malwarebytes hijack securityrun

When I ran the usual Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro scan today I noticed that the program detected a set of threats it called Hijack.Securityrun. The threats it detected during the scan were rated as high and pointed all to the Windows Registry. A quick search for the used threat descriptor Hijack.Securityrun would only return one result […]


I'm using the excellent password manager KeePass version 2.x on Windows to manage all my accounts and information. When I checked the Linux download page, I noticed that only KeePass 1.x was available for Linux which was a problem as the key file that I used could not be loaded in that version. The developer […]

enhanced steam

Enhanced Steam is a popular browser extension that improves and adds features to the steampowered website, home of the Steam gaming platform on the Internet. I have reviewed the Firefox version of Enhanced Steam back in 2013  and found it to be an excellent tool for Steam users. Among the features it adds are DRM badges […]

convertxtodvd 5 review

I installed Linux Mint on a Thinkpad today to get used to the operating system and Linux in general. That got me thinking; what is keeping me from using Linux on all my devices? I have used Windows ever since I got my first personal computer back when the Pentium 1 was the latest craze. […]

network tester

When you are connecting to open wireless networks using an Android device, you sometimes don't know if Internet access is available or if you are blocked from accessing the Internet which happens if it is a paid or restricted service. Network Tester has been designed to quickly test if an open wireless network lets you […]

driver manager

I had to reinstall the operating system on my Thinkpad laptop and decided to install Linux Mint on it instead of Windows 8 or 10, the operating systems that were previously installed on it. The installation of the Linux distribution wentfine. I had to use the Universal USB Installer to copy the ISO image to […]

firefox tracking protection

Mozilla has been working on a privacy feature called Tracking Protection for some time now. The feature is currently only available in Nightly versions of the desktop version of the web browser and there only after activation. The feature landed in Firefox for Android too but has not found its way to the stable version […]

dll hijack detector

DLL hijacking is an attack that makes applications load malicious dynamic link libraries instead of the intended -- clean and legit -- library on a Windows system. Programs that don't specify paths to libraries are vulnerable to DLL hijacking as Windows uses a priority based search order in this case to load libraries. If attackers […]

amazon cloud drive unlimited

Amazon's Cloud Drive has been a contender in the cloud storage and file synchronizing vertical for some time now. Today, Amazon announced the launch of two new plans that simplify Cloud Drive significantly for all users. Unlimited Photos gives 5 Gigabyte of general storage space and unlimited photo storage to Cloud Drive users for $11.99 […]

data saver google chrome

If you wanted to use the compression proxy that Google introduced in mobile versions of Chrome some time ago on the desktop, you had to use a third-party extension until now to do so. The extension enabled the compression proxy on desktop versions of Chrome so that you could use it to speed up your […]