multi-process firefox

Multi-process Firefox's memory use will increase between 10% to 20% initially on average according to a memory test Mozilla ran recently. Multi-process Firefox, short e10s, is a major feature for Firefox that has been delayed several times already. Mozilla runs test in beta versions of Firefox currently and plans to release e10s when Firefox 46 […]

utorrent adfree

The makers of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent revealed uTorrent Ad-Free yesterday, an advertisement free version for $4.95 per year. The program has been available in two different versions up until now: a free, advertisement driven version, and a Pro version which adds add-on features to the client that are not linked directly to the […]

picasa web albums

Google announced on February 12, 2016 that it will retire the photo hosting, management and editing service Picasa on May 1, 2016. When Google launched the new Google Photos web application, it was clear that something had to happen to Picasa as Photos was Google's new focus and Picasa would have to go eventually. The […]


VCLip is a free desktop screen recorder for the Windows operating system that makes it dead easy to record part of the screen. The program has several appeals including easy of use and the download and go kind of approach to things. While it may not offer as many configuration options as full-blown screen recorders, […]

quantum break

Microsoft revealed yesterday that the company's much anticipated game Quantum Break will come to the new operating system Windows 10 the same time it is released for Xbox One. The game, developed by Remedy Entertainment, will launch on Windows 10 on April 5. Xbox One customers who preorder the game will get a download code […]

win10 wizard

Win10 Wizard is a free upgrade assistant to upgrade old versions of Windows to Windows 10, and to configure these upgraded systems once Windows 10 is installed. There is certainly no shortage of programs (GWX Control Panel, GWX Stoppper) to keep Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system away from a PC running older versions of Windows, […]

windows 10 telemetry

Microsoft informed Forbes recently that it plans to release updates later this year that puts users of the company's new operating system Windows 10 in full control over data sharing and telemetry, if they so desire. Update: According to Ed Bott, Microsoft has no plans to implement these changes this year or anytime in the […]


When I started Ghacks Technology News, I had two choices in regards to the business side of things. Either learn everything there is to know related to running and managing a business, or hiring someone to do it for me. The Ultimate Business Administration Bundle would have been really helpful back then as it includes […]


Actions is an automation program and file launcher for the Windows operating system that is provided as a free limited version and a commercial version. The main idea behind the program is to provide you with a recipe-based system of tasks that you can run with the mouse or by using hotkeys. The program ships […]

tabli tab manager chrome

Tabli is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and compatible web browsers that improves the tab management in several significant ways. One of the main limitations of Google Chrome is the browser's non-scrolling tab bar. The more tabs you open in a browser window, the less information about each open tab is displayed by […]

gmail tls encryption

Google added two new security indicators to its email service Gmail which reveal TLS encryption support and whether the sender could be authenticated. Many popular email services, including Gmail, support TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to protect data while it is in transit. TLS is only useful if both the sending and receiving email service […]

quick access popup

Quick Access Popup, an updated version of Folders Popup, provides you with the means to open folders on Windows quickly with just a mouse-click. The main idea behind the program is to provide Windows users with the means to access popular folders and custom folders easily from anywhere. You may have encountered situations before where […]