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google docs spreadsheet editor

Google Docs Rolls Out New Features

Hot off the press: Google has updated Google Docs with some major improvements. Google Docs is a document storage and editing service offered by Google. Users with a Google account can upload […]

Spammers Flood Youtube With Junk

It seems that spammers have finally found a new target for their campaigns: YouTube. If you have performed a search on the video hosting platform lately and decided to sort the results […]

site speed

Google Adds Site Speed To Web Search Ranking Algorithm

Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog today that a site speed factor has been added to the company's web search ranking algorithm. This means that site speed is one of the […]

Google Docs Windows Explorer Integration (Ask The Readers)

Now that I have decided to run a computer system without local pdf reader installed I had to find another comfortable way of dealing with pdf documents. I'm currently using Google Docs […]

gmail warning

Gmail Warns Users Of Suspicious Account Activity

Google's email service Gmail offers an overview of the most recent Gmail activities on its website. This lists access times, account connection types, IP addresses and countries of recent log ins. Access […]

China: Google Wrong To Stop Censoring

It took Chinese officials less than two hours to react on Google's announcement to stop censoring the company's services in China. Google, two hours before the response, started to redirect Chinese mainland […]

google china services availability

Google China Service Availability

Google announced today that it stopped censoring Google services in China. This is something that many Internet users did not believe they would be doing even though they made it very clear […]

Google Calendar Gets Three New Features

Google Calendar is a calendar application that is integrated into several other Google services like Gmail, and also synchronizing with desktop programs as well as mobile applications and operating systems. A labs […]


Google Sidewiki Page Owner Entries

Update: Google Sidewiki is no longer available. This means that Page Owner Entries are also no longer available. We have not seen any usage stats for Google's recently introduced service Google Sidewiki […]

Automatic Captions On YouTube

Back in November of last year Google announced that it would start to add automatic captions to videos uploaded to the video hosting site YouTube. Google planned to use a voice recognition […]

Google Social Circle Now Appearing In Search Results

When it comes to new Google Search features, I'm often late to the game when it comes to features that are only visible to logged in users. The reason for this is […]

How to Cancel Google

If you search for cancel Google using your search engine of choice, you may notice that the resulting pages may display widely varying answers or information. The core reason here is that […]

Google Buys Aardvark

Remember Aardvark? The community that was designed around experts that helped other users who experienced problems in their field of expertise? The premise of Aardvark was that every user in the world […]

Google Buzz Extensions For Web Browsers

Every tech blog and website in existence seems to have written about Google Buzz at least once since its release a few days ago. That's a lot of feedback for a relatively […]

Google Buzz Privacy Issue

Google Buzz has been announced publicly just a few days ago. It allows Gmail users to use social networking features that are similar to those offered on Twitter without having to create […]

Google Buzz Introduction

Update: Google Buzz has been retired and replaced by Google+. You can read more about the platform on Wikipedia. It feels like there is not a day where Google is not updating […]

google china

Google To Stop Self-Censoring Search In China [Google, Censorship]

Google's Chinese search engine was launched in January 2006. Google agreed back then to censor some of the results which in the opinion of company officials was better than not offering access […]

Google Turning Google Docs Into Universal File Host

Google Docs is currently a popular location on the Internet to store document formats like Microsoft Word doc or Adobe PDF. This is soon going to change according to a Techcrunch story […]

Google And Privacy

Privacy is a big issue on the Internet these days, and companies like Google have to put a lot of effort into convincing or reassuring Internet users that they do care about […]

Google DNS Helper

DNS Helper is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices to switch the PC's DNS Servers to a public provider. The news about Google's new public DNS service seems to have […]

Google Zeitgeist 2009

Google has released the year-end statistics of Google Zeitgeist 2009 which includes information about the most searched topics in various niches in the year 2009. Google parsed billions of search queries by […]

Google Real-Time Spam

One of the issues that we mentioned when we wrote about Google's entry into the real-time search engine market was the spam factor. Real-time means that there cannot be a human review […]

If You Have Something That You Don't Want Anyone To Know...

If You Have Something That You Don't Want Anyone To Know, Maybe You Shouldn't Be Doing It In The First Place. That is what Google's CEO Erik Schmidt said in a live […]

Google Launches Real-time Search

We knew that real-time saerch would be coming eventually and the time apparently has come today. At least for some users that is, as Google stays true to its policy to roll […]

Google Dictionary

If there is anything left in the online world that Google is not offering a service for yet, chance is that they are working on exactly that service behind the scenes to […]

Google Personalized Search For Everyone

Starting today, Google begins rolling out a new search personalization feature that has an impact on every search engine user that is using one of Google's search engines. Previously, personalized search results […]

Google Adds Translated Search To Its Search Engine

Search results are different depending on the search engine you use to search the web. The language plays another important role. A search for Berlin Sightseeing and Berlin Sehenswürdigkeiten will yield two […]

Google Public DNS

The majority of Internet users has not probably come into contact with DNS, the Domain Name System, although it is one of the cornerstone technologies of the Internet. DNS is basically a […]

Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance

Google and Microsoft have recently published several posts that indicate that they are going to put more emphasize on a website's performance in regards to Google Search and Bing search results. This […]

Speed Up Google Analytics

Several webmasters that I have talked to in the last year expressed their concern about Google's website traffic analyzer Google Analytics. Once of the complaints was that the Analytics script would slow […]

Google Directions

Google Directions is a service by the Google Maps team that can be used to get driving, transit or walking directions directly in the maps application. Update: the most recent version of […]

Test The New Google Search Interface Right Now

Update: Google has modified the search interface in the meantime, and the method below won't work anymore because of it. The company displays a bar atop the search results now that you […]

Google Analytics Intelligence

Google has added a new module to Google Analytics called Intelligence. The new module, which is in beta currently, displays custom and automatic alerts that are created from website traffic operations. It […]

Google Translate Interface Updated

Google Translate is one of the most popular automatic translation services on the Internet. It is not only available at the official Google Translate website but also as a mashup in various […]

Google Rolls Out New Search Interface

A recent post over on Search Engine Land suggests that Google will be rolling out a new search interface - or more precisely search result page design - to selected users later […]

Google Chrome OS: My Concerns

Now that the source code of Chrome OS is in the open, the project has entered the second stage of the development phase. I suggest to read the Chrome OS announcement article […]

Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl is a new Google Labs project that uses Google Images to display relations between images found by the image search engine. Google's image search engine is a very comprehensive […]

google me

Google Me

Have you ever "googled" yourself? Chance is you found at least a few websites and resources about yourself, and even more if you have deliberately added information about yourself on websites across […]

Lock Safe Search In Google

Safe Search is a filter of the Google search engine which may filter certain results from appearing in the search results. By default, moderate filtering is applied to all search results which […]

Google Drops Extra Storage Prices For Gmail And Picasa

If you visit your Google Mail account you can look at the footer of the mail service's homepage to see how many free space is still available for that account. The current […]



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