gegeek toolkit

Whenever I visit a family member or friend who asked me to fix a computer issue, I take a USB flash drive with me containing dozens of tools to analyze and repair computer issues. GEGeek Tech Toolkit is a free collection of more than 300 portable freeware tools that serve a similar purpose. The collection […]

hola unblocker

Firefox users have access to a selection of VPN add-ons for the browser which they can install from Mozilla's official add-ons repository. Whenever a connection to a virtual private network is established, it will be used as the entry point to the Internet. Websites and services that users connect to will reveal the IP address […]

muji sleep

I'm somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to optimizing sleep. While I have not convinced myself yet to try and reduce it drastically, I have tried different things to make it better and improve my overall health in the process. I don't sleep well most of the time which I attribute to a couple […]

zenmate vpn

Virtual Private Networks, short VPN, serve a variety of purposes. From providing unfiltered access to contents on the Internet over privacy and security benefits to bypassing country-locks of select services. Regardless of for what it is used for, it works always in the same way. A secure connection is created from the local computer system […]

size on disk

If you check a folder's properties on Windows, values for the data's size and the data's size on disk are displayed to you. These values may differ slightly or a lot, depending on the file system used and the type of files stored on the drive. It can happen that you see a Gigabyte or […]

screenshot showing PUP detections

If you are running a modern security suite, chance is that you may have received notifications about so-called PUP or PUA on the PC. Companies use their own definition and list of programs that fall into the category which makes it difficult to come up with a catch-all definition. Generally speaking, any program that is […]

firefox youtube 1080p

Firefox users who visit Google's video hosting site YouTube may have noticed that the site limits the resolutions that videos are made available in. In particular, any video resolution higher than 720p may not be made available. Other video resolutions that are available may not be provided as well including 144p, 240p or 480p. It […]

superantispyware system inspector has released version 6.0 of the anti-malware software SUPERAntiSpyware recently. One of the main new features of the application is the new System Investigator tool which scans key locations of the system and provides you with suggestions based on its findings. This sounds a lot like what tools such as HiJackThis do, on paper […]

winamp backup

Winamp Backup Tool is a lightweight program for Windows that enables you to backup your Winamp configuration to restore it at a later point in time. AOL announced in 2013 that it would close Winamp and all associated services such as the Shoutcast directory. Plans changed eventually and Winamp was acquired by Radionomy instead ensuring […]