Clean Master Phone Boost is a very popular app for Android that enables users to delete temporary data from the device to free up storage space and remove traces from the phone or tablet at the same time. The company behind the product, Cheetah Mobile, has released a first public version of Clean Master for […]


It is easy to lose sight of a file that you have saved to your computer system. While most programs use default locations to save files, it can happen that files get saved to another location. The Firefox web browser for example sets download directories based on the server files get downloaded from. This means […]

apps in windows

The Windows 10 Preview is out and interested users can download ISO images or an upgrade executable file to install Windows 10 as a standalone operating system or upgrade an existing version of Windows instead. You can install Windows 10 in a virtual machine for example if you don't want to mess with a current […]


Microsoft has launched its Windows Insider Program a moment ago which lets you test new Windows versions before they are released, and in today's case a preview version of Windows 10. It is interesting to note that it seems possible to download the Windows 10 Preview without signing up for the program.  In fact, if […]


MatchStick is an open Google Chromecast alternative that is based on Firefox OS. The company behind it is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and the pledged amount of $100,000 has already been matched less than a day after publication. MatchStick runs on a Rockchip 3066 dual-core cpu with one Gigabyte of RAM and four Gigabyte […]


Microsoft announced Windows 10 yesterday during a media briefing in San Francisco and surprised the world with that name. The company has uploaded video footage of the briefing to YouTube for everyone to see. One of the features of the new operating system that got demoed quite a bit during the briefing was the new […]


Microsoft revealed information about the next version of Windows today and one of the big surprises is that the next version of Windows will be Windows 10 and not Windows 9. Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to be precise, is the current version of Windows which succeeded Windows 7. It felt natural to many that […]

maxthon mxnitro browser

While the Maxthon browser has not reached the popularity of browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or even Opera yet, it has a loyal following that likes what it offers. It may come as a surprise to many that the company Maxthon has created a second browser called MxNitro. Both web browsers don't share many […]

borderless gaming

Apps and games can run in three different modes on a desktop computer system. They can run in fullscreen mode, windowed mode or borderless mode. All of these modes have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some modes get priority access to system hardware while others may offer faster Alt-Tab switching or improve streaming. If Alt-Tab […]

tab playing audio

Depending on how you browse the web, you may have encountered situations where audio suddenly started to play in the browser. It is sometimes easy to pinpoint the tab and location where the audio is coming from, while it may not be as easy at other times. Browsers like Chrome offer audio indicators which help […]