Known as one of the top companies for electronic products, Apple has left a big impression in the tech industry. In this section, you’ll find broadcasts of its latest updates where they relate to new features, tools, and apps for PC and mobile.

Is Apple about to kill MP3?

It's long been rumoured that Apple will launch a streaming music service to rival (erm... their rival) Spotify.  Now the company is talking up "an exciting announcement from iTunes" tomorrow with the […]

How the Microsoft Kinect Tech Almost Went to Apple

Update: Microsoft has since then integrated Kinect system in the recently released Xbox One gaming system and also made it available for computers running Windows as well. Update 2: Since Kinect raised […]

Apple passes RIM, becomes 4th Largest Mobile Phone Vendor

It's finally happened that embattled Blackberry Maker, Research in Motion, has lost the 4th spot of mobile handset manufacturers to Apple. Figures from IDC and published by Engadget show that the league table […]

White iPhone 4 Delayed... Again!

Apple has encountered some problems with the hardware in it's iPhone 4, most notable with signal problems and with the glass covers cracking.  This may be behind the further delay of the […]

Steve Jobs hits out at Android

While Google's executives have recently been attacking Microsoft's Windows 7 and Windows Phone platforms, Apple supremo Steve Jobs has now stepped in to hammer Google's Android operating system. While not attacking the […]

Windows Phone 7 Sync for Mac coming by end 2010

Update: Microsoft has renamed the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac application to Windows Phone app for Mac. Mac users can download the program for their operating system from the Windows Phone […]


Restore Music And Videos From Apple Devices To iTunes

A hard drive crash can put a big dent into a computer user's music and video collection, if there are no backups. Sometimes though there are other possibilities on how to recover […]

iPad halves laptop sales

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn has said that the iPad has halved sales of laptops at the popular store in an interview with the Wall St Journal.  As a result shoppers at […]


Apple's bumper case improves antenna performance

After the Antennagate affair of a few months ago where it was revealed that if you held the new iPhone 4 a certain way the signal would drop out, and the resulting […]

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak on the way, 1 day after the new OS launches

Apple's latest operating system version for the iPhone and iPod Touch was launched only one day ago, but already it's official that it's been jailbroken. A message posted by MuscleNerd on Twitter […]

iOS 4.1 now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

In a way it's odd and unusual that technology companies, that usually want you to buy the very latest version of the thing you only bought a year ago, are so willing […]

Apple applies for anti-Jailbreak [spy] patent

Jailbreaking Apple's iPhones has has a lot of publicity of late with new tools making it easier than ever before to unlock the iPhone so it can be used across networks and […]

Windows Live Sync for Mac now Available

Windows Live Sync, formerly Live Mesh and part of the new Windows Live Essentials 2011 Suite is now available for the Apple Mac, as reported by Windows Observer.  The beta can be […]

Troubled iPhone Chief leaves Apple

The iPhone 4 has not been a phone launch without controversy, namely the Antennagate scandal.  Now Mark Papermaster, the executive in charge of engineering at the Cupertino company, has left only weeks […]

iPhone / iPad Security Flaw Risk

Hackers have moved in the last few years away from attacking platforms such as Windows, and instead on to attacking software.  This is in a large part because the security of operating […]

Apple updates iMac and Mac Pro computers

It's not all good news this, sorry to have to break that to you early on.  Apple have updated their iMac and Mac Pro computers for 2010 / 2011 and they have […]

Apple profits up on iPad and iPhone 4

Apple profits leapt past expectations for the three months to June 26th on the back of the iPad and iPhone 4 launches. The company's income was $3.25bn (£2.1bn) for the period, up […]

Apple calls surprise iPhone4 Press Conference

Apple has called a surprise new conference for Friday 16th July to talk about the iPhone 4.  The company has refused to give details about whether they will talk about the antenna […] spends thousands on iPhone app development

The BBC has reported that the British government has spent thousands of pounds developing iPhone apps for everything from Foreign Office travel advice to a jobseeker's tool. The apps, ranging from between £10,000 […]

Apple admits iPhone signal fault

It happens!  Technology moves to quickly and companies have such little time to actually socak test products these days that problems slip through.  Unless you're Toyota though they're not usually life-threatening which […]

