The Best Google Chrome Extensions

You will find the best Google Chrome extensions -- sometimes also called add-ons or plugins -- on this page.

Browser extensions can enhance your web browsing experience in many ways, from improving your online security to changing how websites that you visit look and feel.

They can also improve your productivity, help you save money while you are shopping, or resolve annoyances of Chrome itself or websites that you visit regularly using the browser.

The list of best Google Chrome extensions has been separated on multiple pages as it is quite long and would take too long on average to load.

The extensions have been grouped, and links are provided so that you can jump directly to the category that you are interested in.

Recent Extension Additions

The most recent additions to the list of great Google Chrome extensions. Note that we remove updates regularly.

  • 17.04.2015 - Added autoConvert, Chameleon, Google Data Saver, Musixmatch, Overlay Blocker, Profile Swapper, uBlock, vTab

Group Index

1. Annoyances

  • AdBlock
  • AutoPager Chrome
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Overlay Blocker
  • Readability Redux
  • TabCloud
  • TabMemFree
  • Text Mode
  • The Great Suspender
  • Unblock Youku

2. Download Managers / Tweaks

  • Download Master
  • Downloaders
  • Video Downloader Professional

3. Interface Modifications

  • Font Changer
  • Stylish
  • Tab Scissors
  • Tampermonkey Beta
  • vTab

4. Media

  • Image Downloader
  • LinkClump
  • Magic Actions for YouTube
  • Media Hint
  • MusixMatch
  • Radio Player Live
  • Turn Off the Lights
  • YouTube Options

5. Productivity

  • Extension
  • autoConvert
  • Gmail Offline
  • Google Dictionary
  • Lazarus Form Recovery
  • Print Friendly and PDF
  • Profile Swapper
  • Simple Windows Saver
  • Wunderlist To-Do & Task List

6. Security and Privacy

  • Chameleon
  • Collusion
  • Disconnect
  • Ghostery
  • JavaScript Popup Blocker
  • HTTP Switchboard
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • LastPass
  • MaskMe
  • Privacy Guard
  • Script Defender
  • Tab Cookies
  • uBlock Origin

7. Shopping

  • Amazon Price Tracker
  • Chrome Currency Converter
  • eBay Extension for Google Chrome
  • Enhanced Steam
  • Honey
  • InvisibleHand
  • The Camelizer

8. Social Media / Sharing

  • Buffer
  • Mailvelope
  • MyPermissions Cleaner
  • Photo Zoom for Facebook
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • Social Fixer for Facebook

9. Web Developer

  • ColorPick Eyedropper
  • Edit this Cookie
  • Extensity
  • IE Tab
  • PageSpeed Insights (by Google)
  • Screen Capture (by Google)
  • SEOquake
  • User-Agent Switcher
  • Web Developer

10. Misc Extensions

  • 365Scores
  • Data Compression Proxy
  • FooTab
  • Google Data Saver
  • Project Naptha
  • StayFocusd
  • SuperSorter


Extensions that fix annoyances either of the browser Chrome, or of websites that you visit in it.



One of the most popular ad-blocking extensions for Google Chrome. It takes care of the majority of advertisement that is displayed on websites, including video ads on YouTube.

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AutoPager Chrome

This extension appends the next page to the current one. If you search for example, you will find the next page of the search results appended to the bottom of the page you are on, so that you do not have to switch pages manually anymore.

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Do Not Disturb

do not disturb chrome

The Do Not Disturb extension for Google Chrome blocks several annoyances such as pop ups or pop unders, content widgets or content overlays that may be displayed or spawned on Internet sites. It blocks those elements and lets you whitelist sites to allow them on those websites.

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Overlay Blocker

mouse over popup image viewer

Site overlay, that is notifications pushed to the forefront on websites, for instance those that ask you to signup to the newsletter, are an annoyance. Overlay Blocker takes care of those.

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Readability Redux

Readability Redux modifies web pages you run it on so that only the main text body remains. The font and other elements are optimized as well, so that the overall readability of the content is improved by the extension.

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TabCloud adds custom session management to Chrome. Chrome can restore only the last browsing session. If you want more control over the process, or the means to backup sessions manually, for instance if Chrome's session restore feature fails sometimes, then you can use TabCloud for that.

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unload tabs

The extension unloads tabs that you have not opened for a given amount of time to free up memory.

