Software and web development is essential for the improvement of apps and features. To keep you up to date with new releases and updates, we’ll share articles so you can see what’s happening in this exciting industry, such as new plugins and tasks.

softaculous ampps

Create Local Websites With Ampps

The majority of web developers develop their websites and services locally before they publish them on the Internet. This makes sense in a variety of ways, from saving a lot of bandwidth […]

wordpress portable

Run A Local WordPress Blog With One-Click

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms currently available on the Internet. Popular sites like Techcrunch, Gizmodo or yours truly are all powered by WordPress. Users who are just getting […]


An Update On The Website I Bought Last Year

In Why Website Investments Are Better Than Stock Market Investments I mentioned that I bought several websites last year as an investment. When it comes to buying websites, there are always two […]

wordpress 3.3.1 update

WordPress 3.3.1 Security Update Available

A new version of the popular blogging software WordPress has just been released. WordPress admins should already see update notifications in the dashboards of the blogs that they administrate. The update is […]

wordpress admin bar

WordPress 3.3 Now Available

Update: WordPress 3.3 is no longer the latest version of WordPress. You can download the latest version from the official website. The developers of the popular blogging platform WordPress have released version […]


Embed Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Without JavaScript

Search engines like Google Search use a page's loading time as a signal when they compute that page's ranking in their search engine results. Webmasters have a lot to tweak, from the […]

learn how to use mysql

Learn How To Use MySQL Online

Most webmasters have learned the basics of the HTML scripting language before they moved on to programming languages such as PHP or Python. With PHP come databases like MySQL as the primary […]

Fat Pings, What Are They, Why You Need Them As A Webmaster

Content scraping is a big issue on today's Internet, and a challenge for search engines to get it right. It basically comes down to the question of attribution: who is the original […]

ghacks page objects

Speed Up WordPress Page Loading Times By Removing l10n.js

I recently noticed that my WordPress blog's page loading times increased through the roofs which made me reevaluate everything that contributed to the loading times of the website. I implemented a few […]

mobile website test

MobiTest, Test Mobile Website Performance

The rise of smartphones and other mobile handheld devices has increased the importance of optimizing websites for smartphones and other mobile devices. There are three core aspects that need to be taken […]


Is Your Site Being Outranked By Scrapers? Report Them!

So called scraper sites or scrapers are one of the dark phenomenons of the Internet. These sites  republish the RSS feed of one or multiple unique websites on a domain, usually without […]

google search author profile photos

Display Author Profile Photos On Google Search

Update: Google has disabled the feature again. Author profiles are no longer shown on Google Search. Maybe you have spotted one of the recent changes on Google search results pages already. Some […]

Google Launches Panda Algorithm For Additional Languages

Google launched a new search engine algorithm earlier this year that they internally called the Panda update. The idea behind Panda was to introduce a quality variable into the ranking equation. Sites […]


A-B Testing Made Easy

I'm usually not reviewing commercial services for obvious reasons, but I'd like to make an exception today. I was looking for an A-B testing service that would allow me to test web […]

submit to index

Submit URLs To Google Via Google Webmaster Tools

Creating a new website can be a very rewarding process. Webmasters usually run into a phase shortly after they have setup the site where they have to wait until the site gets […]


8 Essential Tips For Web Investors

In Why Website Investments Are Better Than Stock Market Investments I have listed arguments for investing in websites, and not in stocks or other types of investment. I do not want to […]

page speed comparison

Google Page Speed Service, Website Optimization Service

Google just announced the availability of the webmaster related service Page Speed Service. You may remember that the company started to introduce its Page Speed service about two years ago which provided […]

google+1 button asynchronous

Load Google+ Button Asynchronously For Faster Loading Times

Webmasters have little choice but to add the Google+ button and other social networking buttons to their websites. Why? Because social signals will grow in importance in the coming years. These buttons […]

website screen resolution test

Test Website Screen Resolutions and Mobile Compatibility

One of the things that you need to make sure as a webmaster is support for various screen resolutions. The rise of mobile browsing, especially on smartphones but also on low resolution […]

