Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer has been on the web for ages, support for the browser won’t available for much longer. Until then, we’ll showcase the latest news and updates you should know, while we’ll also provide some helpful guidelines on any issues.

internet options

Internet Explorer Zone Analyser

Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses zones for security reasons. A total of four zones are available in the Internet Options that have their own distinct security settings. Why? Because security depends on lot […]

install activex control

Install ActiveX Control, What's That?

Sometimes when you visit websites in Microsoft's Internet Explorer you may be prompted to install an ActiveX Control to use some functionality on the site. It is usually described in the appearing […]

Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade Downgrades IE9 To IE8

Windows Vista users who have been testing the beta of Microsoft's latest web browser Internet Explorer 9 may be in for a surprise if they upgrade their Vista installation to Windows 7. […]

internet explorer 6 plugin

UniBrows, Run IE6 Only Compatible Services And Apps In Internet Explorer 8

Question: Why are many companies still working with Internet Explorer, when newer browser versions are available for Windows? Answer: Because of applications and services that have been designed to work in Internet […]

Microsoft Security Advisory For Internet Explorer, Fix Inside

Vulnerabilities have moved into the focus of many Internet users. This time it is a new 0-day vulnerability for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that could allow remote code execution on the target system. […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility Virtual PC Images

Web developers have several options to test their web projects in different web browsers. Among the available choices are virtual operating system images that provide access to specific web browsers. Microsoft has […]

tabbed browsing settings

Internet Explorer 9 Tabbed Browsing Settings

Like any other modern browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 supports tabbed browsing to provide the means to open multiple websites in the same browser window. What many Internet Explorer users do not […]

internet explorer 9 tweaker

Internet Explorer 9 Tweaker

IE9 Tweaker is a new application to tweak a few settings in Microsoft's newest web browser Internet Explorer 9. The program is compatible with the beta of Internet Explorer 9, and it […]

internet explorer 9 menu

Display Internet Explorer 9 Menu Bar Always, And On Top

Browser developers all seem to have found that a new minimalism design wise works best for their browsers. The menu elements are reduced throughout the bank, which leads to criticism of users […]

repair troubleshoot internet explorer

Troubleshoot Internet Explorer With SF IE Restorator

The tight integration of Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the Windows operating system means that problems with the browser can have an impact on the functionality of the operating system, even if the […]

internet explorer 9

The Top 5 and Flop 3 Features Of Internet Explorer 9

Every major release if a new web browser comes with lots of activity on technology news site. Everyone aims to be the first to report about something, and some manage to get […]

control panel

How To Uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 9

The question came up if the installation of Internet Explorer 9 affects another version of Internet Explorer on the operating system. The answer to that question is yes: Internet Explorer 9 replaces […]

IE care

IE Care, Internet Explorer Repair And Cleaning Tool

IE Care is an easy to use tool for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It offers repairing and cleaning functionality, and a so called IE security shield as an additional feature, but more about […]

group policy internet explorer

Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows Internet Explorer 8

System administrators can use Group Policy rules of Windows to control the working environment of user and computer accounts. The Group Policy is often associated solely with enterprise, school, business and other […]

inprivate filter manager

Internet Explorer InPrivate Filter Manager

InPrivate browsing is an Internet Explorer mode that prevents the saving of data during a web browsing session. Web browsers usually record information, like visited web pages, cookies or temporary Internet files. […]

browser check

Test Your Browser's Security With Browser Check

Browser plugins have become a major target of malicious users in past years. The reasons are simple: Many plugins do not update automatically, and most web browsers fail to inform the user […]

internet options

How To Increase Internet Explorer Security

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is regularly targeted by malicious users, some say it is because the web browser is inherently insecure while others link the attacks to the market share of the browser. […]

tweak internet explorer

Tweak Internet Explorer, Toolbar, Restrictions, Settings

Tweak IE is a free program to change various settings in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The portable software displays a list of available tweaking sections in its sidebar on launch, among them toolbar, […]

internet explorer addon load time

Internet Explorer 9 Will Monitor Add-On Performance

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft's upcoming web browser Internet Explorer 9 lately. The third preview release, still bare-bones with no Chrome user interface, showed great promise in speed, […]

