windows patches incoming

Microsoft plans to release a massive number of optional patches for company products today only a week after this month's Patch Tuesday. If you thought you are done patching your operating system this month, you are in for a surprise as 34 new patches are released later today. Even though we don't have all information […]

noscript abe

NoScript is a powerful add-on for the Firefox web browser that gives you control over web scripts and several other security related features. Its core feature is the blocking of scripts loaded by websites to improve overall security and also privacy. While that requires initial configuration on the user's part, as some websites may stop […]

steam limited user accounts

It is easy enough to create a Steam account. Just visit the official website to create an account, verify your email address and you are in. What's left then is to download the Steam client for your system and sign in using it. Since money is involved on Steam, for instance in form of Steam […]

google settings

The advertising ID is a unique anonymous identifier on Android devices that is being used for advertising purposes. App developers can use the advertising ID API to access the ID on user devices, for instance to identify users and devices for targeted advertising. It is only used by applications offered on Google Play and the […]


Tomahawk is a powerful, cross-platform music player that you can link to various free and commercial online music streaming services among other things. The player's plugin system is introduced right on first start. Use it to enable plugins for services that you would like to use in the player. This includes free services and locations […]

photorec gui

The popular data recovery software TestDisk and its photo recovery pendant PhotoRec have both been released as version 7 yesterday. TestDisk, available for Windows, Linux and Mac systems, is a powerful tool to recover lost partitions or files supporting numerous file systems. PhotoRec, which ships with TestDisk distributions, recovers specific file types including many image […]

install github addon

Not all but several Firefox add-on projects are hosted on the project hosting website GitHub. This means among other things that the source code of the extension and often also its Firefox xpi installation file are offered there. The Github version may be newer than the version on Mozilla's add-on repository due to the way […]

comodo programs manager

You can rely on the native uninstaller when it comes to the removal of installed programs on Windows or use a specialized product to make sure that leftovers are removed from the system as well. I looked at three programs yesterday that don't monitor the installation but scan the system for leftovers after the removal. […]

I wanted to give you all an update on my original post about Ghacks is dying from February this year. I don't want to rehash all the post to put those up to speed who have not read it but summarize what is being said in the post. I founded Ghacks back in 2005 and […]