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The Opera web browser is the longest standing web browser that still has a considerable market share. The first public version of the browser was released in 1996, years before browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome came into existence. Despite its head start, the browser never managed to get a considerable size of the browser market
on a global level. That does not mean however that it is inferior to other browsers, quite the contrary. Many features that all browsers offer were first implemented into Opera before they were made available in other browsers.

Opera is available as a desktop browser for PC, Macintosh and Linux systems, and as versions for smartphones and mobile devices in the form of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. The core difference between the two versions of Opera for mobile devices is that pages are rendered on Opera servers when Opera Mini is used, while they are rendered in the browser when Opera Mobile is used.

A good starting point for new users interested in the Opera web browser is our discovering Opera series. We have released five parts so far covering Opera Turbo, Opera Unite, Opera Widgets,
Opera Link and extensions.

Below you find all Opera related articles, reviews, guides and tutorials that we have released in the past.

opera 46.0

Opera Software released Opera 46.0 on June 22, 1017 to the Stable channel brings along with it stability improvements and quality improvements. Opera states that the release¬† is the second stage of the Reborn project, a project to improve the look and feel of the Opera browser. Opera users can use the browser's automatic update […]

opera ads new tab page

If you use a recent version of the Opera web browser on your computer, you may have noticed ads on the browser's new tab page. It is not uncommon for companies to populate the New Tab Page with links to internal and external services and sites, as the page would be empty otherwise. Some companies […]

opera 45 dark theme

Opera Software released a new stable version of the Opera web browser today that brings the version of the browser to 45. The new version incorporates changes from Opera Neon, a reimagined browser that Opera Software released in the beginning of 2017. One of the major changes of Opera 45 is the availability of a […]

opera telegram

Opera Software released several updates for Opera 45 Developer recently that brings Telegram integration, and improvements to the Reborn redesign of the browser. Reborn, a new design for the Opera web browser was revealed when Opera Software released Opera 44 Developer to the public. Reborn is not a complete change of the look and feel […]

opera 45 whatsapp

Opera Software continues its work on project reborn, a redesign of the Opera web browser that is less platform-specific, and more modern. One of the main features of Opera Developer 44, the first version of the browser that shipped with first bits of the new design, was integration of Facebook Messenger directly in the web […]

opera browser new design

Opera Software released the first build of the Opera 44 Developer web browser featuring a refresh of the browser's user interface. The interface refresh is part of the bigger project Reborn which Opera promises to reveal more about in the future. Today's release of Opera 44 Developer is all about the new interface that ships […]

opera performance settings

The following guide provides you with information on how to speed up the Opera web browser to improve performance and your overall experience. The "new" Opera web browser is a Chromium-based browser that shares much of its code with Google Chrome. While I have not seen many complaints about the performance or resource use of […]

opera 43

Opera Software has just released Opera 43 to the Stable channel introducing performance improvements and classic Opera's link selection method to the browser. The three new features that Opera Software highlights in the new release are instant page loading, PGO for Windows, and classic link selection. You can download the new Opera 43.0 from the […]

opera neon

Opera Software revealed a new concept browser called Opera Neon a moment ago both in a life stream and on the official Opera Blogs website. Opera Neon is a prototype web browser that "envisions the future of web browsers similar to the way concept cars predict the future of automobiles" according to Opera Software. The […]

opera video acceleration non mse

Opera Software has released the first Developer version of the upcoming Opera 44 web browser to the public today. The new development version, a version that is made available for testing purposes mainly, gives a glimpse of new features that will find their way into Opera 44 Stable. Existing Opera Developer installations should pick up […]


Opera Software announced today that Opera Max, a free VPN application for Android, crossed the 50 million active user mark after hitting 10 million active users in May of 2016. The company revealed a new Opera Max VIP mode on top of that which provides users of the app with another use option. As you […]

opera 42 currency converter

Opera 42, the new stable version of the web browser by Opera Software, ships today with a built-in currency converter and other changes. Opera Software appears to be on an innovation spree. The company released several interesting features like Battery Saver,¬† Browser VPN or a built-in ad-blocker in recent time that set the browser apart […]

opera predictors

Opera Software integrated what it calls an address bar speculative prerenderer in Opera 43 to speed up the loading of resources from the address bar. We talked about this back when the developer version of Opera hit version 43, but did not know much about the feature as Opera did not reveal an awful lot […]

opera software leaving

If you are following members of Opera Software's Developer Relations team on Twitter or elsewhere, you may have noticed that most announced that they left the company recently or are about to leave it. Bruce Lawson, Andreas Bovens, Shwetank Dixit and Vadim Makeev all announced in the past couple of days that they have parted […]

opera 43 developer

Opera Software published the first preview version of Opera 43 to the Developer Channel today. The company plans to ship Opera 43 with a whole array of new features that include native Chromecast support, performance improvements, bookmarks exporting, Opera 12 link selection behavior and more. The new Opera 43 Developer release is as usually available […]

opera max nag

The most recent version of Opera Max, a free VPN app for Android, adds time limitations to the service which require users to become active to continue benefiting from Opera Max. Opera Max is without the shadow of a doubt one of the better free VPN solutions for Android. It is easy to setup and […]