internet explorer repair

How To Repair Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is an essential part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It usually is the first browser there is and even if users switch to third party browsers it remains installed […]

internet explorer history

Internet Explorer History Monitor

Microsoft's Internet Explorer keeps track of the accessed websites and urls just like any other web browser by default. That's helpful to keep track of already visited websites, especially to access them […]

internet explorer update

Internet Explorer Update How To

Chance is that you have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed if you are a Windows user. It is there even if you do not use it. What makes things worse for many is […]

ie9 javascript

Internet Explorer Platform Preview 2 Download

Microsoft has just released a new Internet Explorer Platform Preview that is available for download at the Internet Explorer 9 website. Microsoft has also added a testdrive site that contains a new […]

chrome google data

Microsoft About Internet Explorer 8 Privacy

A video posted on Microsoft's TechNet Edge website (now unavailable but still available as a cached page) has caused some controversy on the Internet. In the video Microsoft IE product manager Pete […]

internet explorer 8 add-ons

Microsoft Whitepaper About Internet Explorer 8 Performance

Microsoft has published the whitepaper "Enhancing the performance of Windows Internet Explorer 8" recently which provides information about Internet Explorer 8 performance issues and how they can be resolved. The company addresses […]

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 0-Day Vulnerability Fix-It

If you are a regular of this website you - without doubt - have read the news story a while ago that another 0-day vulnerability was discovered in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Back […]

Old Internet Explorers Affected By Security Vulnerability

Microsoft has posted a security advisory about a new security vulnerability that is affecting older Internet Explorer version. More precisely, it affects Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft's latest web […]

How To Disable The SmartScreen Filter In Internet Explorer

Microsoft added a new security feature called SmartScreen Filter to the company's Internet Explorer 8 web browser. The filter has been designed to warn users when unsafe websites are accessed in the […]

Study: Internet Explorer 8 Protects Best Against Socially Engineered Malware

Most webmasters and Internet users agree that Internet Explorer 8 marked a huge step in compatibility, security and performance over previous versions of Internet Explorer. The web browser is still lacking behind, […]

How To Remove Add-Ons And Toolbars In Internet Explorer

The following guide walks you through the steps of removing add-ons and toolbars that are installed in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. It is relatively easy to install Internet Explorer add-ons. It […]

Internet Explorer Commercial Remover

Every web browser offers some form of ad-blocking functionality which blocks advertisement and commercials from being shown when websites are loaded in it. Firefox users have adblock plus or Noscript, Opera users […]

Internet Explorer Vulnerability And Temporary Fix

Another Internet Explorer vulnerability was disclosed yesterday by Microsoft. All Internet Explorer versions from Internet Explorer 5.01 to 8 are affected on all Microsoft operating systems. A mitigating factor on Windows Vista […]

Internet Explorer Tweaker

Internet Explorer Tweaker is a free program for Microsoft Windows to apply certain tweaks to Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is an excellent web browser and a step […]

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8

System administrators can download the kit from the website which also provides access to an online help and other documentation to aid these administrators customize the Internet Explorer experience. To outline some […]

Top 5 Security Plugins For Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer

Which browser is the most secure web browser? That's a question that is hard to answer, and Internet users usually mention the web browser that they use when asked the question. There […]

TrendProtect Warns Internet Explorers About Dangerous Websites

TrendProtect is a Web of Trust like web browser plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer (and soon Firefox) from security developers Trend Micro. The plugin for Internet Explorer will scan and rate the […]

Auto Repair Internet Explorer With Fix IE Utility

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular - or shall we say widely used - web browsers for computers running the Windows operating systems. Two of the main reasons […]

Secure Internet Explorer With IEController

Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser is tightly integrated into the Windows operating system. This makes it an important software program even if the users of the system do not use it as […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image

There are various options to test a website in different versions of Internet Explorer. Some, like IETester, make it possible to install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on the same computer system. […]

Another Report Finds Internet Explorer 8 To Be The Most Secure Web Browser

A web browsing security test that pitted Internet Explorer 8 against Firefox 3, Opera 10, Safari 4 and Google Chrome 4 had one winner: the conclusion was that Internet Explorer 8 was […]



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