Software and web development is essential for the improvement of apps and features. To keep you up to date with new releases and updates, we’ll share articles so you can see what’s happening in this exciting industry, such as new plugins and tasks.

wordpress excerpts

How to change the WordPress excerpt length

WordPress creates a lot of pages on a website and the majority of them are created by pulling information from single articles that you create. There is the homepage that lists the […]

website analyzer

Get a Website, Social Media and Competitor Analysis with Quicksprout

As a webmaster, you always need to be on the lookout for things to improve on your sites. This is less the case if you are just maintaining a private website, but […]

wordpress move comments

How to move comments in WordPress

I'm currently going through all aged posts here on Ghacks Technology News to update them whenever possible, or remove them from the blog if it does not make sense to do so. […]

broken links

Blog Maintenance: what I do when I have nothing to write about

If you are running a blog or website for a long time, you will encounter days or even weeks where there is little to write about. There are plenty reasons why this […]


Here is why is down right now is one of our partner websites, and it came as a surprise yesterday that the site went down completely. I first thought that this was just a fluke and tried connecting […]

wordpress featured image

How to add featured images to existing WordPress posts automatically

Every now and then I'm running page speed analysis tools such as Google Page Speed or Yahoo's Yslow on the sites that I administrate to make sure that the sites load as […]

yoast wordpress seo webmaster tools

WordPress SEO Premium 1.0 plugin review

Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin is a well designed plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs that takes care of several SEO related settings and preferences. It enables you to define how permalinks should look […]


Attention domain owners: don't ignore "validate contact info" emails anymore

Every year or so it seems, I'm receiving quite a few emails from various domain registrars asking me to verify that the contact information of my domains are correct. Contact information link […]

just writing distraction free wordpress

WordPress: distraction-free writing

The default WordPress writing environment is not well suited for writing at all, in my opinion. You get a sidebar on the left, modules on the right, and a toolbar on top […]


How to delete websites on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service by Google for webmasters who want to track the traffic, conversions and other metrics in regards to sites that they add to the service. The service highlights […]


WordPress 3.8 update comes with a new admin and default theme

A new version of the popular blogging software WordPress has just been released, introducing a new admin dashboard theme and the brand new Twenty Fourteen frontend theme. As you may know, a […]

wordpress sticky post

How to add a sticky post in WordPress

If you hang out on web forums regularly, you know that most of them have capabilities to make posts sticky. What is meant by that is that these posts are always displayed […]

wordpress automatic updates

WordPress 3.7 Update brings automatic updates

A new version of the blogging script WordPress has just been released. WordPress 3.7 is a feature and bug-fix release for self-hosted WordPress websites. So called background updates are probably the biggest […]

google libraries

WordPress: Use Google Libraries instead of locally hosted ones

As I pointed out numerous times before: speed is important for any kind of operation on the Internet as a better loading performance will improve conversions on your websites. Mozilla managed to […]

hire freelancers

How to hire on

I'm pretty well versed when it comes to the Internet, web technologies and everything that goes along with it. While that is the case, I know that I still lack in certain […]

page speed insights

Top tools to optimize your website's loading time

Making sure that your website is as fast as it can be in regards to loading time should be one of the top priorities of every webmaster. The core reason for that […]

wordpress 3 6 1 update

WordPress 3.6.1 security update is out

A new version of the popular blogging software WordPress has been released a minute ago. The update addresses several security issues in the platform that have been reported by third parties to […]


WordPress: Why you may want to disable XML-RPC Support

I recently bought a new website to add to my website investment portfolio, moved it to a server after some initial testing, and have been running it on that server ever since. […]

social media feather

Social Media Feather: a super lightweight WordPress sharing plugin

I'm still working on the new Ghacks theme behind the scenes, and one of the things that I really wanted to tackle was to remove the old social media sharing plugin AddThis […]

wordpress 3.6 twenty thirteen theme

WordPress 3.6 released: find out what is new

Ghacks runs on WordPress and whenever a new version comes along, I make sure I write a quick post about the major changes and improvements in that version as I know that […]

firefox network monitor

A look at Firefox's new Network Monitor

Network Monitor is a new weapon in Firefox's Web Developer arsenal that recently made its way into the beta version of the browser. Beta, Aurora and Nightly versions of Firefox support the […]

wordpress 3.5.2 update

WordPress 3.5.2 update fixes security issues

Ghacks is running on WordPress and whenever the software gets updated, I not only update the blog but also write about it here on the site. The update notifications in the admin […]


Should you start your first blog on Tumblr or WordPress?

