vlc bookmarks

One of the few things that is still lacking in the popular media player VLC is support for playback resume. While there are some extensions available that add it to the player, I was never able to get them to work properly in VLC Media Player. Even if you get them to run, they don't […]


Dukto is an open source project that is available for various mobile devices and desktop operating systems. It enables you to share files, folders and texts between all devices using local connections only. If you ever had to transfer files from your computer to your mobile phone, or vice verse, you have probably either connected […]


The term geolocation refers to services that determine the position of the device connecting to a service using location-based features in the world. The feature is built-in to many browsers and used on websites that benefit from those information. Mapping services such as Google Maps or Bing Maps for instance use it for various features […]

malwarebytes new interface

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a powerful program that you can run on your Windows system next to other security software to add another layer of protection to it. The free version offers an on-demand scanner only while the premium version of the product real-time protection on top of it. The next version of the product, currently […]

bittorrent sync pro

BitTorrent announced Sync 2.0 and the launch of a Pro version of the product back in November 2014 and has released the final version of BitTorrent Sync 2.0 to the public today. If you used Sync before you are probably wondering what is changing in the new version. There is still a free version available […]

disk drill for windows

There is certainly no shortage of data recovery programs for the Windows operating system but if a popular program from another platform gets ported, it is worth taking a closer look. The program itself is simple to use. It displays a list of all drives and partitions on start that you start recovery processes on. […]

Firefox mse

Users of the Firefox browser, especially those running the stable version, are still somewhat limited when it comes to HTML5 video support. On YouTube for instance, MSE is not supported which means that some video features such as high resolutions may not be available when the HTML5 video player is used on the site. While […]

netsetman autoswitch

Depending on how and where you use your computer, you may need to change network settings regularly. This can be the case if you use a laptop at home and in office for example. Windows doesn't save different network profiles which means that you have to switch manually or write your own batch files or […]