Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle is an eight courses spanning eLearning bundle that concentrates on teaching you white hat hacker techniques. Two courses of the bundle are available if you pay at least $1, all eight courses if you beat the average price. The following courses are included: The Complete Ethical […]

paint vs paint 3d

Microsoft plans to launch a new Paint app called Paint 3D with the Windows 10 Creative Update in early 2017. It is unclear yet if Microsoft plans to replace the win32 version of Paint that was part of all recent and not so recent versions of Windows with the application version Paint 3D, or if […]

pale moon 27

The Pale Moon team is working on Pale Moon 27 currently, the next version of the popular web browser that shares code with Firefox. As you may know, the Pale Moon team uses a different versioning scheme than Mozilla as it ups the integer part (characteristic) of the version only when major versions are released, […]

advanced systemcare 10 free

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free is the latest iteration of the all-in-on cleanup and optimization suite for Windows devices. While the new version does not ship with many new features, there is only FaceID and it has limited uses, most of the tools that the suite ships with have been improved. As far as FaceID […]

surface dial

Microsoft did showcase several new pieces of hardware on yesterday's event including the company's first desktop PC Surface Studio and an accompanying Surface Dial. Surface Dial, which looks like a Hockey puck, is a standalone device that is included in Surface Studio preorders for a limited time, and also available for purchase on the Microsoft […]

new microsoft paint

Microsoft revealed the name of the upcoming Windows 10 update today; the Windows 10 Creators Update will be out in 2017 (likely March). The company revealed several upcoming features of Windows 10 Creators Update today. While those events get me excited usually, this one in particular did not. Remember the 3D Builder app that Windows […]

english pills esl

English Pills is a free application for Google Android devices designed for non native English speakers to increase their command of the English language in a fun way. Most language learners and courses concentrate on the essentials when it comes to that: vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading and conversation are probably the five big areas that […]

group policy windows customer-experience improvement program

Microsoft introduced the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program in Windows Vista, and has made it a part of any version of Windows since. Designed to collect information about hardware and how software and services are used, it is used by Microsoft to identify trends and usage patterns. Microsoft states that personal identifiable information such as […]

avira free security suite

Avira, best known for its Free Antivirus program for Windows, released a new product called Avira Free Security Suite 2017 with the traditional 2017 refresh of its product lineup. As a user, you are probably wondering how the new product differs from the Free Antivirus, and whether you should pick the classic product or the […]

firefox fix flash games lag

Reports are coming in that the most recent version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is not playing nicely with Flash game sites and games across the Internet. Users are reporting all kinds of issues including extreme lag and rendering issues, that the mouse wheel stops working, the mouse cursor is lost, and that mouse […]


DNS66 is a host-based blocker for Android devices that is easy to setup and does not require root or special permissions. Setting up proper blocking on Android devices is not as easy as it sounds. Solutions that don't require root are often limited when it comes to functionality. DNS66 is a free application for Android […]


VoCore2 is a coin-sized Linux computer with WiFi that was funded successfully on Indiegogo some time ago. It ships with support for Wifi, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and several other important hardware features such as SD support. The device ships with 16MB of Flash storage and 128MB of DDR2 memory. The device is comparable to the […]

Opera 41 Faster Startup

Opera Software has just released Opera 41, a new stable version of the popular cross-platform browser for all supported desktop operating systems. Probably the biggest new feature of Opera 41 is the improvement in startup time that the browser ships with. According to Opera Software, Opera 41 shows an improvement of up to 86% in […]


Reshade is a free professional grade program for Microsoft Windows devices that provides you with options to enlarge images using sophisticated algorithms. While there are many programs out there that help you reduce the resolution of images, only a few ship with options to enlarge images without losing too many details. Reshade works similarly to […]