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DottedSign is a powerful E-Signature solution for individuals and organizations

DottedSign is a versatile E-Signature solution for the web and mobile devices that is available for individuals and organizations alike.  It is a comprehensive E-Signature solution that enables home users and professionals […]

utorrent update adware

uTorrent Update Comes Bundled With Adware

An update to the popular torrent download client uTorrent has been released a few days ago, bringing the version of the stable client build to uTorrent 3.1.3. As you may know, it […]

uTorrent to move away from bundled software monetization model

The uTorrent team announced a couple of days ago that it plans to move away from the bundled software monetization model that it is currently making use of to earn revenue. The […]

sourceforge installer

SourceForge's new Installer bundles program downloads with adware

If you have been downloading programs from SourceForge in the last days, you may have noticed that some do not provide you with direct downloads of the programs anymore. Instead, you download […]

foxit reader adware

How Programs Trick You Into Installing Adware On Your Computer

Bundling software with third party offers to generate revenue is one of the ways that software development companies and developers make money. The system has its advantages if you look at it […]

filezilla adware bundleinstaller

Pay attention when you are downloading FileZilla from the official site

FileZilla is an open source cross-platform file transfer solution that supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP. We have followed the development of the program since 2007 when we published our first FileZilla review […]

utorrent web

uTorrent Web launches

Bittorrent Inc, which was recently sold, has launched the first public version of uTorrent Web, a web-based torrent client optimized for streaming media. While uTorrent is under heavy criticism ever since Bittorrent […]

utorrent game store

Latest uTorrent comes with a Game Store

Users of the popular BitTorrent software uTorrent who have updated the client to the latest release version may have spotted the new Game Store entry on start already. Game Store is an […]

unchecky 1.0

Unchecky 1.0 Stable is out

Unchecky 1.0 is the first stable version of the popular unwanted software blocker for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is also the first version released after the program has been acquired […]

utorrent adfree

uTorrent Ad-free comes with a $4.95 per year tag

The makers of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent revealed uTorrent Ad-Free yesterday, an advertisement free version for $4.95 per year. The program has been available in two different versions up until now: […]

Why I Am Losing My Faith in Freeware

Imagine, for a moment, that you publish a site about freeware and free software, and that you’ve been doing it for 10 years. Now imagine telling people about it, acquaintances that you’ve […]

fix my pc 1

This happens when you install a "Fix My PC" program

You have probably come across ads before that promise to fix issues that you are having with your PC. These ads are fairly common and often displayed on technology related websites. While […]

download wrapper clean

Report: all major download sites serve potentially unwanted programs

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), adware or crapware is terminology for programs offered to you, usually in the form of being included in installers, that have nothing to do functionality-wise with the program […]


Detect and Remove EpicScale from your Windows PC

EpicScale is a Bitcoin mining application for Windows. It can be installed as a separate application but comes bundled with programs as third-party offers as well. The program has come to some […]

the site ahead contains harmful programs

Google improves unwanted software protection in Chrome and Search

Potentially unwanted software is a big issue in today's computing. It is largely a problem on Windows systems and usually refers to the bundling of unwanted programs with software that you have […]


Privdog is Superfish all over again

Privdog is a privacy protection software that is available as a standalone product for the Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browser and bundled with select Comodo products including […]

manipulated firefox distribution

Report fake websites and Firefox distributions to Mozilla

When it comes to software downloads, I'm always trying to snag the software from official sources. In the case of Firefox, that is the Mozilla.org website. The core reason for this is […]

should i remove it screenshots

Should I remove it helps you with uninstalling decisions

If you know the ins and outs of computer systems you should not really have a problem deciding which applications to keep on your PC and which to remove from it. If […]

cnet download.com direct download

Download full programs from Softonic, Cnet and other software repositories

Several large software repositories in recent time have started to bundle all programs that they host on their servers with a web downloader. Cnet's Download.com for instance started to bundle their own […]

Bittorrent paddles back, makes uTorrent in-content ads optional

Good news for users of the popular Bittorrent client uTorrent who did not like the decision to add in-content advertisement to the program. The initial plan of the company was to add […]

uTorrent to get in-client advertisement

I have been using uTorrent ever since I discovered that tiny lightweight client years ago. I stuck with the program even after it had been bought by Bittorrent Inc, or when the […]

open candy

OpenCandy explained: what you need to know about the technology

OpenCandy is a technology that software companies can add to installers to earn money from optional software offers that are based on a system scan and the user's location in the world. […]

pdf viewer no remove

How To Remove The PDF.JS PDF Viewer Extension In Firefox

Before I take a look at how you can remove the PDF Viewer extension in Firefox, I'd like to spend a moment talking about why it is necessary to write about it. […]

block cnet download.com

Block Download.com From Google Search Results

My story on Cnet's Download.com installer that the company added to many downloads on their website has sparked the interest of other websites and software developers. Users who download software from download.com […]

ask toolbar

Ask Toolbar Removal, How To Uninstall

The Ask Toolbar has been developed by the makers of the Ask Search engine to allow easier access to the search engine's search functionality. The toolbar is infamous for its inclusion in […]

uTorrent 1.6 final released

Funny. I made the switch from BitComet to uTorrent two days ago and was using the first release candidate of uTorrent 1.6 with great pleasure. It´s faster and uses less system ressources than Bitcomet.

cookies can be spyware

How to detect and remove spyware

This guide will provide you with the means to detect and remove spyware that is installed on your system. Before we start we should define the term spyware. There are different categories of spyware, like adware and malware, that make it difficulty for the user to distinguish between them and select the right tool for their removal.