firefox tools adapter

Most developers have preferences when it comes to Developer Tools. Some swear on the ones built-in Chrome, others prefer Firefox's or add-ons such as Firebug. The problem here is that these tools are limited to a single browser. If you have to switch to another, for instance to test how services and sites look in […]

android location services

Most smartphones can pinpoint the current location using GPS or other means. On Android, this feature can be turned on or off depending on the default preference to either allow or block it. Some applications require location services for some or all of its features. This is for instance the case for Foursquare or Google […]

dota 2 price item

The BBC reports that users of the popular video streaming website are attacked on the site which can lead to the buying, selling or trading of virtual user items on the gaming platform Steam. Attacks are carried out via links that get posted in chat on the site according to F-Secure which reported about […]

google software removal tool

While it is difficult to come by statistics to find out how many Internet users are affected by software that is manipulating browser settings or installing add-ons and other potentially unwanted tools in browsers, it is clear that this poses a threat to many users. These modifications can be divided into two different types. First […]


Screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 9 leaked yesterday on the German website ComputerBase. Microsoft calls this build Windows Technical Preview and the build number is 9834 (Windows 8.1 is 9600). It is interesting to note that the 9 is missing in the name. While that does not have to mean anything, it could […]

chrome keyboard shortcuts toggle extensions

Some extensions that you have installed in Google Chrome may not need to run all the time. Think of an extension that works only on a single website or one that you only use for specific tasks such as development or research. While some extensions use memory optimization techniques to use little or no memory […]

signature check

Sigcheck is one of those awesome Sysinternals programs that you can use to check signatures and other information of all files of a folder. The original program is only available as a command line version which at least sometimes is not as comfortable to work with. This is especially true for repeat checks but also […]

connection troubleshooter

Fixing remote network issues can be quite the time consuming tasks. While it is sometimes a matter of making a quick change to the configuration of one system, it can at other times lead to hours of painful troubleshooting. The Windows operating system ships with tools to aid users in the process. Windows Network Diagnostics […]

extensions memory use

You know probably that Google Chrome is supporting extensions just like Firefox or the Opera browser. Extensions add functionality to the browser or modify the default behavior which can be quite useful at times. From ad blocking to scanning web pages or sharing information you come across. When you check the Chrome Task Manager, you […]

gmail login history

Update: From what has been gathered so far, it appears as if this is not a new hack, and that the list may have been created from different sources. Google has posted an official response. According to the company, the data dump was not the result of a security breach. Today's big news is the […]