ublock origin firefox

After some controversy and confusion in regards to uBlocks future, Raymond Hill's uBlock Origin extension is now officially available for the Firefox web browser. The past weeks have been filled with uncertainty about uBlock's future. It all started when Raymond Hill, better known as Gorhill on GitHub, announced that he would hand over development to […]

disc needs formatting

Find out why some blank DVDs need formatting apparently when you are trying to burn data on them even though they are not rewritable or recordable discs. I bought a new batch of blank regular DVDs today as I wanted to burn videos and other data on them. While I don't burn data to discs […]

portable virtualbox

Oracle's VirtualBox is a virtualization software that you can use to run a large number of operating systems on computer systems without interfering with the actual operating system installed on those machines. Portable-VirtualBox offers the same feature set in a portable environment. Please note that VirtualBox requires system drivers that need to be installed on […]

samsung magician

If you own a Samsung SSD 840 Evo drive and noticed that write performance went considerably down after some time, you may want to download an updated tool and install a new firmware from Samsung that according to the company should resolve the issue. The company's Samsung Magician Software was updated to version 4.6 recently. […]

mcafee raptor

McAfee just released Raptor, a real-time behavior detection technology that is available as a standalone version for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Apart from being available as a standalone version, McAfee has integrated Raptor into Stinger, a standalone program that detects and remove viruses and other malicious programs from Windows […]


Project Spartan is the codename of the new web browser that ships with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 operating system. It is one of the major changes of the system, considering that it will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on the system. Still, for compatibility's sake, Internet Explorer ships with Windows 10 as well […]

opera sidebar extensions

Opera Software's work on the Opera browser continues. One of the recent additions to the browser are so-called sidebar extensions which, as the name suggests, are browser extensions designed specifically for Opera's new sidebar. Both Google Chrome and Chromium don't offer a sidebar and that was the case for Chromium-based browsers as well up until […]

windows version

Microsoft published several Windows 10 preview builds of its upcoming operating system that give interested users a preview of things to come, Microsoft much needed feedback and companies options to test software and services in the new environment. These builds are not final and improved builds are published by Microsoft regularly which update older builds […]

my device

All current versions of Windows don't excel when it comes to providing users with assistance when it comes to troubleshoot issues on the system. The help is nearly useless and while some automated troubleshooting tools are integrated in newer versions of Windows, it is more often than not the case that more assistance is required […]