For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

google url shortener Google URL Shortener, Do We Really Need It?

On the Internet, when something makes click and becomes very popular overnight, it takes usually less than a month before similar services are offered to the public, often with a similar or […]

Google Hiding Search Results Pages

A few months ago, when you would have asked me why you are only seeing one page of results in Google Search, I would have told you that this is because you […]

Google New, Find Out What's New From Google

Update: Google New is no longer available. The provided feed returns an XML parsing error and is not usable anymore. The sheer size of a company like Google, or Microsoft for that […]

google translate

Google Translate Tooltip, Fast On Page Translations

When it comes to online translations, it is Google Translate that gets the most attention from Internet users. The popular service is not only accessible through the official website, but thanks to […] calls for Data Protection Code

Germany is the largest country in Europe where Google's controversial Street View has not gone live.  This is because of privacy complaints made about the service around the world.  Now the German […]

Buzz Lawsuit to cost Google $8.5m

Google has proposed payments totalling $8.5m (£5.5) to settle a lawsuit brought over the Buzz social network.  Back in February the new social networking beta from the company caused controversy when users […]

Another Google Search Change, That's So-So

Google Search has seen lots of changes in the past years, but none were as drastic as the changes introduced over the course of the last year. Even if you blend out […]

Google's World Conquest Continues, Google TV Demoed

Google, Google, Google. Seems everywhere you turn these days you hear the company name, from their core business Internet search to web browsers, operating systems, web applications, smart phones and now, TV. […]


Wave goodbye to Wave

Google's new social networking service, Google Wave, launched last year to a huge fanfare and and equally huge controversy over privacy.  Many users complained that anyone befriending you on the service could […]

google multiple sign-in

Google Multi Account Logins, What You Need To Know

Up until now, if you had two or even more Gmail accounts, you had to log out of one account first to access another one. This was in fact true for Google […]

Google Ordered Lists Puts Numerals In Front Of Search Results

One aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the monitoring of search results in popular search engines. This can be done manually with some preparation, or automatically with search engine tracking software. […]

Youtube Ups Video Limit to 15 Minutes, So What?

Google announced just a moment ago on the official YouTube blog that the length of videos on YouTube for regular users on the site has been increased by the company. The maximum […]

Google fixes YouTube xxx spam flaw

YouTube owner Google has been forced to act quickly to fix a flaw on it's YouTube video sharing website that allowed hackers to bombard users with pop-up messages, redirecting them to adult […]

google flights

Google enters flights travel market

Search giant Google has made a surprise move into the travel business with the acquisition of  flight information firm ITA Software, as reported by the BBC.  The firm provides software that organises […]

google dashboard

Suspicious Account Activity Now Displayed In Google Account Dashboard

Google back in March introduced a warning system in Gmail that would notify Gmail users about suspicious account activity. From what we could tell back then the system compared IP addresses of […]

Google's back in China, but who's won?

Google pulled out of China earlier in the year in an argument over censorship that began with rumours that the communist government there had hacked into the GMail accounts of political activists […]

gmail view doc

Better Office Doc Preview appears in GMail

The web mail war is raging on with the continued roll out of Microsoft's new Hotmail service.  Now Google is coming back with new features to it's own GMail service, the first […]

encrypted google com

Google Encrypted Web Search (HTTPS) Moved To New Domain

Google launched an encrypted version of their web search in May (see Google SSL HTTPS Search). HTTPS search was enabled on the main domain and users simply had to add an […]


What's iGoogle And How To Return To Google Classic Search?

Imagine the surprise of a close relative when they were greeted by an iGoogle page instead of the classic Google homepage after opening their web browser. The search page looked slightly different. […]

Google Will Move Https Search To New Domain

The introduction of encrypted search at a month ago has increased the privacy of search engine visitors by preventing people from intercepting search terms and results. Encrypting all communication between the […]

classic google search

Restore Classic Google Search Website

Google has made lots of changes to its search website in the past year. A few of the noteworthy, and often distracting changes, include the new fade-in homepage which only displays the […]

Google search get's a caffeine kick

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are always looking for ways to improve their search engine and Google's latest volley into search has kicked off today with a caffeine hit. This new way to […]

Australia orders privacy probe into Google Street View

Australia's Attorney General has instructed the country's police to investigate search giant Google for possible breaches of privacy while taking photos for it's Street View service. The investigation, reported by the BBC, […] Or

Is it or The answer to this question depends on the country that you are living in and when you have registered a Google Mail account. Most users who signed […]

Is Google Chrome OS the operating system that saw the tablet revival coming?

Later this year Google will release their Linux-based Chrome OS operating system.  They first announced it a year ago when XP  shipping on Netbooks was the most talked-about subject in IT circles.  […]

google search background image

How To Change The Google Search Background Image

Google is just rolling out a feature to U.S. users that allows them to change the background image of the Google Search homepage. The feature should be available to all U.S. users […]

google analytics opt-out

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Many websites use Google Analytics to track their traffic and optimize websites based on it. It is for instance possible to monitor traffic trends, watch how keywords and ad campaigns perform and […]

google secure search

Force Google HTTPS Search

Google recently enabled SSL on their main search engine allowing search engine users to access instead of the standard Google search domain. This secure search encrypts the data that is […]

google ssl

Google SSL HTTPS Search

Google has just enabled https on their core search domain Users who want to access the encrypted Google web search can point their browsers to to do so. The technology, […]

google pacman sound bug

Google Pacman Sound Bug

If you have visited the Google homepage today you might have noticed the Pacman logo instead of the usual logo that appears on the Google site. This logo has been placed there […]

google search https

Encrypted Google Search Coming Next Week

Encryption on the Internet is still largely used on financial and shopping sites and for site log ins and neglected by the majority of other Internet sites. Using encrypted connections to access […]

google search

Google Search Now Offering Page Previews And Other Filters

Not every Internet user is happy with the redesign of the Google search interface and the increasing number of extensions, userscripts and other solutions to bring back old Google is a clear […]

Google Contact Information

Have you ever felt the need to contact Google only to find out that the company that is present everywhere on the Internet is hard to come by? It feels strange that […]

is no longer verified by google

Email Is No longer Verified By Google

Webmasters who log into Google Webmaster Tools might notice a new notification message on top that reads " is no longer verified by Google. Please verify the address or select a different […]

new google search

Old Google Restores Old Google Search Interface

Google recently rolled out a redesign of their search interface turning its spartan looks into a sidebar driven version that gives users quick access to search filters. Many of the filters were […]

google government requests

Google Government Requests

Update: The tool has been renamed to Google Transparency Report. It offers access to more data than just government requests including requests by copyright owners to remove search results and information about […]

New Google Cyber Attack Details Emerge

Back In January Google revealed information about a cyber attack that had been carried out against the company. The information released at that time was scarce but the impact was huge as […]

google street view

How To Remove A Face, House Or Car From Google Street View

Google Street View is a service that is integrated in to Google Maps and Google Earth. It basically allows users to view panoramic views along many streets, roads and other paths in […]

google docs spreadsheet editor

Google Docs Rolls Out New Features

Hot off the press: Google has updated Google Docs with some major improvements. Google Docs is a document storage and editing service offered by Google. Users with a Google account can upload […]

Spammers Flood Youtube With Junk

It seems that spammers have finally found a new target for their campaigns: YouTube. If you have performed a search on the video hosting platform lately and decided to sort the results […]



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