Windows 7

While Windows 7 no longer receives support from Microsoft, there are many people still using it. We’ll show you how to make the best use of it, which apps you can install, how to maintain it, improving security, and news related to this operating system.

Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers

Microsoft released (or preparing to release) all kinds of training related materials for the upcoming operating system Windows 7. This includes videos, documentation, development kits and much more. The Windows 7 training […]

Google Chrome Windows 7 Jumplists

Jumplists are part of the new Windows 7 taskbar, and also part of newer versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The jumplists provide access to program related options basically. This can […]

The reinventing of the Operating System

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found that logging onto the computer has become quite mundane and boring. Yes, I like Windows 7, and Snow Leopard isn’t looking too […]

Windows 7 Family Pack And Anytime Upgrade Pricing

The Windows 7 pre-ordering period was not like many users, especially from Europe, would expect it to be. Microsoft promised discounts on Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional for a […]

Order Internet Explorer 8 On CD

Update: Please note that Microsoft made last-minute modifications to Windows 7. The operating system shipped with a browser ballot in Europe that allowed users from the EU to select and install one […]

Windows 7 RC To Final Upgrade Possible

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 7, Microsoft's next operating system. Not only because I'm running a very successful Windows 7 blog but also because I finally have the […]

Windows 7 Price, Upgrades And Preorders

Microsoft has finally revealed information about the pricing and upgrade options for their upcoming operating system Windows 7. Many websites have already reported about the prices and how they compare to Windows […]

Microsoft Removes Internet Explorer From Windows 7 In EU

We all have heard the news that the European Union made the "suggestion" that Microsoft should bundle additional web browsers with their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to make up for failings […]


Download the Windows 7 RC Without Slowdowns

Note: The Windows 7 Release Candidate is no longer available for download. The following information are kept for archiving purposes. Most tech blogs are reporting that the Windows 7 Release Candidate has […]

5 Reasons Why You Might Want To Switch From XP To Windows 7

Windows XP is an excellent operating system. The majority of Windows users are still running Windows XP followed by Windows Vista and other variants. XP is leading the field by a ratio […]

Virtual XP Mode Coming To Windows 7

The last two weeks were filled with rumors about the upcoming Windows 7 Release Candidate. Not only because it is a major step in the development of the next Microsoft operating system, […]

Uninstalling Features In Windows 7

The release candidate of Windows 7 comes with a surprising new feature in the Control Panel that will please many advanced users. A main point of criticism for users of previous Microsoft […]

How To Replace Windows XP With Windows 7

Many Windows XP users have decided to skip the Windows Vista operating system due to countless problems reported in the early days of its release. Especially performance related issues where the main […]

Windows 7 Codec Package

Not everyone is a friend of so called codec packages which basically consist of a collection of audio and video codecs that get batch installed on a computer system. The main point […]

Fix Hard Drive Or DVD Not Showing Up In Windows 7

Windows 7 Beta is very stable. There are only a handful of beta testers that are reporting problems with the new operating system. Two of the problems will be addressed in this […]

5 Great New Features Of Windows 7

Do not worry. This article will not contain the same old blabla that most of the other Windows 7 toplist articles will mention. It will instead concentrate on five lesser known but […]

Windows 7 Beta Download Without Limits

We have posted an article about the problems that were encountered during the initial Windows 7 Beta release on January 9. Users who wanted to download the beta on the release date […]

Microsoft Did Not Expect Such A High Windows 7 Beta Demand

You might have read that the first public beta release of Windows 7 was supposed to happen yesterday. If you followed the news on that day you might know that the beta […]

Windows 7 Like Taskbar In Windows XP

You may have heard about the improvements that Microsoft has made to the taskbar in the Windows 7 operating system. The company has improved it quite a bit which in turn changes […]

Is Windows 7 any different?

I realize that I may not know enough, but does Windows 7 offer any radically different stuff? I mean I am one of the few people who likes Vista, but how exactly […]

Aero Snap For Windows XP And Windows Vista

Aero Shake and Snap was one of the new Windows 7 features that came to light during the Professional Developers Conference 08 in Los Angeles. The two features provide better windows management […]

Windows 7 Tidbits

The last days have been filled with news posts about Windows 7. Everyone posted news about the upcoming operating system and it was quite hard to keep an overview of the things […]

Microsoft Touchless

Microsoft Office Labs are always good for a surprise. For anyone who does not know what Microsoft Office Labs is about: It basically is used to publish software programs created by Microsoft […]

Features coming with Windows 7

As you now know, Windows 7 is being officially called… Windows 7. Microsoft has been pretty tight on leaks up to now so we haven’t had a great deal of information about […]

Microsoft announces name for next Windows OS: It's Windows 7

Windows 7 was the codename for the next Microsoft operating system. That's what the Microsoft engineers and representatives never failed to mention when they were giving away information about the upcoming Windows […]

Microsoft To Cut Standard Applications from Windows 7

In a somewhat surprising move Microsoft confirmed to Cnet that the upcoming Windows 7 operating system will not make use of preinstalled email, photo editing and movie making applications that were included […]

windows media player

Windows Media Player Light

Whenever Microsoft sends out a new version of their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to their partners they can be sure that someone will post information about it soon thereafter publicly on […]

Windows 7 M3 Screenshots

Microsoft is still using the Windows 7 codename for their upcoming operating system. The company recently released the M3 build of Windows 7 to selected partners and first screenshots of changes in […]

Windows 7 Wishlist

As you know by now, I’d be the first to defend Vista. I personally feel it is the best OS available at this point in time and I’ve spent the last 9 […]

Multi-Touch support in Windows 7

What Microsoft has officially shown of Windows 7 is not much and their extremely tight-lipped approach has led to some confusion and false rumors in the past. The D6 Conference took place […]

Windows 7 Features Video

Windows 7 News posted an interesting video about some of the upcoming features in Microsoft's next operating system Windows 7. The video is showing some of the new features that have already […]

windows 7 desktop

First Legit Windows 7 Screenshots?

We all read the news that Windows 7 is expected in late 2009 and that first milestone releases are send out to partners for testing purposes. Microsoft is very secretive about features and layout of the Windows Vista successor and does not publish any information regarding the new operating system.



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