windows 10 search bypass

Microsoft announced on April 28, 2016 that it implemented a change on Windows 10 that prevents third-party programs from hijacking the operating system's web search functionality. It took one day to create a solution to revert the change so that web searches on Windows 10 once again open in the default system browser regardless of […]

firefox 48 web extensions

WebExtensions, a new browser API for Firefox that Mozilla wants add-on developers to focus on once it has been released, is still on track for a Firefox 48 release. Mozilla announced the push towards WebExtensions back in mid-2015 and made the decision back then to model the new API after Google's Blink extension API. Mozilla […]


Nomacs is an open source image viewer and editor for Windows and Linux that supports an option to synchronize viewing between multiple program instances. Windows users can download a portable version of the program or a setup version while Linux users find instructions for various Linux distributions on the official project website. Nomacs Nomacs supports […]

windows 10 web search

Microsoft announced today that it made the decision to enforce the use of Microsoft Edge and Bing with Cortana on its Windows 10 operating system. The introduction of the digital assistant Cortana on Windows 10 brought along with it major changes to the operating system's search functionality. Windows 10 users can run web searches using […]

onedrive referral bonus

Microsoft announced back in 2015 that it made the decision to downgrade OneDrive plans for paying and free users without revealing at that time why it made the decision. The company came clean later by stating publicly that the economics of existing plans were unsustainable, and that it had to change them because of that. […]


Complete C# Coding Bootcamp is an eleven courses spanning eLearning bundle for all experience levels that teaches you C# programming. It starts with the basics and fundamentals but covers advanced topics as well. All in all, you get 11 courses with more than 89 hours worth of content. The courses included in the bundle are […]

eset online scanner

ESET Online Scanner is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to run a one-time scan for malicious and potentially unwanted items. It is an on-demand scanner in this regard that you can run alongside any installed antivirus or security solution. The program is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows from Windows […]

firefox plugins

While most browser makers plan to drop support for Java, Flash and other plugins such as Silverlight or Quicktime, or have stopped supporting these technologies already, there are still a lot of sites and services out there that can only be accessed if certain plugins are installed in the browser. If you take Google Chrome […]

photos app

Microsoft will release an update for Windows 10 on the next Patch Tuesday (May 10th, 2016) that fixes a photo import issue in the system's official Photos application. The bug prevents some memory card readers from working properly when the Photos application is being used (which it is by default). Particularly, SATA-attached readers, which you […]

thunderbird 45 enter key

If you have updated the desktop email client Thunderbird to version 45 which the team released recently, you may have noticed several changes that may affect how you are using the application. One of those changes affects the compose window, and there specifically what happens when you tap on the Enter-key to create a new […]

youtube new layout

Google published updates for the official YouTube Android and iOS application yesterday which introduce a new mobile design in both apps. The new "clean and simple" format has been designed to "discover and enjoy" according to Google. It is powered by "deep neural network technology" which Google promises will "make it easier to discover videos […]

soccer scores

Soccer Scores - FotMob is one of the most popular and highly rated football applications for Android devices. The free application provides you with options to follow your favorite teams and leagues, get news, fixtures, live text commentary, live scores, match stats and more. Note: The app displays advertisement by default but you can make […]

connected standby

Microsoft promised to deliver builds faster to Windows 10 insiders and it certainly kept its word so far as Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332 has just been released. Considering that the company released a massive update in the beginning of April already, it is understandable that this new build concentrates mostly on bug fixes […]

dropbox project inifity

Dropbox announced Project Infinity today which brings local and online storage closer together by making all non-synced files available as placeholders on local devices. Sounds familiar? Microsoft's implementation of OneDrive on Windows 8 supported placeholders but the company made the decision to remove the feature again stating that it confused users. Dropbox goes a step […]