Things have been quite difficult for Reddit on many levels this year. There were several user revolts, closed forums, new policies, employees that had to go and more, and all of this seems to come down to turning the millions that visit Reddit every day into profit. Reddit has implemented several monetization schemes on the […]

surface book

Microsoft announced several new devices on its Windows 10 Devices event including a new version of the popular Surface Pro line called Surface Pro 4 and the company's first laptop Surface Book. If you have followed the announcement, or maybe just heard about the two devices, you are probably wondering how these two differ and […]

firefox edge

If you like how Microsoft Edge looks but prefer to use the Firefox browser, then you may be able to get the best of both worlds by installing the third-party Mozilla Edge theme in Firefox. I don't particularly like the looks of Microsoft Edge as I think it is too minimalist not only in functionality […]

torrent live

Blocking dangerous, privacy-invasive or unwanted IP addresses is not an entirely new concept. Programs like PeerBlock or PeerGuardian (which PeerBlock is based on), are standalone applications that block certain IP addresses from connecting to your computer to increase your privacy when your devices are connected to peer to peer networks. The main idea behind these […]


It is Giveaway time again and this time it is an Apple iPhone 6S that is up for grabs. Apple's latest smartphone ships with a display size of 4.7 inch, a 1334 by 750 pixel resolution at 326 ppi, an A9 chip with 64-bit architecture, a new 12MP isight camera and other improvements or new […]

mailstore home 8.3

This year's first update for the popular email backup program MailStore Home brings official support for Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system and email client Outlook 2016. MailStore Home is my go-to program for mail backups as it is easy to use and highly convenient. I have talked about it throughout the years here on […]

notification permissions

Mozilla plans to launch better management options for Web Notifications permissions in Firefox 44 and 45 which will provide users with options to list all custom permissions in one central location, and to add or remove sites and applications from the permissions list. The Notifications API provides web pages or applications with the means to […]

windows 10 blurry fonts

I don't change the DPI scaling on devices I work with normally but if you do, you may have noticed that the feature is somehow making fonts blurry in some parts of the Windows 10 operating system. This should come as a surprise to users who ran Windows 8 previously as this was not the […]

firefox prevent installation unsigned addon

Your favorite Firefox add-on just stopped working in the browser or refuses to install? If that happens to you it could be because of a new policy over at Mozilla that requires add-ons to be signed before they can be installed or activated in the Firefox web browser. The policy is not live yet -- […]

turbo download manager

Firefox users have plenty of choices when it comes to improving file downloads in the web browser. From the grand daddy Down Them All to third-party download managers like Free Download Manager. When Mozilla announced that it would make major changes to Firefox's add-on system, several developers announced that they would stop supporting their extensions […]

shortcut customizer

Shortcut Customizer is a free application for Android that you can make use of to create shortcuts to several different types of data to speed things up while using the device. Apart from creating shortcuts to applications, it lets you create shortcuts that point to bookmarks, email address, phones numbers, music or other data that […]


When I posted Welcome to Ghacks on October 3, 2005 I did not know what to expect from this site. It was my first blog and initially designed to provide information about software that a friend of mine was creating. I had previous experience on the Internet, ran a successful web forum for instance for […]