For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

Google Offering Translated Search Results

The Google Translate service was known for a long time to translate text and websites from one language to the other. The current version features 34 languages from English over German to […]


Let’s talk about Google Chrome. Why not? Everyone else is. I would be willing to bet anyone reading this article has already downloaded the Windows beta and is probably using it right […]

Google Enters The Browser Market With Google Chrome

Rumors have been filling forums, blogs and websites that Google was working on a browser to compete with Microsoft on yet another level. Those rumors never ceased completely in the last three […]

Google Experimental Search

Google is testing new ideas and implementations before they go public for everyone. The testing grounds for Google Search are called Google Experimental, a publicly accessible area where everyone can test out […]

Cloud Computing Totally Failed us

Just a word of warning, this is very likely going to turn into a rant. (But not the rant you may have expected) If you follow tech blogs then you could hardly […]

Woopra, the best free Analytics

Google Analytics is almost the default free service for any blogger, and for good reason. It’s a solid service, essential for anyone needing to track visitor statistics and create a successful blog. […]

page rank tool

Page Rank Tool To Check All Pages Of A Domain

The page rank of a single page on a website can be identified through various means. Users can use the Google toolbar - or a similar product -, run website scripts that […]

Google Knol released to beat Wikipedia

Google released a new service today called Google Knol, a service aimed to take on Wikipedia and in my case will definitely beat it after a while, although there are some differences […]

google docs templates

Google Docs Templates

Everyone likes to bang on about how Google Docs is going to be the end of Microsoft Office, but people say that sort of thing all the time… 2008 is going to […]

gmail quicklinks

Gmail Labs quicklinks to find anything in a flash

Gmail Quick Links is a new feature rolled out in Google Labs for Gmail which enables you to create some links for frequents searches, but it can be used for much more. […]

lively second life google

Lively - Second Life from Google

As a tech blogger I am really embarrassed to say I haven't heard anything of this service before it was rolled into beta today. However, this means I was thrilled this morning […]

google calendar slim style

Redesigned GCal to join Gmail

The popular ‘Better Gmail 2’ Firefox extension adds a whole lot of great extra functionality to Gmail through various Greasemonkey scripts. What I loved the most was the inclusion of the fantastic […]

google earth sights

Google Earth Strange Sights

Google Earth is definitely an application that is fun to play around with. Chance is that you will stumble upon some strange sights sooner or later. Plugins make the discovery process easier […]

google sites

Google sites - a different type of Wiki

I don't know how many of you have tried Google Sites, which is a Wiki like application available for Google Apps users. Although the application itself lacks a lot of features (more […]

Google Gears for Flock

Update: Both Google Gears and Flock have been discontinued in the meantime. Flock may not be completely dead as the team announced that it is "working on something awesome". It has not […]

google mail labs

Add functionality to Gmail with Gmail Labs

Google has added a very interesting feature to Gmail called Labs which is accessible in the account options. Labs is basically a testing ground for Gmail add-ons created by members of the […]

sync gmail contacts thunderbird

Sync Gmail Contacts with Thunderbird

Most computer  users that I know have several email accounts hosted by different email providers. I'm using about ten email accounts actively in Thunderbird and web interfaces, and always thought that there […]

Google Code University

Google Code University is an excellent resource for Computer Science students and programmers in general. All videos and Powerpoint presentations published at the University are released under Creative Commons. Four different kinds of courses are available right now, they are Ajax Programming, Distributed Systems, Web Security and Languages.

youtube high quality

Higher Quality Videos starting to appear on Youtube

When we read the announcement that higher quality videos would come to Youtube we were delighted that the video quality would finally see an upgrade. Apparently the conversion has started and some videos are already available in different quality versions. It still looks like Youtube is testing settings and stuff and that not everyone can access those higher quality videos yet.

Why is redirecting me to another Google domain?

