Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer has been on the web for ages, support for the browser won’t available for much longer. Until then, we’ll showcase the latest news and updates you should know, while we’ll also provide some helpful guidelines on any issues.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Comparison Chart

Microsoft has published a comparison chart that compares Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox and the Google Browser Google Chrome in categories such as security, privacy, compatibility and ease of use. It is […]

Microsoft Removes Internet Explorer From Windows 7 In EU

We all have heard the news that the European Union made the "suggestion" that Microsoft should bundle additional web browsers with their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to make up for failings […]

Multiple Browser Bundling With Windows Is Stupid

A recent article published on the website of the Wall Street Journal suggests (paywall) that EU officials are considering forcing Microsoft to include a bunch of web browsers in the Windows operating […]

Internet Explorer Password Management Add-on

Last Pass is a password management add-on for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that can store login credentials of web services in a securely encrypted password vault. The password manager is compatible with most […]

Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs

Microsoft has released Windows Internet Explorer 8 MUI Packs for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. They allow Windows XP and Windows 2003 users to add different […]

4 Internet Explorer 8 Annoyances

Internet Explorer 8 is most likely the best web browser that Microsoft has developed in a very long time. It beats its predecessors Internet Explorer 6 and 7 fair and square, and […]

Log Into Multiple Accounts At The Same Site With Internet Explorer 8

There was not a way for Internet Explorer 7 users to log into two different Gmail (or Hotmail, Yahoo Mail...) accounts at the same time. Gmail can be replaced with any other […]

Internet Explorer: Expired Cookie Remover

Internet Explorer handles cookies in a different way than other web browsers. It stores cookies on the local hard drive and leaves traces behind even if cookies have expired. Cookies have an […]


Internet Explorer 8 Ad Blocking Gets Easier With Adblock IE

Adblock IE is a browser helper object (BHO) for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that blocks advertisement actively when installed. We have mentioned the release of the first Internet Explorer 8 ad blocking method […]

Internet Explorer 8 And Feeds: The XML page cannot be displayed

I run another popular site together with Everton of Connected Internet. The site I'm talking about is Windows 7 News, a highly popular and well ranked website about the next Microsoft operating […]

Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

The following guide walks you through the steps of uninstalling Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser from a Windows PC. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 some time ago and has started […]

Customize Google For Internet Explorer

Customize Google for Internet Explorer is a free program for Microsoft's Internet Explorer to customize various Google features. Customize Google has been a very popular add-on for the Firefox web browser for […]

Internet Explorer 8 To Be Distributed Via Automatic Updates

Microsoft has announced plans to distribute the new web browser Internet Explorer 8 to computers running previous installments of Internet Explorer via Automatic Updates. The final version of Internet Explorer 8 was […]

Internet Explorer 8 Ad Blocking

Ad Blocking in the Internet Explorer 8 web browser is not as easy to achieve as it is in other web browsers like Opera or Firefox with add-ons installed. Many Internet Explorer […]

8 Sleeper Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons

Internet Explorer add-ons have been introduced by Microsoft in the previous editions of Internet Explorer. Despite the introduction, they never managed to come close to the popularity and inventiveness of add-ons produced […]

Internet Explorer Proxy Switcher

Quick Proxy Changer is a free program for Windows that you may use to change the proxy settings of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Users of the Internet Explorer web browser do […]

Internet Explorer 8 Address Bar Buttons

Internet Explorer 8 has just been released by Microsoft. Version eight of the web browser offers speed and stability improvements, better web standards support in comparison to previous versions of the browser, […]

Internet Explorer Add-on: Report a Webpage Problem

Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 8 yesterday. This new version is regarded by many as a step in the right direction as it closes the gap, both speed and […]

Internet Explorer 8 Download

Yesterday we mentioned that Microsoft would release the final version of Internet Explorer 8 later that day on the official website. They did that which surprised many tech savvy users as it […]

