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Free online language courses

Most online language courses that I have tested so far do not utilize the advantages of the web at all. Those courses simply copy language courses from books. Mango is the first language course that I'm aware of that uses interactive elements to support the language course.

Feel the image, become the image

I'm writing this article rather excited because of what I have just seen. Panoramic photos recently started to be very popular when the first algorithms and applications for creating such images appeared and digital cameras were given support for this specific kind of shooting. Publishing such shots on Flickr or any other similar site sure is fine but I've just hit a service that serves panoramic photos in a breath-taking way.

Notesake Online Group Note Taking

I wish I had a site like Notesake back then when I was at school and University, it would have saved me and my friends lots of time. Notesake is basically a group note taking online service where group of users can take and edit notes together. This is great for several reasons.

Firefox vs. Opera vs. Internet Explorer

I saw the funny picture series over at Operawatch and thought that you would like to join the laughter. It is a rather visual comparison of how Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer would look like if they would be transportation vessels.

Fast Way to Submit articles to bookmarking sites

How many bookmarking sites are out there on the web ? A few hundred for sure. They are a great way to increase backlinks to your blog and drive some traffic to it as well. Submitting your articles to those bookmarking sites however is a painfully slow process. Visiting those sites one by one, logging in, filling out the submission form takes some time and it pretty boring and repetitive.

A solution for visiting blocked Internet websites

Companies, Universities, Schools and pretty much everyone else are blocking or banning contents on the web that they deem inappropriate, questionable or distracting. The banning spree however goes sometimes to far and websites that should not be blocked are blocked as well.

Play Radio Streams in your Music Player does not offer an obvious option to play music streams in an external music player. It is however possible to obtain the stream url for several radio streams from and use them in your favorite music player. This is also an excellent opportunity to record those songs using that player. I do recommend XMPlay for this.

Airset Online Organizer

Airset is a basically an online organizer with sync functionality. It lets you create groups like work, family and gym online each with their own group members, calendar, blog, file sharing possibilities and more. Groups are color coded and can be viewed using a tabbed interface at the top of the Airset website.

Unlimited means no restrictions

That is at least the definition by us common folks who are happy to get an unlimited plan - be it Internet or mobile phone - only to find out that the fine prints are detailing lots of exclusions that turn the advertised unlimited plan into a limited one. I'm not a marketing expert nor a lawyer but this does look fishy to me.

The Media Defender Story continues

Media Defender, the company that is spreading fake releases to p2p networks such as edonkey or bittorrent in order to spread chaos amongst file sharers, has been hit by another devastating blow. First thousands of internal emails leaked on the Internet detailing information about fake releases, ways of spreading those releases and several other internal Media Defender internals.

Simpsonize Me

I know that I'm a bit late with this article but I thought I give it a try anyway. Simpsonize Me is a flash application that was created to promote the new Simpsons movie that was shown in cinemas earlier this year. What it does is that it transforms a closeup picture into a Simpsons character.

Watch air traffic in real time

I am a big fan of flying and everything related to it and I'm excited about the job of all air traffic controllers. Among excellent knowledge of English language, this kind of work requires perfect concentration on anything that the controller does or says.

There are many stations on the internet that let you listen to voice navigation from different airports around the world almost in real-time, with just a small delay. However, at least one of these sites stands out of the crowd by providing a real-time visual summary of current situation in the air above the Atlanta airport, along with controller's speech.

Media Defender email leak

More than 6500 internal emails from anti-piracy company Mediadefender have been leaked on the Internet as one big Mailbox file that can be imported into email clients. Mails give in depth information about tactics that have been used to spread fake releases, fake edonkey servers and their opinion about several bittorrent clients.

Please Bringsome

Have you ever been in the situation that you have been visiting a foreign country only to find out that they had a unique good there that you needed a constant supply of ? Or something that you did not buy during your visit but are craving for now ? Bringsome may be the solution in all of those cases.

Sony caught editing Halo 3 Wikipedia entry

Oh Sony, when will you learn that manipulating the public will not be taken lightly when it becomes public. This time, someone from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's studios in Liverpool was caught adding a sentence to the Halo 3 entry on Wikipedia. The person in question added the sentence 'Although it won't look any better than Halo 2' to the game description which has been removed after discovery.

Five Unique Gift Ideas

I'm one of those who always wants to find the perfect gift for people that I care about which usually takes some time to think about. My usual approach is that I listen carefully and make mental notes whenever I hear something, a desire or wish, that makes the perfect gift.

my football club

Become the owner of a football club

Democracy at it's finest I would say. The project My Football Club has the goal to raise enough money to buy a real world football club in the United Kingdom. Every member pays an annual fee of £35 which in turn gives him an equal share in the football club. All important management decisions such as buying and scouting new players and team selection are democratically decided by counting all member votes with each member having exactly one vote.

Windows Mobile Halo 3 Wallpapers and Ringtones

If you are a big Halo fan you surely would like to download four Halo 3 wallpapers and one Halo 3 ringtone for Windows Mobile devices directly from Microsoft. All Windows Mobile devices with touch screens (Pocket PCs) and without touch screen (Smartphones) are supported.