Windows 7

While Windows 7 no longer receives support from Microsoft, there are many people still using it. We’ll show you how to make the best use of it, which apps you can install, how to maintain it, improving security, and news related to this operating system.

Display Control Panel And Recycle Bin In Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has been revamped a bit by Microsoft to display helpful shortcut links in a sidebar by default. The libraries are displayed there for instance as well as […]

Windows 7 Personalization

Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 7 has made a leap forward in many different areas when compared to Windows XP or Windows Vista. Among those are personalization improvements in Windows 7, and […]

Fix Slow Folders In Windows 7

The following guide provides you with a solution for folders opening very slowly in Windows Explorer or File Explorer on a Windows device. Recently, I started to notice that one folder on […]

Windows 7 Gadgets Chameleon Glass Collection

Update: Microsoft has retired gadgets in Windows 8 and disabled most of the functionality in previous versions of Windows as well. Computer users either love or hate gadgets. Gadgets are small applications […]

New Updates For Windows 7 And Windows Server 2008 R2 Released

Most Windows users know that Microsoft releases security updates once per month on the so called patch day. Only critical security updates are offered when it is necessary which just happened recently […]

Fix Missing Desktop Icons

A strange thing happened the other day on a Windows 7 Professional test system. All of the desktop icons that had been placed on the computer desktop were not visible anymore. I […]

Stop UAC From Dimming The Desktop in Windows

If you are a Windows XP user who recently switched to Windows 7 you may have started to get annoyed by the blacking out of the screen every time the User Account […]

10 Advanced Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 has been out for a few months years now and it is already clear that it will not become a second-Vista for Microsoft. The operating system's market share has already […]


Windows Reliability Monitor

The reliability monitor is a control panel application introduced in Windows Vista that provides information about a computer's reliability and problem history. In other words, it lists issues that may require your […]

Four New Windows 7 Themes Released By Microsoft

Microsoft has released four new themes for their operating system Windows 7. Some users who have not made the switch yet may wonder how it can be that Microsoft seems to be […]

windows 7 stop error

Fix Stop Error Messages After Resume In Windows 7

The following guide offers  a quick for stop error messages after resuming on PCs running Microsoft's Windows operating system. Microsoft has released a patch yesterday that fixes a bug that some Windows […]

No Sound In Windows 7? Try This Fix

The following guide provides you with a fix that may help you recover a Windows 7 system if sound suddenly stops playing. Something strange happened from one day to the next on […]

Windows 7: How To Copy Or Move Files From Multiple Folders

Complex file operations are not really supported by the default file browser in Windows (Windows Explorer). Windows Explorer does not come with the means for instance to copy or move a specific […]

Windows 7 Codec Pack Download

Windows 7, unlike previous Microsoft operating systems, comes with extended capabilities to play video files out of the box. The operating system comes with codecs to play Divx, Xvid, H.264, AAC and […]

Windows 7 Black Screen Of Death Fix

Some Windows 7 users have reported a problem with the operating system that they experienced after installing the latest Microsoft security update on November 25.  Some incidents about the so called black […]

Windows 7 Editions: Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate is the last Windows 7 edition that we would like to review in our little series. This is the only consumer edition of Windows 7 that offers all features […]

Windows 7 Editions: Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional is the second Windows 7 edition that we take a closer look at (after Windows 7 Home Premium yesterday). This edition is actually the equivalent to Windows Vista Business […]

Windows 7 Editions 1: Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium is one of three Windows 7 editions that Microsoft has designed for the mid to high end market segment (the other two of that segment are Windows 7 […]

Windows 7 Themes

Microsoft changed how themes are handled in the company's Windows 7 operating system. While core system files are still protected from manipulation in the operating system, the overall theme management options and […]

Virtual Router Turns Windows 7 Into Wifi Hotspot

Virtual Router Manager is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that can turn a Windows PC into a wireless hotspot. Connectify was the first downloadable application that used the virtual Wifi […]

5 Productivity Increasing Features In Windows 7

If you compare Windows Vista and Windows 7 you see lots of similarities. So many that most Windows 7 users who have been using Windows Vista in the past might be hard […]

Create Wireless Hotspots With Connectify And Windows 7

Virtual WiFi, one of the features that Microsoft introduced in their new operating system Windows 7, did not get that much attention until now. Virtual WiFi makes it possible to use the […]

DirectX 11 For Windows Vista Released

Unlike Microsoft's previous try to make Windows Vista more attractive to gamers by bundling DirectX 10 exclusively with the operating system the company from Redmond decided that it was time to change […]

Windows 7 System Recovery Disc

A Windows 7 System Recovery Disc is a bootable disc that contains tools to recovery and fix problems that have been encountered in the Windows 7 operating system. It can for instance […]

My Windows 7 Upgrade Experience

I spend the last two hours upgrading my Windows XP SP3 computer system to Windows 7 Professional. As you all know it is not possible to perform a direct upgrade. Only a […]

Endless Reboot Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

Reports about upgrade problems from Windows Vista to Windows 7 began to appear on Friday on several forums and support websites. Users who experienced these difficulties mentioned an endless reboot cycle after […]

Windows 7 Compatibility Center Released

It has been just three days after the release of Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 7. It is definitely to early to call it a successful operating system launch but early reviews […]

Clean Install Windows 7 With Windows 7 Upgrades

Windows 7 can be purchased in various editions like Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate. Next to these editions are also different versions of the operating system like oem, full […]

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft has updated their software Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor two days ago. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is a tool that runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. It can be used to […]

Free Microsoft Ebook: Deploying Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 right around the corner Microsoft has released a free ebook called "Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine". The […]

Windows 7: Download WinHlp32.exe to Open Help (hlp) Files

Microsoft has started making cuts in Windows Vista but especially their soon to be released operating system Windows 7. Programs like the email client Outlook Express, Windows Movie Maker or Windows Photo […]

Host A Windows 7 Launch Party And Get Windows 7 Ultimate For Free

It seems that Microsoft is trying to explore some new ways of promoting their upcoming operating system Windows 7. Other methods of promoting Windows 7 are slowly coming to light next to […]

Windows 7 Enterprise Trial Download

Microsoft's next operating system Windows 7 will be released on October 22. Users who participated in the beta test may have already downloaded, installed and used the Windows 7 Release Candidate which […]

Windows 7 Family Packs And Upgrade Editions In Europe

With the start of Microsoft's new operating system around the corner it is time to clear some confusion that build up over the last couple of months. The confusion can mainly be […]

Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers

Microsoft released (or preparing to release) all kinds of training related materials for the upcoming operating system Windows 7. This includes videos, documentation, development kits and much more. The Windows 7 training […]

Google Chrome Windows 7 Jumplists

Jumplists are part of the new Windows 7 taskbar, and also part of newer versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The jumplists provide access to program related options basically. This can […]

The reinventing of the Operating System

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found that logging onto the computer has become quite mundane and boring. Yes, I like Windows 7, and Snow Leopard isn’t looking too […]

Windows 7 Family Pack And Anytime Upgrade Pricing

The Windows 7 pre-ordering period was not like many users, especially from Europe, would expect it to be. Microsoft promised discounts on Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional for a […]

Order Internet Explorer 8 On CD

Update: Please note that Microsoft made last-minute modifications to Windows 7. The operating system shipped with a browser ballot in Europe that allowed users from the EU to select and install one […]

Windows 7 RC To Final Upgrade Possible

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 7, Microsoft's next operating system. Not only because I'm running a very successful Windows 7 blog but also because I finally have the […]



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