Internet Explorer 8 Final

Microsoft made an announcement earlier today that the final version of Internet Explorer 8 will be released today at noon EDT. The web browser can be downloaded from that time on from […]

Internet Explorer Privacy Manager

IE Privacy Manager is a free Windows program that enables you to modify several privacy-related settings of Internet Explorer. When I worked for one of the largest German financial companies we had […]

Internet Explorer 8 Can Be Uninstalled In Latest Windows 7 Build

A complaint of browser developer Opera that Microsoft has undermined competition by integrating its own Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system is currently being investigated by the European Union. If Microsoft […]

10 Useful Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators

Accelerators are a new feature of Microsoft's upcoming web browser Internet Explorer 8 that have recently been ported to other web browsers like Firefox in the form of add-ons. Like the name […]

Internet Explorer Toolbar Customization

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 display the menu bar below the address bar in the header area of the web browser. The menu bar contains links to menus like […]

Internet Explorer Favorites Search

One of the areas where Microsoft's Internet Explorer is lagging behind is favorites management. Favorite is just another term for bookmarks in Internet Explorer. Even the latest beta of Internet Explorer 8 […]

Internet Explorer Runonce Loop

Internet Explorer's Runonce page can cause some of the most annoying problems for Internet users. It was designed to give users the chance to configure some of the settings after the first […]

Copy Selected Links Internet Explorer

One of the main areas that Microsoft is lacking behind with Internet Explorer in comparison to browsers like Opera or Firefox is the extensibility. Yes, there are plugins for Internet Explorer but […]

Internet Explorer Sessions

Working on multiple computers, or on several days on a single computer, makes the use of sessions useful. The Internet Explorer Sessions extensions IE Sessions adds that capability to Microsoft Internet Explorer. […]

Export Internet Explorer Security Zone Information

Internet Explorer assigns a security zone to any website that the user is visiting. Next to the two generic zones Internet (all that are not in another zone), Local Intranet (local sites) […]

Install Greasemonkey Scripts In Internet Explorer

Greasemonkey is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox which can run so called userscripts that can change elements and information on websites in real-time. Some prime examples include link checkers, removing elements […]

Extract Web Snippets With Internet Explorer To Build A Personal Startpage

Many Internet users have their favorite websites that they visit every day. The weather report, tv program, world news, a forum or a blog with daily technology news. What if it is […]

Internet Explorer Repair

Unlike its name would suggest Repair IE is more an Internet Explorer tweaking program than one that can actually repair the Microsoft browser (if you are looking for a repair tool, check […]

Web Archive Viewer For Internet Explorer

Web Archive Viewer is a plugin for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that provides access to file archives before the download. It displays the contents of zip and rar archives and gives Internet Explorer […]

Use Multiple Internet Explorer Versions Simultaneously

Webmasters never know what they are up to when testing websites in various versions of Internet Explorer. It might look fine in Internet Explorer 6 but Internet Explorer 8 might break it. […]

Uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Windows users who installed the second beta version of Internet Explorer 8 on their devices started to report errors that they encountered shortly after doing so. Steven Hodson over on Winextra was […]

A Closer Look At Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

I was pretty excited about the release of Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 by the Internet Explorer development team yesterday. If you would have asked me before that day, I would have […]

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available

The second beta of Microsoft's upcoming browser Internet Explorer 8 has been released today to the public after a post was made on the Internet Explorer Blog. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 […]

Internet Explorer HTTP Watch

HTTP Watch is a HTTP monitoring plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can give you detailed information about a website or application that is loaded in the browser. The main reasons for […]

Internet Explorer Download

I received an email today from a user who was asking me how to download the latest version of Internet Explorer. I was a bit puzzled by that request but decided to […]

Reset Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password

Internet Explorer's Content Advisor works as a safeguard and web filter so that family members might not open websites that are not suited for them. The Content Advisor is pretty much a […]



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