AT&T ships some iPhone 4's but cancels others

US phone network AT&T was massively over-subscribed for orders for the new iPhone 4, with many people who tried pre-ordering a device on the launch day being greeted by a series or […]

600,000 iPhone 4's pre-ordered on AT&T

AT&T has already sold out of pre-order iPhone 4's, having had some 600,000 people in the US sign up for one of the spangly handsets (though I doubt anyone who finds one […]

iPhone 4 Announced

Apple have formerly unveiled the tech industry's worst kept secret, their next generation iPhone, as reported by Engadget.  The iPhone 4 was first leaked (i.e. lost) in a bar in California and […]

charge ipad

Quick Charge iPad, iPhone and iPod On PCs

Why does it take so long to charge an iPad, iPhone or iPod on a PC? If you have been asking that question to yourself you might need to know that they […]

Can Apple meet demand for the iPad

On Friday Apple made the iPad available for sale around the world and large crowds of fans turned out to spend their hard-earned cash on the devices.  So far the machines are […]

Will you be Binging on the next iPhone?

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the next iPhone, widely expected in the next couple of months.  Now though rumours are circulating that Microsoft and Apple are in talks to […]

iPad (Apple Tablet) Details

Rumors, rumors, rumors. That was all one would get while searching for the Apple Tablet. The tablet was revealed yesterday by Steve Jobs who confirmed that the tablet will be named iPad. […]

Hot Today: The iSlate Strikes Back, Thanks To More Apple Tablet Rumors

It was getting really boring around here without the bountiful goodness of exciting new Apple Tablet rumors. And it would’ve remained that way if DigiTimes hadn’t come to the rescue. Their propensity […]

Apple Update: The Apple Temple At 67th Broadway, Big Cash, Tablet Ahoy And More

The Apple slate/tablet makes a come back this week with a newly public Apple patent making its rounds around the Internet. Looks like Apple might include a stylus with their tablet after […]

iPhone Update: iPhone Has Malicious Code, More Verizon iPhone Rumors And More

As I continue with my line of iPhone updates, one thing is becoming pretty clear – Apple is going to have a massive year next year. They have always been good at […]

iPhone Update: Apple Adds Clarity and 3 New iPhone Apps

Apple has taken another small step today towards making the app approval process more clear, making a lot of iPhone devs nod and say “well, something is better than nothing.” Plus we […]

iPhone Update: Carrier Wars And Two New Apps

As I said in my last post, the iPhone has been hotter than usual these past few days. With new carriers entering the foray globally (read the UK), the scene has gotten […]

iPhone Update: Crazy Hack, First Ever Worm, HD Radio And More

I am going to be doing a series of iPhone related posts for the next few posts. We have people doing interesting things with their iPhones and have more interesting accessories coming […]

iPhone Update: iPhone Loved, Hated And Unlocked, $99 3GS, RFID And More

If there’s one phone that is constantly in the news, it is the iPhone. Love it or hate it, you simply cannot ignore it. So here we have some more iPhone news […]

Apple Update: Apple Bans Atom, Endless Racing Game For iPhone, Orange UK bans YouTube and More

Apple has begun the week a bit weirdly by banning Atom out of Mac OS. Whether this will last, we don't know yet but if it is made permanent then the hackintosh […]

Scary iPhone Moments

It is Halloween people and here at gHacks we are all feeling the chill in the air as the sprits walk the earth. So in keepng with that feeling, let’s revisit those […]

More Proof That Apple’s Next Target Is The Print Media/Industry

After Apple made iTunes, it soon became quite clear that it was the best place to sell music digitally. The store became so very important that it ended up playing a major […]

They Are Here, But Will They Cut It? [Apple]

Apple has finally launched the new Macs, and as expected, the world is going crazy over comparisons and everything. Apple’s Phil Schiller has been vocal about Microsoft’s Windows 7 not having any […]

iPhone Now: 4G Rumors, Rock Band For iPhone, Layar 2.0 And In-App Purchases

The iPhone has been one of the major driving factors behind the exponential growth of Apple in recent times. Their latest financial report for Q3 2009 shows growth that has blown everyone […]

5 Reasons Why The Apple Tablet Might FAIL

There were many reasons behind it failing and they were there because the concept was way ahead of the available and affordable consumer technology at that time. So now that we are […]



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