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vivaldi 1.15 qwant

Vivaldi update integrates Qwant Search Engine

Vivaldi Technologies AS released a new version of the company's web browser Vivaldi today that integrates the privacy focused search engine Qwant in the browser. Vivaldi Technologies AS pushed out an update […]

fast com internet speed test

Netflix's Internet Speed Test gets better

There are numerous services on the Internet to test the Internet speed of any device you are using. While you had to use programs that supported certain technologies in the early days […]

deepl translate documents

DeepL Translator now with document translation functionality

We reviewed the online translation service DeepL when it first appeared online in 2017 and concluded back then that it did offer high-quality translations that often beat those of comparable services such […]

new reward ghostery

Ghostery Rewards launches in Germany

Ghostery published an update to the popular anti-tracking and ad-blocking solution in early July 2018 that is available for browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. Ghostery 8.2 introduces an updated user interface […]

stylus styles statistics

Stylus sees large user increase after Stylish removal

The user styles manager Stylus has seen a large increase in downloads and daily users after Mozilla and Google removed the all-popular Stylish extension from their respective web stores for extensions. Stylish […]

are you still watching netflix

Bypass Netflix's Are You Still Watching prompts

When the streaming site Netflix suspects that you may not be watching anymore, it displays an "are you still watching" prompt that blocks playback until you confirm that you are indeed still […]


Study on the effectiveness of fingerprinting countermeasures

Fingerprinting is a common technique used by sites and organizations either on its own or complementary to track and identify Internet users. Fingerprinting uses two core approaches to assign unique identifiers to […]

It is time to get rid of Stylish

The Stylish add-on and the linked repository for website styles changed ownership twice in the past years. The original owner sold Stylish back in October 2016 and the new owners of […]

500px marketplace

500px shuts down marketplace

Grim news for photographers who used the marketplace of the 500px photo community website for direct sales of photos or the publication of photos under a Creative Common license; the company announced […]

brave private tab with tor

Brave browser gets private tab with Tor option

The makers of the Brave web browser announced a new feature today that introduces an option to open private browsing tabs with Tor for that added bit of privacy. You cannot really […]

microsoft edge media autoplay

How to disable media autoplay in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft plans to ship major new features in the next version of Windows 10; one of the new features gives users control over media autoplay on the Internet. If you have access […]

ccleaner advertisement

CCleaner 5.44 comes with advertising popups

If you run the free version of the popular temporary file cleaner and system tool CCleaner for Windows, you may have noticed that it has started to display advertising popups on the […]

google maps explore

Google Maps rolls out with improved Explore functionality

When you open the Google Maps application on your Android or Apple device right now, you may be greeted with a "New! Swipe up to see what's nearby" notification that highlights the […]

twitter quality filter

How to disable Twitter's Quality Filter

Twitter uses a quality filter for notifications and search results; it is designed to filter out low(er)-quality content so that users of the service can focus their attention on the remaining content. […]

brave payments

Brave starts opt-in Ads trial that rewards users and publishers

Brave, the Chromium-based web browser by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, just entered the next stage of the master plan to change how websites and publishers earn money on the Internet. One […]

BitTorrent (and uTorrent) reportedly sold

A Variety report suggests that BitTorrent Inc, creators of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol and owners of uTorrent and BitTorrent (client), has been acquired by blockchain entrepreneur Justin Sun. According to TechCrunch, Sun […]

yahoo messenger dead

Yahoo Messenger is dead

Yahoo revealed today that it will no longer support Yahoo Messenger, the company's instant messaging program, after July 17, 2018. Yahoo Messenger users can use the program like they normally do until […]

startmail startpage

Phil Zimmermann joins announced today that Phil Zimmerman, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) joined the company "to spearhead its product innovation and crypto-development"., which is best known for its privacy focused […]