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Google Chrome Autofill

Google just added so-called Autofill functionality to development versions of the Chrome browser which allow you to fill out form information automatically. The Google Chrome web browser, at least the developer releases, […]

One Manga Reader

Update: One Manga Reader and the One Manga website for that matter are no longer available. Use alternatives such as Manga Viewer instead which you still find listed in the Chrome Web […]

Blacklist Google Search Results In Google Chrome

Personal Blocklist allows Google Chrome users to blacklist specific domains or pages from appearing in the Google search results. This can be helpful in situations where results from a website should not […]

Google Chrome Downloads Files Before User Confirmation

I noticed a strange behavior in Google's latest Chrome developer build. I'm not sure if the problem exists in other versions of the Chrome browser as well, but it is likely that […]

Put The Focus On Videos With Turn Off The Lights

Most video portals like YouTube or Dailymotion display lots of content next to the videos that they host on the website. This includes advertisement, user comments, the site navigation and other features […]

Manga Lover Keeps Chrome User Updated With Latest Manga Releases

If you are a Manga fan, chance is that you visit websites like One Manga or Manga Fox regularly to read the latest Manga directly on those websites, or download them to […]

Password Fail For Chrome Reports Websites With Bad Password Policies

Password Fail is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that informs you when sites store passwords in plain text format. Webmasters who create a community on the web need […]

Google Chrome Delicious Extension

Delicious Tools is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that integrates directly with the social bookmarking service Delicious. Users of the social bookmarking service Delicious had to rely on bookmarklets up […]


Geolocation Added To Google Chrome 5

The latest development release of Google Chrome 5 that was released a few hours ago introduces a geolocation feature to the web browser. Google Chrome 5 version 5.0.342.1 and later now include […]

chromium update

Keep Chromium Up To Date

Chromium is the Open Source project behind Google Chrome. Chromium and Google Chrome have many similarities and it is usually the case that new features are integrated into Chromium first before they […]

Chrome Extension Gallery Needs Better Filters

If you visit the official Google Chrome extension gallery Chrome Web Store you notice that there are quite a few ways to sort Chrome extensions. It is for example possible to display […]

Watch Live Football In Google Chrome

Watch Live Football Streaming Online is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that lists live football streams that you can tune in to in its interface. In time for the beginning […]

Google Chrome Note Taking Extension Sticky Notes

Computer users have several options when they need to take notes. They can write the notes down on paper, try to remember the information, use a text editor, use a specialized note […]

Google Translate Integrated In Google Chrome 5

Google Translate is a service offered by Google to translate text or complete websites from one language to another. Support for many languages and its ease of use make Google Translate a […]

Google Chrome Content Settings

The debut of Google Chrome 5 a few days ago brought a new Content Settings menu that promised to deliver better content control to Chrome users. Back then the settings where not […]

Customize Website Colors and Fonts

We have covered several tools in previous reviews that allow you to customize the appearance of a website. Most of these tools are either userscripts like Facebook Fixer or bookmarklets like Readability. […]

Automatically Cycle Tabs In Google Chrome

A web browser can sometimes be used passively instead of actively. Think of opening a website or page that displays automatically updating status information. You do not need to interact with that […]

Google Chrome 4 Supports Userscripts Natively

The biggest feature addition of Google Chrome 4 was without doubt the built in extension engine that allowed Chrome users to install and use extensions. What the developers forgot to mention in […]

NoScript Might Come To Google Chrome: Eventually

If you search the Internet, e.g. on Google Search or Bing, for requested extensions for the Google Browser you notice that NoScript next to an effective ad blocker tops those listings most […]

Google Chrome 5 Debuts

The stable version of Google Chrome 4 was released to the public a short time ago and we mentioned in the review that Google was now targeting both Internet Explorer and Opera […]

Tabbed Browsing Extension TabJump [Google Chrome]

One great aspect of Google Chrome now supporting extensions is the fact that some developers produce extensions that have not been created yet for Firefox. Most of the extensions are obviously offering […]

RSS Subscription Extension for Google Chrome

Google Chrome, unlike Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer does not offer a quick way to subscribe to RSS feeds with a shortcut. Both Opera and Firefox display an RSS feed icon […]

Hide Extension Buttons In Google Chrome

Now that a stable version of Google Chrome with extension support has been released to the public it is time to concentrate on some of the usability issues of the web browser. […]

Google Chrome 4 Stable Released

Google released Google Chrome 4 stable today which is another milestone release for the Google browser. The developer's have managed to overtake the Firefox web browser - at least when versioning is the […]

chrome blank tabs

Phantom Tabs In Google Chrome

Phantom tabs have been designed to help Internet users reduce the amount of computer memory the Google Chrome browser uses at any given time. Many Internet users keep some websites and services […]

Readability Redux Extension for Google Chrome

Online services, bookmarklets and extensions that have the aim to increase a website's readability usually alter the way the website is displayed in the web browser. This ranges from removing elements that […]

Google Chrome Session Manager

Advanced session management is something that Google's web browser lacks currently. The only option that is provided is to open the tabs that were open in the last browsing session. There is […]

Watch Youtube Movie Trailers on IMDb

If you are into movies chance is that you are a regular on the IMDb website which is without doubt the most popular place on the Internet when it comes to movie […]

Google Chrome Website Monitor

Page Monitor Visualping is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and compatible browsers to monitor web pages for changes and notify you about them. Extensions that have once only been available […]

Popular Firefox Add-Ons And Their Google Chrome Equivalent

Google's Chrome web browser has developed into an interesting competitive browser ever since its first release. Part of this comes from features that Chrome supports but other browsers such as Firefox don't. […]

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller Extension

Scrolling is an activity that Internet users do on a regular basis as screen resolutions are usually not large enough to display web pages without vertical scrolling. Most users feel that the […]


Linky Brings Multi Links Like Functionality To Google Chrome

Multi Links (formerly known as Snap Links) is one of the many small Firefox add-ons that add a lot of value to the web browser. It enables you to draw a rectangle […]

Google Chrome Photo Slide Show Extension

Interested users who monitor new add-on and extension additions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the Google Chrome browser will notice that the latter grows faster in absolute terms ever since […]

iron browser

SRWare Releases Iron 4 Release Candidate

Iron is a web browser that is based on the Chromium source code, the same code that powers the Google Chrome web browser. The main difference between Iron and Google Chrome is […]

Discover Similar Pages With Google Similar Pages For Chrome

Google Similar Pages is an add-on for the Google Chrome web browser that can help you in the discovery of related or similar websites by suggesting these sites to you when you […]

Gmail, Google Reader, Wave And Voice Notifier For Google Chrome

One Number is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that notifies you about Gmail, Google Reader, Wave and Google Voice updates. The extension development for Google's web browser Google Chrome seems […]

Google Chrome History Manager

Google Chrome's web history manager displays a neat list of visited websites sorted by date, and with options to search for specific pages using the search form at the top of the […]

Google Chrome Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard Navigation is a free browser extension for Google Chrome to navigate web pages using the computer keyboard. Computer users sometimes run into situations where they won't or can't use a computer […]

Where Do You Go For Declined Google Chrome Extensions

The release of the official Google Chrome extensions gallery was a big step for Google and the Google Chrome web browser. The Google browser lacked a central location for extensions, something that […]

Google Quick Scroll For Google Chrome

Google Quick Scroll is an official Google Chrome browser extension that displays contextual information of search results when you open pages from Google Search. Have you ever had problems finding the information […]