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Pownce goes public. Does anyone care?

So, yet another social "whatever" web 2.0 website went public after six months of invite only beta glory. Pownce connects you with friends and other people and you can share files and messages with your contacts. You can use a desktop client using Adobe Air or the website to stay connected.

Youtube banned once again in Turkey

Turkey has once again banned access to the video portal Youtube. Access to the website Youtube was blocked in Turkey after a court oder on Thursday. Turkish users seem to receive a message explaining the ban of Youtube. The reason for the third ban are once again videos that make fun of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey.

Yahoo integrating Delicious into search results

Just got word that Yahoo Search has started integrating information from into their search result pages. Yahoo aquired some years ago and I was wondering since then when they would start to combine the two online services to offer their visitors additional information.

Online Free Classes

I love articles that list educational stuff like classes, videos or podcasts. 200 Free Online Classes to Learn Anything is one of the resources that I really like. It is basically a link list with 200 links and short descriptions of free online classes. The classes are divided into categories like Natural Science, Math and Business & Finance and mainly lead to Universities and schools that are offering those classes on their website.

Visit the Archive of Misheard Lyrics

I must confess to being one of those people who loves to sing along to songs and will often get part of the lyrics wrong. This may be due to the fact […]

Bandwidth Caps for Time Warner Users ?

When I accessed the Internet in the early 90s with my superfast 33,6 Kbps modem I had to sign a contract with a company that made me pay per minute that I was online. This put a lot of pressure on me and my bankroll at that time and many companies later gave in to user demand and offered flatrates instead. Unlimited access to the Internet without having to look at the clock or the amount that I have downloaded have since then become an important part of my life and I would never accept to go back to a time or bandwidth limited account.

my name card

Online name card creator

I usually have big problems with online "X" creators, they are usually cumbersome, weird and have various results ranging from bad to awful. While Deyey also has these features, I find that […]

daily digest

DailyMe - Online news at your doorstep

If you like reading newspaper style news, as well as online style, DailyMe may be for you. It aims to give you content you like, in a sort of digest form every […]

calculate paypal fees

Online Paypal Fee Calculator

I sometimes send and receive money with PayPal because it is very convenient to do that. I do have hard times figuring out the fees that I have to pay when sending someone money using PayPal because the fees depend on the amount of money that you transfer monthly. This is not a problem if the seller pays the PayPal fees but some sellers do not and then I have to calculate what I have to add to the sum that the seller is receiving.

A preview of the future

Knowing the position of every single particle in the whole infinite universe at the moment, you would be able to predict the future precisely some people say. Well, since our far advanced 2.0 technology is (and will remain for a while) still too lame to do such experiment at present, there's no way to make predictions like that. But hey, who says we can't attempt to guess what happens in the near future?

file extensions

Recognize any file extension in seconds

Not only are there hundreds of standard and common extensions we've already learned to recognize by heart by seeing them every day, there are also many specific and rare extensions we come across from time to time because as a matter of fact, every programmer can create extensions for his purposes. So how do we handle that?

Gizmodo rep banned from CES after prank

In the article entitled Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES Brian Lam describes how they used a device called TV-B-Gone to turn off television screens at this years CES. They even created a video that is available at their website showing what they did. They did turn off televisions during at least one press conference and numerous presentations and did publish the video on their website.

Why you should not run an Open Wi-Fi

Security Expert Bruce Schneier wrote a commentary on Wired yesterday where he admitted that he was using an Open Wi-Fi and that he could not see what was wrong with doing so. He refused to accept security reasons because he said that the computer had to be secured as well and that an Open Wi-Fi would essentially be the same as using Wi-Fi on airports or Internet cafes.

flickr gift

Flickr Pro Account for 15 months instead of 12

If you have the intention to get a Flickr Pro account you might find the following deal interesting that gives you three extra months for no additional charge. A one year Flickr pro account costs $24.95 and gives you unlimited storage, uploads, bandwidth, sets, ad free browsing and permanent archiving of high quality images.

Convert Files Online with Youconvertit

I had planned to review this website earlier but then forgot about it till Jajay commented about it in one of Martin’s earlier articles. Most of us will have needed to convert […]

adblock filter optimizer

Optimize your Adblock Plus Filter List

Adblock Plus is probably one of the most popular Firefox extensions of all time. It blocks almost any advertisement on the Internet and is highly effective. Users can add filters to Adblock Plus that whitelist those websites which means that ads on those websites will be shown. This is excellent for webmasters who want to make sure that their websites are displaying the correct ads and visitors who want to give something back to a website that they really like.

Wikia Search Alpha launches

Wikia Search is the new project by Jimmy Wales who created Wikipedia. Instead of using an algorithmic approach it combines that approach with user feedback to provide everyone with better search results. The theory sounds nice, let users week out the spam and fake websites like Made for Adsense sites and websites with no content.

jump to url

Browse the Web in areas with no Internet browser

Schools, libraries and even colleges like to restrict access to their public computers and some do not even have a link to an Internet browser although they might be connected to the net normally. This is done to get rid of those users who occupy a computer to chat on the Internet while its main purpose is to do something else, e.g. research books.