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Text Mode


You can use the extension to reduce the impact of media and colors on web pages that you visit. It can blend out all images for you, remove ads and other unwanted elements such as videos or animation, and change the color scheme of the website as well.
This not only improves readability, but may also improve page loading times.

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The Great Suspender

free chrome memory screenshots

If you happen to have lots of tabs open at all times, you may benefit from The Great Suspender extension. It enables you to unload tabs in Chrome to free up memory. Comes with auto-suspend option for that extra bit of convenience, and a whitelist to prevent that important sites get suspended.

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Unblock Youku


Unblock Youku provides you with access to the Chinese video hosting service Youku, one of the most popular websites on today's Internet.

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Download Manager / Tweaks

The extension listed on this page improve your downloading experience when you are using Google Chrome. Some may help you download files in bulk, while others may integrate with download managers or provide you with other features that the default Chrome browser does not offer.

Download Master

download master

Download Master scans the active web page for download links, displays them all, so that you can download multiple files at once.

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Downloaders integrates dozens of external download programs directly in the Chrome browser. It supports programs such as Flashget, Internet Download Manager, LeechGet and GetRight among others.

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Video Downloader professional

video downloader pro

You do not find many video downloaders listed on the official Chrome Web Store. Video Downloader Professional is one of the most popular ones that is still listed.It adds an icon to the browser's toolbar that you can click to display download links for any video that the extension found on the page.

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Interface Modifications

Interface Modifications change how Google Chrome looks and feels, and how websites are displayed in the browser. They may change the font for example, or colors.

Font Changer

chrome font changer

The extension lets you change font settings, including type, style, size and weight, on websites individually, or as a global setting for all websites. Use it to increase or decrease the font size and appearance on websites as you see fit.

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Stylish improves the handling of so called userstyles in Chrome. They can be easily added to the browser after the installation of the extension. Userstyles change how certain websites look and behave in the browser.

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Tab Scissors

split chrome browser window

Tab Scissors provides you with options to split Chrome's browser window so that you can display multiple open tabs next to each other.

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Tampermonkey Beta


The Google browser supports userscripts out of the box, but its support for those handy little scripts that modify web pages on the fly is limited. Tampermonkey adds support for additional features.

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chrome sidebar tabs

The browser extension for Google Chrome adds vertically aligned tabs to the browser. Unlike its Firefox pendant Tree Style Tabs, it does not remove the horizontal tab bar in the process.

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Media is all about improving media consumption in Chrome. They may improve how videos, audio or images are displayed in Chrome, help you download files more easily, or perform other operations on those files.

Image Downloader

image downloader

The extension improves how you download images in Chrome. You click on the icon that it adds to the browser, which will parse the current page and display all images that it finds in checkboxes. All that is left to do is select some or all, and hit the download button to save them to the local system.

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open all images in a tab

If you browse image-heavy pages regularly, you sometimes may want better options to browse all images published on a page, for instance for downloading purposes. LinkClump takes all images on a page to display them in a single tab in the browser.

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Magic Actions for YouTube

youtube volume control

The extension adds dozens of features to the YouTube video site. Use it to set a preferred video resolution and size, enable cinema mode, to control the volume using an OSD, to stop autoplay of videos, or to hide comments and other features displayed besides the video.

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Media Hint


Media Hint bypasses the country-based IP protection of popular services on the Internet so that they can be accessed from unsupported countries.

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Musixmatch adds song lyrics to YouTube music videos. Just install the extension and watch as it adds lyrics to songs that it identifies on the video hosting site.

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Radio Player Live

listen to bbc radio

Use this extension to tune into Internet radio stations. It offers links to popular directories such as Shoutcast, and also options to add custom radio stations to it.

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Turn Off the Lights

video after

Turn Off the Lights has been initially created for video sites to highlight the video area by rendering all other contents in black with a little bit of transparency. The latest version supports a whole array of new features, some for specific video sites like YouTube, others for all Internet sites.

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YouTube Options

youtube videos

The extension adds dozens of customization options to YouTube. You can hide interface elements, change video quality settings, or modify other elements on the popular video hosting site.

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Chrome extensions in the productivity group improve your work flow on the Internet.


The autoConvert extension converts units and currencies automatically on all pages in the browser.

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anydo Extension adds to-do list synching and managing to Chrome. Use it to create new to-do lists, check what has been done, and sync the data between all devices running the service.

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Gmail Offline

Provides you with the means to access Gmail while your computer is offline.