If you are from the United States and have been visiting another country lately or if you are from another country and want to access you might have noticed that you are automatically getting redirected to a country code domain of Google. Users from France for instance are redirected to automatically.

Google document uploader

Google has just release a document list uploader to help you upload your stuff in large batches, and this is one smart move, since I had some frustration a while back because […]

Official Google url Alternatives

Did you know that Google hosts several alternate domain names on their servers that all point to the Google search engine ? Instead of accessing you could use an official Google domain name like or instead to use the Google search engine.

google docs embed presentation

Embed GoogleDocs presentations on your website

While browsing the GoogleDocs blog I found an interesting update about two updates already in this year. The less significant, although probably better update if you want to organize yourself is the ability to add sub-folders. For me this was a much awaited feature since no matter how many tags and other organizational stuff I can add, a good folder structure is always a must.

sms events google calendar

Send SMS to your Girlfriend/Spouse for free with Google Calendar

I have to admit, I'm not the cheapskate, I don't try dodging costs and I don't employ the technique described here, but it is a fairly easy way to get rid of […]

Matt Cutts confirms Google Punishment

The blogosphere was going crazy last week with rumors about the sudden Pagerank drops of several authority sites like Problogger or The Washington Post. Soon enough lots of theories made the round which ranged from being punished because of selling links to being in a blog network that would list all of its sites in the sidebar.

Redesign Google Web Search with Firefox

A white background with blue links and black text is how the default Google website looks like. While this might be effective and offers a great usability it looks pretty boring but this is going to change right now. It is possible to redesign Google Web Search if you use Firefox.

Reevaluating Google is the best theory

I was thinking about looking at other services that I could try to see if they were any better than the Google services that I'm using at the moment when I came upon a post by Everton who was writing about the same thing at this blog. His main domain received a major Pagerank decrease from 6 to 3 and this made him realize that it is probably the time to move on and look for services that do it better than Google.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

I never played around with Google Earth for long and did not follow the news that closely. Maybe that is why I never heard about the flight simulator that is build into Google Earth. I read about it today in a computer magazine and thought it would be cool enough to post it along to all those other unknowing ones.

Google Maps: Swim across the Atlantic Ocean

Now ain't that interesting ? You can use Google Maps to get directions from one location to another. It is most of the time pretty accurate displaying information about highways, signs, exits and so on to give you a good impression of the route that lies ahead. You can try it now and head over to the Google Maps website and use the Get Directions tab to enter a starting point and destination to see how the system works.

google translate

Two additional Google Proxys

You might have read about the google translate proxy that makes it possible for some to access blocked websites because the administrator did not think of blocking the translate function of google as well. What most people don´t know is that Google offers at least two additional services that can be used as a webproxy to bypass restrictions imposed upon you by your system administrator.

eBay bans Google Checkout

I find this rather interesting and thought I give you some insights. Google Checkout is a new google service similar to Ebays Paypal that you can use to send other people money over the net without a bank transaction between the two parties. Checkout went live a few days ago and Ebay was quick and reacted agressivly by not allowing their buyers and sellers to use Google Checkout as a method to close the transaction.

tour de france

Tour de France Live Tracker

Maybe some of you do like cycling and watching the Tour de France. I found a live tracker that displays every stage of the tour de france. Shown on the map are of course start and end of the current stage as well as information about mountain and sprint stations along the way.

google trends

Google Trends

Google Trends has been live for a few days and it´s time to play around with this new google service and find out what it´s all about. By entering one or more search terms you see a graph that shows the search volume and the news reference volume for about two years. This in itself isn´t that exciting but the feature to compare results by searching for multiple terms is. You could for instance compare linux distributions or windows, linux and macintosh.

Gmail Drive

GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.

google translate

Google Proxy

I know that this has been in the news for some days but some of you probably have not heard about it, christmas is stress, you know. You can use the google translate feature to visit webpages that are blocked in your country. For example germans are not allowed to visit stormfrontdotorg or rottendotcom and could use this proxy to visit this sites.



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