4 things teams can learn from Dota 2

Martin Brinkmann
Feb 11, 2013
Updated • May 7, 2013

I have been playing a lot of Dota 2 recently. If you have not heard of the game yet, let me explain what it is all about in a paragraph or to. Your task in Dota 2 is to defeat the central structure in the enemy base and defend your own so that the enemy can't win the game.

You pick a hero at start which has a set of attributes and powers that you level up during the course of the game.

To make things interesting, NPC creeps are spawned regularly that attack the enemy base automatically. Towers are placed to protect the way to the enemy base - and your own - which you need to deal with first before you can make the final push. You earn gold while playing which you can invest in better equipment for your hero.

It is a fascinating team-based game. In fact, it is more dependent on team play than the majority of team-based games I played.

1. There is no I in teamplay

This may sound obvious to some but your chance of succeeding in Dota 2 increases if you play as a team. If you have someone doing his or her own thing, it is likely that you won't get far and that the other team will beat you fair and square because of it. Heroes do not stand a chance on their own if their face off the entire enemy team or part of it.

As much as teamplay is important in the game, it is important in real life. A project team that's not working together well, or even against each other, usually won't be able to come up with the same results as a team that is working together on the project.

2. Communication is key

You need to communicate in Dota 2. Who is starting in which line, where is the team attacking next, which items to buy. and sometimes even before the game starts when heroes are picked to make sure that the hero selection benefits the team as a whole and improves its chance of success.

Communication is important for teams as well to avoid duplicate work or misunderstandings. If team members do not know exactly what they are supposed to do, or think they do but that is not what they have been asked to do, and do not communicate, then it can happen that projects take longer to complete or crumble into dust.

3. Member selection is important.

There are several types of heroes in Dota 2. Supporters that are there to assist other heroes, carries who "carry" the late game, and several other types of heroes that all serve their purpose. While you can play a game with five support or carry heroes, you usually won't be as effective as if it would consist of a balanced selection of heroes.

The same is true in real life. You can't just pick five leaders for a team and hope that everything will work out just fine. While it may, it is also quite possible that there will be fighting for leadership.

4. Better safe than sorry

Sometimes you are on your own in Dota 2 or with a partner at your site. You push a lane, jungle, or defend a structure that is under attack. Being careless in these situations can lead to you being attacked by a group of enemy heroes which often results in your defeat and the enemy gaining gold and experience thanks to this.

There are safety rules as far as team work is considered as well. It is for instance important to create backups of work to avoid any disasters from happening.


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