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Google Dictionary (by Google)

Google Dictionary allows you to double-click any word or phrase that is displayed in Chrome to display its definition in an overlay on the same page. It not only defines the word or phrase, it also enables you to listen to how it is pronounced.

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Lazarus Form Recovery

lazarus form recovery

The extension saves everything you type automatically, so that you can restore it at a later point in time, for instance after a browser crash or when the site you submitted the text to did not accept it for whatever reason.

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Print Friendly and PDF

save ink when printing chrome

The browser extension converts articles and contents on websites into a format that is better for printing. It does so by removing elements from the page that are not usually required. In addition to that, it can also turn the page into a pdf document.

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Profile Swapper

profile swapper

Profile Swapper allows you to use multiple independent profiles for websites, for instance to check multiple email accounts at the same time or use multiple social media accounts without logging out and signing in constantly.

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Simple Window Saver

simple window saver

Use the extension to save session information in Chrome, so that you can open them at a later point in time without having to rely on Chrome's native session restore feature.

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Wunderlist To-Do & Task List


Wunderlist is a cross-platform to-do list manager. The Chrome extension enables you to manage your task lists using the browser.

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Security and Privacy

Security and privacy extensions improve the security or privacy while on the Internet. They may add new security options to Chrome, delete certain privacy-related data bits automatically, or provide you with additional information about sites you visit.


chameleon for chrome

Chameleon for Chrome has been designed to protect you against so-called fingerprinting attacks that use various methods to identify you on the Internet.

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collusion for chrome

Collusion highlights which servers a website connects when you load it in the Chrome browser. It also links servers together in a connection chart so that you can see which sites are using the same service or in association.

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Disconnect highlights the servers a website connects to when you are loading it in Chrome. It can block third party sites and may speed up the loading of the page because of that.

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Ghostery displays the servers that a website is connecting to when it is loaded in the browser. It focuses on tracking related connections, for instance through social media icons or advertisement. The extension offers controls to block those connections, and by doing so, to increase your privacy on the Internet.

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JavaScript Popup Blocker

javascript popup blocker

Some websites spawn popups on every page you visit, which can become a very frustrating browsing experience. One of the best popup blockers for that is the JavaScript Popup Blocker extension for Google Chrome. It blocks popups that Chrome does not by default.

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HTTP Switchboard

http switchboard

Provides you with full control over scripts, cookies, images, plugins and other elements that get loaded on websites that you visit in the browser. Use a whitelist or blacklist to permanently allow or block elements from being loaded or used.

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HTTPS Everywhere


HTTPS Everywhere enforces HTTPS (secure) connections to websites and services that allow both http and https connections.

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lastpass vault

LastPass is an online password manager that provides you with options to manage your password list, sync it across devices, autofill and auto-login on sites, and more. Other features that it supports are form filling, backing up important information, and even sharing accounts with friends or family you trust.

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Gives you access to disposable email addresses that you can create on the fly in Chrome. Use those for sign ups on Internet sites where you do not want to share your "real" email address.

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Privacy Guard

chrome privacy guard

The extension scans all installed applications and extensions, and assigns a risk rating to each of them. All programs are divided into high, medium and low risk applications.For each item, information about the access that it requires, and the number of users it has, are displayed.

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Script Defender

script defender

Script Defender provides you with full control over scripts, plugins, images and iframes that get loaded on websites you visit. You can whitelist them on websites you trust, and have them blocked automatically on others.

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Tab Cookies

delete cookies on tab close

Tab Cookies gives you more control over cookies in Chrome. The extension will automatically delete cookies when you close tabs. You can whitelist some domains to protect them from the procedure.

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uBlock Origin


uBlock Origin is a script blocker for Chrome that is less memory-intensive as popular alternatives such as Adblock Plus without sacrificing any functionality in the process.

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Amazon Price Tracker


The browser extension displays price history information and informs you about price drops of items that you monitor on the shopping website.

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Chrome Currency Converter

currency converter

Chrome Currency Converter converts price information on pages to a select currency. You can also use the extension to convert a currency into another directly.

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eBay extension for Google Chrome


The official eBay extension for Google Chrome displays information about buying and selling activities in Chrome. All you need to do is click on the icon to access the information.In addition to that, it also displays deals and a summary page which some users may find useful.

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Enhanced Steam

enhanced steam

Enhanced Steam improves the functionality of the official Steam website. It visualizes games you already own, informs you about digital rights management, and also how much money you have spent on Steam in total.

