The developers of TrueCrypt made the decision to retire the encryption software a couple of months ago. The reason given by them was that TrueCrypt was no longer secure and that users should move to other encryption products instead. No further information were given at that point in time and rumors began to spread. This […]

easeus todo pctrans free

Most users who buy, build or get a new PC want to move data from the old one to the new. This includes personal files such as photos, videos or music but also applications, application data and customizations. While it is possible to transfer plain files easily to the new PC, for instance directly over […]


Whenever I'm out to buy something, as opposed to buying online, I pay for all the goods I buy in cash. Instead of handing over a card or inserting it into a card reader of sorts, I hand over the money directly to the cashier. I try to do this even in situations where this […]


Playstation game controllers can be connected to Windows PCs directly as they use USB connectors which you can use for that purpose. A system like Windows 7 will recognize the controller and install the necessary drivers automatically but you still need to install additional drivers first before it is recognized in most games and programs. […]

track time wallpapers

As a computer user you may have experienced situations where you did not keep track of the time while working on the computer. Maybe you enjoyed those cute cat videos on YouTube so much, embraced a coding session or spend time on Twitter or other social media sites. Unless you set an alarm, manage to […]


As is the case with many tools out there, I prefer a desktop RSS reader over an online solution. Sure, online services such as Feedly have advantages. You can access them for instance from any Internet capable device and they require less space than local solution. On the downside, you depend on the service. If […]

mailpile beta

I reviewed Mailpile back in August of 2013 for the first time. The project was running a Kickstarter campaign back then for funding and did so successfully. A first alpha version, only available as a source code and a demo interface on the web was released in January 2014 and a second alpha about six […]