driver booster 2

A first look at Driver Booster 2

Never change a running system, that's an answer that you get quite often when you ask tech-savvy users if you should upgrade software running on a computer. This is especially the case for drivers, and here in particular system drivers. Should you update drivers of the Serial ATA Controller or PCI Express Chipset, or better […]

private browsing

Mozilla changes Private Browsing Clipboard handling in Firefox 33

If you copy data from a private browsing window to the clipboard and close the private browsing window afterwards, you will notice that the data is not there anymore. Firefox empties the clipboard whenever you exit private browsing mode. You can test this easily by opening a new private window in Firefox using the shortcut […]

reddit live

Reddit launches Live, a real-time update tool

I'm spending quite some time on Reddit. During the Football World Cup, I monitored match threads and discussions closely for example, and one thing that became apparent quickly was that Reddit's current feature set was less than ideal for real-time updates. Game threads would blow up to thousands comments with no option to distinguish between […]

long path fixer

Access blocked files and folders with Long Path Fixer for Windows

Sometimes when you move files or folders from another system to a Windows PC, you may notice that you cannot work with those files or folders in the usual way. While the files and folders may be transferred without incident to the system, for instance by downloading and extracting an archive on it, it may […]

disable file download checks

How to prevent Firefox from sending downloaded file information to Google

Starting with Firefox 32, Mozilla will check file downloads against Google's application reputation database which is powering Chrome's Safe Browsing feature since 2012. If you have read the release notes of Firefox 31, you may have noticed the entry "block malware from downloaded files" under What's New. The integration of the feature in Firefox 31 […]

startpage family filter

Safe Preference Header implemented in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Some Internet sites make use of a safe mode to filter out objectionable contents. This is true for search engines such as Google Search, Startpage or Bing, or video sites like YouTube. When enabled, contents with adult themes may be filtered out automatically by sites. The safe mode is usually set to a moderate level […]

newegg price comparison

Newegg Price History and Comparison extension Hover Hound

When it comes to popular computer online shops in the United States, Newegg is without doubt very popular. While it attracts users of all experience levels, the layout and design of the store make it ideal for tech-savvy users who know what they want and understand the lingo that is used on the site. If […]

chameleon for chrome

Chameleon highlights and protects you from browser fingerprinting in Chrome

Browser fingerprinting refers to methods to profile a browser based on information transferred automatically when connections are made to websites or services, or generated with the help of scripts and technologies. It is unclear how widely browser fingerprinting is being used on the Internet but it is clear that it is used by some companies […]

firefox 31

Firefox 31 released: Find out what is new

Mozilla will release updates for Firefox on all channels and platforms later today that increase the version of the browser by one. This means that stable users of the browser will get updated to version 31 automatically, while beta, aurora and nightly users are moved to Firefox 32, 33 and 34 respectively. The update has […]