chrome plugins

Google Chrome users who rely on functionality that NPAPI plugins provide won't be able to make use of it anymore with the release of Chrome 45. NPAPI-only plugins such as Java or Silverlight are used throughout the web and while their use is declining, there are numerous applications and services that make use of either […]


These are the best deals for the month of August 2015 on Ghacks Deals. There is something in it for everyone I think, some free and some discounted offers are included to suite all tastes. Lets get started. Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle This bundle consists of eight different e-learning courses that cover […]


A conglomerate of streaming media providers, web browser makers and hardware manufacturers have partnered up to create next generation royalty free video formats. The member list reads like the Who is Who in the streaming world as Amazon and Netflix, Cisco and Intel, and Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have joined the alliance to further that […]

windows 10 usage share

Windows 10 has been out for little over a month; reason enough to find out how the operating system did usage share wise. NetMarketShare's published desktop operating system usage share statistics for August 2015 indicate that Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 jumped straight to position four of the most used operating system from not […]

Containers file menu

A recent Mozilla Wiki entry reveals that Mozilla plans to add contextual identities to the Firefox web browser which allow users of the browser to separate certain data types from each other. This would benefit Firefox users in several ways, for instance by allowing them to sign in to web services at the same time […]

spyshelter free anti keylogger

SpyShelter, creators of popular anti-keylogger programs for Windows, have just released an update that removes the 32-bit limit from the free version of the program and adds limited keystroke encryption to it on top of that. The company released SpyShelter Free back in 2010 for 32-bit versions of Windows while the company's paid products SpyShelter […]

hack open source code font

The days of confusing 0 and O, l and 1, or Z and 2 while reading through pages of code late at night are finally over with the release of Hack, an open source typeface designed specifically for code. While it is code that Hack has been designed for, its open source free for all […]

firefox 64-bit windows

Mozilla released official 64-bit versions of Firefox for Windows back in 2010. The organization made those available only to the cutting edge Nightly channel of the web browser, decided to pull those in late 2012 only to cave in and give them back a month later. The organization announced then in 2014 that a 64-bit […]