock is without doubt a popular extension for Firefox and Chrome that blocks network requests and popups, and modifies DOM requests on sites you visit to block advertisement, malicious content and other -- often -- undesirable content on the web. While there is some confusion involved when it comes to picking the right release, there […]


Windows 10 ships with several big changes and features, for instance Cortana, the digital voice controlled assistant or Microsoft Edge, a new web browser that replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser on systems running Windows 10, or that applications run in windows on the desktop now and not anymore fullscreen. I talked about things […]