steam desktop theme

Steam desktop theme for Windows 7 released

If you are a big fan of the gaming platform Steam, or just like its dark style, and run Windows 7, you may be interested in a new theme that was released today. Steam VS for Windows 7 is a full theme for the operating system -- as opposed to basic themes that only change colors, wallpapers and a couple of other things -- that […]

firefox sticky notes

Add Sticky Notes to web pages in Firefox

Web browsers like Firefox do not provide you with any means to add information to websites that you visit regularly. While some users may not miss the features, others may find it useful as it allows them to access information directly on the website, instead of having to look up the information in another application or another page on the website. Examples? The phone number […]

unit converter

Calculatormatik is an incredible unit converter

If you need to convert one unit into another, for instance liter into gallons, Celsius into Fahrenheit, or Petabytes into Gigabytes, then you may be able to do so without using third-party tools. While that may be possible for some unit conversions, you may need to look up how a unit is converted into another for others. There are online services for that, and many […]

libraries in tab

Firefox after Australis: here is what may be next

The redesign of Firefox, which Mozilla calls Australis, will land in less than two weeks in the stable version of Firefox. No one knows exactly how the community will react when the design lands. While it is clear that it will be embraced by some and hated by others, we don't know how the majority of users will react. Almost certain is that part of […]

context menu after right-click

How to download Firefox add-ons manually from Mozilla

It is usually not necessary to download Firefox add-ons manually from the Mozilla website. There are however situations where this may be your only course of action. Maybe you want to install an add-on on a device without direct Internet connection, a development machine for example. Security conscious users may want to download extensions too as it provides them with options to go through the […]

send feedback

Google closing free Google Apps accounts due to inactivity

If you have a free Google Apps account you better check your emails as Google is currently sending out emails stating that accounts will be automatically closed for inactivity. While those messages have been sent in the past, it appears that they have been sent out in bulk in the past 24 hour period. The emails state that users have 30 days to sign in […]


SkypeFreak dumps contact, call, message and profile information from Skype

The messaging software Skype uses a local database on the system to store all kinds of information in. This not only includes information about each user of the application, but also call, message and contact information. What many Skype users may not know is that the information are stored without protection in the database. That's not an issue if you are the only user of […]

this trade appears suspicious

Steam “This trade appears suspicious” notification

Team Fortress 2 was the first game that Valve introduced virtual items in. You were able to find weapons and hats while playing the game. Eventually, the company introduced a store to it that you could use to purchase those items from, and some time later a community market that opened trading on the official platform. Before that, gamers had to use the chat or […]

chrome automatic browser reset

Google Chrome changing browser settings automatically?

When I opened Google Chrome today none of the tabs that were open the previous browsing session were loaded. I first though that this was due to a crash or some sort of corruption, but was able to reload all the tabs from last sessions with a click on the preferences icon in the top right and the selection of recent tabs there. When I […]

keyboard layout

Add more than 600 special characters to your keyboard layout

If you want to type special characters using your keyboard but do not want to install software to assist you in that, you can use ASCII code for that. The issue here is that you do need to know the code to make use of it, for instance that Alt+1254 will return this character> ยต. That may not be an issue if you only need […]