youtube html5 video

The video hosting site YouTube supports Adobe Flash and HTML5 Video and delivers videos based on the web browser and system used to access the site. Chrome users were defaulted to the HTML5 video player for some time now for instance while Firefox or Internet Explorer users to Adobe Flash instead for the most part. […]

temple usb information

Do you know how many USB ports your computer has and how many USB devices are connected to these ports? While that is usually not of importance to users who just work with the PC, it may become important sometimes when things don't work as expected. If you connect a fast USB 3.0 drive to […]

wifi hotspot

You have two core options to connect to the Internet with your smartphone or mobile device: WiFi or using mobile connections. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While you may run into privacy issues while using wireless connections that you don't have full control over, mobile connections are often limited bandwidth-wise which means that […]

google chrome cookies

It may sometimes be necessary to clear site-specific cookies. Maybe because you are a web developer and need to test a service, want to remove cookies after you are done visiting a website, or want to clear cookies to find out if they have been the cause for issues you have experienced in the past. […]

local ip address

Whenever you connect to sites on the Internet information about the connection and the underlying system are available to the site automatically. Information include the web browser and version used to connect, the language, operating system and also the remote IP address. While there are means to prevent the IP address from being revealed, by […]

vivaldi web browser

The technical preview of Vivaldi, a Chromium/Blink based web browser by Opera co-founder and former CEO John von Tetzchner is now available. The Opera browser is best known for innovations that Opera Software introduced to the browser, and while not all of them stuck, many were copied by other browsers in the end. The browser […]


WinToUSB is a free program for Windows that allows you to copy Windows installation files to a USB drive to run the installation from that drive. This can be useful in numerous occasions, for instance when the device you want to install Windows on has no optical drive. All you have to do is select […]

firefox 35.0.1 update

Mozilla has just released Firefox 35.0.1, a stability update for the web browser that fixes eight issues in total including three that may have caused crashes on user systems. The new version comes exactly two weeks after the release of Firefox 35 which caused add-on related issues for some users. The new Firefox version is […]

facebook lite android

Remember Facebook Lite? Facebook experimented with a low-resource version of the website back in 2009 and discontinued the site a year later in 2010 citing that Facebook Lite was not optimized for mobile devices and that apps should be used instead. The company did release and remove several apps in the meantime for mobile users […]

windows clock calendar comparison

Whenever a new Windows 10 build gets released, new tricks and tweaks come to light shortly thereafter that reveal additional features that are not available by default. The most recent build of Windows 10 that Microsoft released a couple of days ago shipped with many changes including the personal assistant Cortana (limited to English) and […]