If you are thinking about creating a blog on the Internet then you have many choices to make. One important choice is the blogging platform that you want to use as you […]

After the Deadline

After the Deadline cleans up your writing mistakes

I write for a living. That comes as no great shock to any of you I am sure. However, we all need helpful suggestions from time to time and that is generally […]

too short text

Word Stats: display too short or keyword absusing WordPress posts

With Google introducing that many algorithmic changes as well as other modifications to Google Search in the past two years,  it has become difficult to understand what you should do as a […]

android resize dpi images

Create Android HDPI, MDPI and LDPI images out of a single XHDPI PNG image

I'm not the most advanced Android programmer yet but I have picked up a few things ever since I started to create my first basic apps for the platform. While it is […]

After two years: another look at my website investment

Back in July 2011 I published a controversial opinion here on Ghacks stating that I consider website investments, that is the buying and selling of websites more profitable than stock mark investments. […]


Codeblocks: free cross platform C++ IDE

So I finally made the decision to learn a new programming language. I started my career as a programmer back when I got my first C-64. After lots of gaming I decided […]

stylized quotes

How to make sure WordPress displays regular quotes in posts

I can't really say when those fancy quotes started to appear in posts that I made on this WordPress blog, but one day they were there. I did not really put too […]

5 tips to cope with web server hardware replacements

If you have tried to access the Ghacks website this morning you may have noticed that the site was not accessible at all. You either should have received an Apache page or […]

editbone text editor screenshot

EditBone is a coder's text editor

If you hack your code using text files, you know that Notepad is not really cutting it for a number of reasons. It only opens one file at a time, has a […]

wordpress network activity screenshot

Snitch for WordPress monitors outgoing network activity

WordPress in many aspects requires as much attention as the operating system of your computer. One of the things that you should monitor regularly are the outgoing connections that the blog software […]

dota 2 screenshot

4 things teams can learn from Dota 2

I have been playing a lot of Dota 2 recently. If you have not heard of the game yet, let me explain what it is all about in a paragraph or to. […]

internet explorer 10 scan website screenshot

Scan websites for Internet Explorer 10 compatibility

As a webmaster, you need to make sure that your website displays in the most popular web browsers correctly. While you can install a selection of browsers on your system to test […]

wordpress 3.5.1

WordPress 3.5.1 Security and Maintenance update

WordPress is our blogging platform of choice and it is only natural that we mention updates that are being made to the platform here on the site. Today WordPress 3.5.1 was released, […]

detectify scan website

Give your website a thorough security scan with Detectify

Making sure that your website is not used for anything shady is one of the most important tasks of being a webmaster. If you are making a living from a site, it […]

site44 host website dropbox

Host websites on Dropbox with Site44

If you want to dive into the webmaster world and become a publisher of content on the Internet, you have several options at your disposal to do so. You can sign up […]

trend micro dangerous page

Website Reputation Part 2: Why you need to verify it regularly

I received a couple of emails in the past five days that informed me that this site's newsletter and later on the site were blocked by Trend Micro. The message that site […]


Jetpack update breaks WordPress 3.5

Jetpack, the popular stats plugin for WordPress, has released several updates recently. The latest, which came yesterday, January 6th, brought an unwelcome gift for those who have upgraded to the recent WordPress 3.5 platform. […]

google author profile

5 WordPress SEO Tips that work

If you have created a WordPress blog in the last two years, or are running an established blog, you may have been caught in the crossfire of the ever-updating ever-changing Google algorithm. […]



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