Moving A Website To A New Host, Server Guide

You may know that I bought a website recently. One of the things that freaked me out in the early days of being a webmaster was moving a website to another host […]

Why Website Investments Are Better Than Stock Market Investments

Investing money requires research, lots of research. That's true for the stock market, website investments and other forms of investments. Once you have done your research, you can make an educated guess […]

wordpress 32 admin interface

How To Change The WordPress Admin Interface Fonts

With the release of WordPress 3.2 came a redesign of the admin interface, and with that a gruesome new font, line heights and margins. The new design looked that terrible that I […]

WordPress 3.2 Released, Design Refresh

Update: WordPress 3.2 is an old release. You can download the most recent release of WordPress from the official website. Two WordPress releases in short time, that puts some pressure on system […]

wordpress update 3.1.4

WordPress 3.1.4 Security Update Released

Update: Please note that 3.1.4 is an old release of WordPress. You can always download the latest version of the blogging software from the official website. It seems that WordPress developers have […]


Optimize Websites With GTmetrix Web Performance Reports

As a webmaster, you have to make sure that your websites are loading as fast as possible, without sacrificing functionality. While it may be cool to have ten 500 Kilobyte images on […]

wordpress thumbnails

Add Thumbnails To Your WordPress Blog

Blogging with WordPress is an easy, quick way to get your posts to viewers without sitting down and coding an entire website by yourself. However, there are certain aspects of the platform […]

opera mobile emulator

Opera Mobile Emulator

Mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, start to become popular for normal web related tasks like visiting websites, watching movies or playing games. This can be attributed to the advancement of hardware […]

Connecting Remotely To The Cloud

When data such as web applications or HTML pages are used on a cloud based server it becomes essential to set up remote connection to connect to it. Connecting to the cloud […]

pinned sites

Build My Pinned Site, Webmaster Tool

Internet Explorer 9 supports a new pinned site feature that can be used to pin websites to the Windows 7 taskbar. The combination of IE9 and Windows 7 outlines that its reach […]


Attention Webmasters: Fake Domain Renewal Emails Spotted

I have a lot of domains. Well, a lot is relative but it is enough to lose the overview occasionally. While the majority is hosted at one popular provider (Godaddy), some are […]

spell checker

Software Development and Spelling in your Source Code

For most developers, keeping your source code's comments, error messages, check in notes and even variable names free of spelling mistakes is not the most pressing concern. As a developer and a […]

domain name suggestions

Panabee, Domain Name Suggestion Tool

All good domain names are already taken. I hear that a lot on a regular basis. Is it really true? No it is not, unless you define good as in exact keyword […]

extension manager

Add easy-to-add functionality you your .Net Development Project with NuGet

NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that enables you to download and use shared code libraries with the Microsoft development community. This is Microsoft’s attempt to benefit from a large development community […]

smush it now

Reduce Page Loading Time With For WordPress Blogs

A core website metric is page loading time. It determines the time it takes to fully load a web page. With each passing second, visitors are more likely to close the tab […]

How To Add Missing HTML5 Video Support To Your Browser

When you look at HTML5 video support of the five most popular web browsers, you notice that there is not a single browser supporting the two formats WebM and H.264. Depending on […]


Validome, Web Page Validator

One of the aspects of being a webmaster is to make sure that your web pages are compatible with the most popular web browsers. This requires some tweaking and hacks, especially if […]

Speed Up Your Website By Optimizing Images

Page speed is a ranking factor in the Google Search engine. According to Google officials it is currently used in 1 out of 1000 queries. I think it was Matt Cutts who […]

Use Bluefish as your HTML editor

Do people still code HTML by hand? Of course they do. And when they do, what tools do they use? Some use a simple text editor like nano or vi. Some prefer […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility Virtual PC Images

Web developers have several options to test their web projects in different web browsers. Among the available choices are virtual operating system images that provide access to specific web browsers. Microsoft has […]

favicon generator

Favigen, a simple Favicon Generator

Favicons are small icons that help identify websites. They are used as a visual representation of a website both in the web browser and at many online services. The three most prominent […]



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