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find discount codes

Honey looks up coupon information while you are on shopping websites. It will display coupon codes and promo codes to you that you can use to save money while checking out.

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invisible hand

invisible hand

InvisibleHand displays a small toolbar on shopping sites that highlights if a product is available for a better price on a competing shopping site. It is a price comparison service of sorts, that works automatically on more than 600 different shopping websites.

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The Camelizer

price history

The Camelizer tracks prices on Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg. It can display price history charts to you, keep track of items for you, and inform you when a price drops to a desired level.

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Social Media / Sharing


Use Buffer to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from any location. In addition, it allows you to schedule the postings, and provides you with report functionality.

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The extension adds options to secure emails using OpenPGP. It supports various popular mail services such as Gmail, or Yahoo Mail out of the box, and comes with options to add other providers as well.

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MyPermissions Cleaner

clean app permissions

MyPermissions Cleaner has been designed to review and clean app permissions. It can scan accounts on sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram for app permissions, so that you get an overview of which apps have permission to access account data.

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Photo Zoom for Facebook

facebook photo zoom

Hover over any photo on Facebook to display a larger version of it directly on the site and without clicking.

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Reddit Enhancement Suite

reddit enhancement suite

Designed to improve your Reddit experience. The extension adds lots of features to Reddit, including an account switcher, an inline image viewer, more control over your account as well as upvotes and downvotes, and keyboard navigation.

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Social Fixer for Facebook

social fixer

Social Fixer improves your Facebook experience in numerous ways. Features that it adds are among others tabbed news feeds, the hiding of read posts, tracking of new comments or custom skins for the site.

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Web Developer

These extension provide web developers with additional means to debug, test or develop sites.

ColorPick Eyedropper


ColorPick Eyedropper displays the values of every pixel your mouse pointer hovers over. It displays the color's hex code, RGB and hsl values.

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Edit this Cookie


The extension enables you to modify cookies set in the browser. Among its advanced features are options to add new cookies, make cookies read-only, and to export and import cookies.

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Extensity adds a single icon to Chrome's address bar which you can use to quickly disable or enable installed extensions or apps. This is excellent for web developers who want to test extensions or use web developer tools at times.

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IE Tab


Run Internet Explorer from within Google Chrome. This is ideal for web testing, but also to access websites that have been specifically designed for Microsoft's web browser.

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PageSpeed Insights (by Google)

The extension adds a PageSpeed module to Chrome's Web Developer Tools. You can use it to analyze web pages you load in the browser and get optimization suggestions for them to improve their overall page loading time.

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Screen Capture (by Google)

Use the extension to create a screenshot of the active web page in Chrome.

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SEOquake displays a variety of ranking information in the Chrome browser. It displays those information in the search results, but also in a small toolbar overlay on top of the screen (which you can disable).

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User-Agent Switcher


Quickly switch the browser's user-agent using one of the many preset agents the extension ships with, or new ones that you can add to it.

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Web Developer


Web Developer adds a fast-access toolbar to the top of the browser screen. Use it to quickly control what is being displayed or used on the active page. You can for instance resize the browser window, disable features such as JavaScript, disable all styles, or hide or display images.

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Misc Extensions

All extensions that do not fit in any other category are filled in here.



A sports news, live scores and notification extension for Chrome. Follow your favorite sports teams or leagues using the extension, and stay up to date in regards to news and matches.

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Data Compression Proxy

chrome data compression savings

If your Internet connection is not the fastest, every byte transferred counts. The compression proxy uses Google's official proxy server to redirect all traffic through it. Some elements are compressed during that operation so that you download less data without any significant side-effects.

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chrome stop tab loading start up

FooTab blocks all but the active tab from being loaded by Google Chrome during startup. This can greatly improve the startup performance of the web browser, especially if you restore sessions regularly with dozens of open tabs.

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Google Data Saver


Google Data Saver integrates Google's compression proxy officially in the Chrome browser

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Project Naptha

highlight text on images

Project Naptha enables text selection on all images that you come across. It automatically enables that functionality, so that you can highlight text on pictures immediately just as if you would highlight plain text.

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stay focusd

If you have troubles staying focused while you are working on the computer, for instance because you check Facebook or other services regularly, then you may find StayFocusd helpful as it can restrict access to sites that distract you.

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If you use bookmarks regularly in Chrome, you may have noticed that the manageability is not the best. SuperSorter comes to the rescue, by introducing options to automatically sort bookmarks, remove empty folders, scan for duplicates or to merge folders that have the same name.

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