cloneapp backup

CloneApp is a specialized backup program for Windows that has been created specifically to back up profile folders and Registry configurations of Windows programs. The free program ships with a large list of default applications that it presents to you on start. It makes no distinction and it is up to you to select the […]


By now you have probably heard about Suggested Tiles, a new feature coming to the Firefox browser's New Tab page in the near future. Suggested Tiles are already available in pre-release versions of Firefox and we were among the first to publish an article about it here on this site. It was not clear back […]


If you download software programs regularly for Windows, you probably do your due diligence when it comes to making sure that the programs are safe and not malicious in nature. While you find lots of clean programs on the Internet for the operating system, there is probably an even greater number of infected programs out […]

yandex browser stealth mode

Yandex published a beta version of its minimalist browser today that it first revealed back in 2014. The interface has not changed much on first glance, but the switch from alpha to beta introduces a new set of privacy enhancements and features in the browser. One of the bigger changes in the beta version is […]

audio indicator microsoft edge

The most recent public build of Windows 10, build 10122, ships with an updated version of the operating system's default browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is under a lot of pressure currently. Not only is it putting all its eggs in the Windows 10 basket hoping that the operating system won't tank like Windows 8 did, […]

error 0x80246017

If you have set up a test system with a preview build of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, you may have encountered the update error 0x80246017 before. I encountered the error yesterday when I tried to to download the newest build on Fast Ring, 10122. Instead of downloading and installing the build, Windows Update would […]


I consider VPNs (virtual private networks) essential on today's Internet. Not only do they help protect your privacy and keep your data safe while connected to them, they provide a bunch of additional nice to have features such as bypassing geo-blocks to access geographically restricted contents on the Internet. This week's offer gets you a […]

bittorrent sync search

The recent update to BitTorrent Sync 2.0.120 introduces several usability improvements to the file synchronization and sharing application. The new version introduces a search function, optional columns to display additional information in the program interface and an option to hide offline devices in the My devices list. The update has been released for all supported […]